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RAW | Parchment Squares | 5in x 5in - Natural - 500 Count - 1RAW | Parchment Squares | 5in x 5in - Natural - 500 Count - 2
716165 158035
RAW Parchment Squares
5 x 5

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Silicone Coated Parchment Paper | 24in x 16in - Natural Brown - 100 Count - 1Silicone Coated Parchment Paper | 24in x 16in - Natural Brown - 100 Count - 2
PP-BRN 24X16
Silicone Coated Parchment Paper
24 x 16
Natural Brown

As low as
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Bent Neck Iridescent Glass Dab Rig | 6in Tall - 14mm Banger - Clear - 1Bent Neck Iridescent Glass Dab Rig | 6in Tall - 14mm Banger - Clear - 2
Bent Neck Iridescent Glass Dab Rig

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Clear Non-Stick Sheets | 4in x 4in - FEP Teflon - 1000 Count - 1Clear Non-Stick Sheets | 4in x 4in - FEP Teflon - 1000 Count - 2
Clear Non-Stick Sheets
4 x 4
FEP Teflon

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Dab Rig

Using a dab rig is the perfect way to vaporize your favorite cannabis concentrates. They diffuse the concentrate vapor through water, just like a regular bong. Some even call them wax bongs! But what sets them apart is the inclusion of a quartz, ceramic, or titanium nail that acts as a bowl for your wax. To vaporize cannabis concentrate, you simply use a small butane torch to heat up the nail until it’s a light red color, then gently swirl the dabs against the nail as you inhale through the mouthpiece of the wax rig.

So overall, concentrate rigs are just water pipes that use nails instead of bowls and work best for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. And if you’re a smoker who appreciates rich flavorful tokes, and quick, heavy-hitting effects then a wax might be the perfect choice for you.

Investing in a dab oil rig stands as one of the best decisions you can make as an everyday smoker. Vaporizing concentrates is often more affordable than buying similar amounts of flower, as it’ll get the job done faster with less and lasts longer because of that. Not to mention that vaporizing cannabis concentrate with a wax rig also helps avoid a lot of the harmful carcinogens that normally come with smoking bowls, joints, and blunts.

And while all of that is great, if you’re looking to buy a wax dab rig of your own, then you probably have a few questions, like:

  • How does a wax rig work?
  • How do I smoke dabs with a wax rig?
  • What are the different types of dab bongs?
  • What types of concentrates can I use with dab bongs?
  • Where can I buy a dab bong wholesale?

If you’re ready to get the answers to all of those questions and become an expert on the best dab rigs, then keep reading. In this post, we break down everything you need to know about the best dab rigs, and where to find them for the best prices.


What Is A Dab Rig?

A dab rig is a glass water pipe, connected to a nail that’s designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. At a glance, a wax rig bong resembles a regular glass bong and works in a similar fashion. But instead of packing a bowl with ground weed, you heat up the dab rig’s nail (a special dab rig piece) with a small butane torch, and graze your dabs along the heated surface as you inhale to pull in the vapors.

The dab bong, or wax bong stands as a popular choice in the cannabis community thanks to its efficiency and clean design. Because if you’re a smoker who prefers to get straight to the point and feel heavy effects of THC right away, then there’s nothing better than a dab oil rig. Using a dab bong, or concentrate pipe is one of the best ways to vaporize and enjoy your favorite concentrates, and it’s much faster using a regular pipe or bong with weed.

What Are The Parts Of A Wax Dab Rig?

The parts of a dab bubbler set up usually includes:

  • Dab water pipe

    The body of a dab oil rig works and looks like a bong

  • Nail (made of quartz, glass, titanium, or ceramic

    Heated up and used to vaporize cannabis concentrates

  • Carb Cap

    Works similar to a carb hole on a pipe by controlling airflow of the dab bong when you use it to cover the banger hanger nail and inhale

  • Dab Tool

    Small metal, glass, or ceramic rod-shaped tool used to hold and graze dabs against the nail

How Does A Dab Rig Bong Work?

A dab bubbler or dab rig bong works by utilizing both a heated nail and water diffusion, to produce smooth, and cooled hits of vaporized cannabis concentrate. That’s the one-liner, but if you want to be a dab bubbler expert and choose the best rig, then keep reading.

Knowing how a dab bong work not only helps you learn how to use it, but more importantly informs your purchase decisions later, and makes it easy to know exactly which features you want most. Dab rigs for sale come in a variety of styles, and many of them can be modified to better suit your desired vaping experience.

