Ensure your concentrates are properly heated with our bangers. Available in a variety of materials and sizes at wholesale prices, these bangers are a must-have accessory for any dab rig.

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A top-quality quartz banger is key to bringing out the flavor profile in terpenes for an unforgettable dabbing experience.

The various methods of consuming cannabis have led to a broader selection of edibles and concentrate hitting the shelves. Concentrates and extracts are rising in popularity among those who aren't into the traditional ways of smoking.

Your local smoke shop probably has a sizable collection of oil rigs, typically including a dab banger – a critical piece of equipment to consume wax.

The bong is a staple in cannabis culture, but those devices are usually used for just flower and dry herbs, whereas the dab rig is its cousin. Both are part of the water pipe family, but dab rigs are solely for viscous substances. The device breaks down into several pieces and heavily relies on vapor rather than smoke.

A quartz banger is the part of the device that transforms the sticky waxes and concentrates into vapor when you pull off of the mouthpiece. The quartz nail gets heated by a butane torch before the dabber introduces the wax and turns it into a smooth and flavorful hit.

The terp slurper comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on your rig. Experienced dabbers already have their preferences when it comes to their set-ups, but for novice smokers, there's a wide selection to sort through to find a dab rig banger that suits your needs.

The cannabis industry is shifting with technology introducing new methods to consume cannabis. Far more people are getting into dabbing to decrease the levels of carcinogens entering their bodies. Of course, this means that every smoke shop online is carefully watching and responding to the rising trends in the industry.

What Are Dab Bangers?

A dab banger, also known as a glass banger, shares a similar function to a bong bowl, except for vaporizing extracts and concentrates.

Dab rigs typically consist of six different pieces: the mouthpiece, reservoir, filtration chamber, percolator, dome, and banger nail. Each part of the rig plays an essential role in bringing smooth, clean, and flavorful pulls from the device. However, the banger bowl is the piece that helps introduce extracts to the glass dab rig.

The quartz dab nail fits into the joint of the rig before it gets heated up with a torch. With a dabbing wand, the extract then evaporates on the rig banger. Once carb caps cover the hole on the dab bucket, it turns the extracts into a vapor that dabbers can easily consume.

The thing is, there isn't one type of material that makes dab rigs, and there are a plethora of options for finding the proper dab banger for your set-up. And along with the variations of the quartz nail, there are different dab tools to choose from.

No matter what, the need to find the right type of quartz banger to fit your rig and your preferences. Not all are made of quartz, though.

You can find different terp slurper variations made from glass, ceramic, or titanium, but most dab enthusiasts will vouch for terp slurper quartz banger as the best and most consistent.

What Kind of Dab Bangers Are Available?

Finding the proper banger means that you need to identify the various types available on the market. The quartz nail can are with different materials, like glass and ceramic. But there's more to the banger bowl, like the different styles and benefits for the smoking experience.

Before finding the best slurper nail, it is necessary to determine the gender. Of course, the shape of the tip is the best way to identify the piece. A male banger requires a narrow tip to insert into a female rig.

A female banger has a broader end that goes over the male rig. Regardless, they are all the same size, even if the female terp slurp banger looks a bit bigger than its male counterpart.

The male dab bucket banger remains the most common type available on the market. However, Marijuana Packaging is all about bringing variety to cannabis operators and consumers looking for a range in smoking accessories, including the terp slurper banger.

As a leading online smoke shop for wholesale accessories, our selection of quartz nail pieces for dabbers includes 90-degree and 45-degree options.

One addition to the collection that brings tons of excitement is the assorted quartz banger with engraved designs and an eyeball accessory piece.

These are made with 2mm thickness, connecting with a 14mm male tip. There are various colors and designs of these terp slurper pieces to choose from.

However, we also have more simple, more generic versions of the dab rig banger available on the market. We also have several female rig banger pieces available in both 45-degrees and 90-degrees.

Some prefer the female dab rig banger because they think it offers better airflow and more manageable, more accurate heating methods to evaporate your concentrates.

Terp Slurper

While each type of rig banger has unique qualities, many are easy to identify visually. The terp slurper quartz banger, for example, has a lower cup on the bottom with an opening that allows the concentrate to suck into the rig.

Flat Top Banger

A variation on the slanted standards of dab banger includes flat tops. These are incredibly easy to use due to the leveled top, making them easy to cover with a carb cap. The bottom of the dab bucket is also a bit thicker, which also helps maintain its heat for more extended periods.

Vortex Slurper

The vortex slurper is for anyone seeking to experience a terpene blast when they dab. The dish attached to the bottom of the banger bowl helps bring out more flavors from your favorite concentrates. It's undoubtedly the best option for a terp slurper among those seeking to taste the flavor profiles of extracts.

90 Degree Banger

The standard size for any quartz nail on the market. The name of these specific bangers is because of the 90-degree angle on the neck.

45-Degree Banger

45-degree banger nails have a neck that bends and gives the bowl a bit of elevation. These are a prevalent choice on the market right now.

How to Use Banger Nails

Once you torch the dab quartz banger (roughly thirty to forty-five seconds), you'll be able to take your wand, along with a small piece of concentrate, and watch it evaporate as you breathe in from the mouthpiece.

After the concentrates vaporize, the carb cap will cut off the airflow for a clean, smooth hit. Sure, dab bangers can help bring out the terpenes better than others, but the method always shares similarities no matter what piece you have.

The evolution of cannabis consumption has led to different methods. While smoking is the most common, marijuana dispensaries and retail stores have many options, including concentrates.

Between 2020 and 2021, numerous reports stated that cannabis concentrates are among the most commonly purchased items across the retail cannabis industry.

While one could theoretically use certain extracts to infuse in various kinds of butter and oils, many are still opting to use dabs. And with that comes purchasing the proper rig and wax banger from your local head shop.

The proper dab quartz banger will help elevate your smoking experience. For one, you'll need an appropriate set, including a nectar collector that will introduce your concentrate to the heated banger nail. Then, you'll need a carb cap that will cut off the air circulation when you're ready to pull.

Dab rigs share many similarities to bongs, such as having to fill the rig's body with water – a key component to vaporizing your favorite concentrates.

From there, you'll need a torch to fire up the bottom of your quartz bucket to heat it. As previously mentioned, the different type of quartz nail options, such as the flat top dab bucket, has thicker materials to keep it heated for longer.

Dabbing is growing in popularity across the country for a few reasons, and cannabis cultivation companies are indeed taking notice. There are fewer carcinogens released through dabbing. Since the concentrates on the nectar collector evaporate once it touches the heated dab ring banger, it turns into vapor.

Another reason people enjoy dabbing is that it's more potent in flavor. For cannabis enthusiasts seeking a flavor profile rather than a mind-numbing head buzz, dab banger like the vortex slurper helps bring out the terpenes with each hit.

The benefits of using concentrates are their potency and how little it takes for a more significant effect. Of course, it is best to start with introducing small dosages to your heated dab banger before moving on to larger dabs.

Where to Buy Quartz Bangers Online is where you can find a steady supply for banger dab nail needs. As one of the leading online smoke shop, packaging, and wholesale products, our banger nail selection includes male and female parts, along with 90-degree and 45-degree dab buckets.

Marijuana Packaging boasts affordable prices on our bangers for sale. Our vortex slurper quartz nail allows customers to absorb all of the flavors in their concentrates.

The flat top quartz banger makes sustaining a steady heat level easier whenever you decide to take a pull. Beginners will have to learn their preferences, but the rise of recreational cannabis makes it easier to access concentrates.

And we're here to facilitate your transition from papers to dab rigs and the variety of terp slurper parts.

As more states introduce reform surrounding cannabis laws, there will undoubtedly be more concentrates and extracts available at your local marijuana dispensary. Marijuana Packaging remains the #1 smoke shop online to find oil rigs and dab bangers, among other cannabis accessories, packaging, and more.

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