So let us explain how a dab pipe works, what parts do what, and what to choose when building your own custom rig.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how a dab pipe works:

  1. Smokers start by heating up the nail of their dab pipe with a butane torch or eNail.
  2. This allows the nail to become hot enough to instantly vaporize cannabis concentrate as soon as it makes contact with the heated surface.
  3. Once the nail is heated, the torch is removed and the dabs are prepared.
  4. To start the vaping process, smokers swirl the dabs against the heated nail of the concentrate rigs.
  5. Simultaneously, smokers inhale to produce a downward airflow that pulls the concentrate vapor down into the water chambers. Oftentimes, a nail cover is used to help manipulate the air flow.
  6. The vapors percolate as they enter the water chamber, cooling down in the process.
  7. From there, the vapors continue traveling through the body of the dab pipe as they’re inhaled through the mouthpiece.
  8. Vapors continue flowing from the nail and collecting in the body of the smoking rig until all of the concentrate is vaporized.
  9. With domeless nails, smokers can use a dab rig carb cap to cover the opening of the banger hanger nail and quickly inhale the vapors through their concentrate rigs
  10. With standard domed nails, smokers continue inhaling through the mouthpiece as they gradually clear the vapors from the dab pipe


What Types Of Concentrates Can I Use With A Dab Rig?

A dab rig is designed to be used with cannabis concentrates, which come in the form of shatter, wax, BHO, and rosin.

To smoke concentrates with a smoking rig or wax bong, all you need is a torch, a dab tool/dab piece, and your cannabis concentrate of choice. From there, it’s just a matter of heating up the nail of your dab pipe, and using it to vaporize your concentrate.

What Are The Different Types Of Dab Rigs?

Just like cannabis concentrates, the best dab rigs come in a few different styles. And we’re here to help you understand what sets the different types of dab bongs apart, and which one works best for the smoking experience you want.

Keep in mind that many dab rigs for sale combine multiple styles into one rig. So for instance, you might find an hourglass smoking rig with a bent neck, or a fumed straight neck glass smoking rig with showerhead perc.

Types Of Dab Rigs

  • Barrel Glass Weed Rig

    -A glass smoking rig with a body/water chamber in the shape of a sideways barrel

  • Hourglass Dab Rig

    -A glass dab rig bubbler with a body resembling the shape of an hourglass

  • Glass Egg Weed Rig

    -A water dab rig with a spherical or egg-shaped body

  • Fumed Glass Dab Rig

    -A dab rig that includes color streaks and fuming within the glass

  • Angled Neck Glass Dab Rig

    -A dab rig that features an angled neck & mouthpiece

  • Straight Neck Glass Dab Rig

    -A dab rig with a straight tube design and neck

  • Showerhead Perc Dab Rig

    -Cool dab rigs that include a showerhead perc for increased water diffusion

  • Honeycomb Perc Glass Dab Rig

    -A dab rig that includes a flat, circular perc resembling a honeycomb

  • Cake Perc Glass Dab Rig

    -Glass dab rigs with a multi-level, caked shaped perc for increased water surface area

  • Atomic Perc Dab Rig

    -Cool dab rigs that resemble the shape of a scientific atom, and diffuses vapor in multiple directions

Other types of dab rigs, and rigs for sale:


Do I Need A Wax Rig To Smoke Wax?

Yes, using a wax rig, or dab rig setup is the best way to smoke wax. You can choose between a full-size dab rig, or go for something more compact and portable like a nectar collector. From there, all you need is a torch, a container for your dabs, and your dab tool -- then, you’re ready to vape.

How To Smoke With A Dab Rig

Let’s break down how to smoke with a dab rig, or oil rig pipe:

  1. Gather the following materials: Glass wax pipe (filled with water), cannabis concentrate, butane torch, and dab tool/dab piece
  2. Place your wax pipe, or oil bong on a flat, stable surface
  3. Open your concentrate container, and use your dab tool/dab piece to scrape up a small ball of concentrate
  4. Place your loaded dab tool on a non-stick surface like your container or a silicone dab mat
  5. Grab your butane torch
  6. Turn on the torch, and begin heating the nail (or use an eNail set to between 480-420 F)
  7. Continue evenly heating the nail until it’s a light red color
  8. Turn off the torch, and wait a few seconds for the red glow of the nail to fade
  9. Grab your dab tool, and swirl the concentrate along the surface of the nail
  10. Gently inhale through the mouthpiece as you continue vaporizing the dabs against the nail. Use a nail cover to manipulate airflow by lifting and closing it while you inhale.
  11. Once all of the concentrate has vaporized and collected in the body, clean out the nail.
  12. To smoke more concentrate with your wax pipe, repeat steps 3 -11.

Ready to start vaping concentrate but can’t find rigs for sale? The Marijuana Packaging smoke shop has a diverse selection of rigs for sale at great prices.


Does My Head Shop Need To Supply Dab Rigs?

Yes, all head shops should carry a healthy wax pipe supply to accommodate smokers who prefer to vaporize cannabis concentrates. Dabbing has become an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis, and every day new stoners are turned on to the trend. Cheap dab rigs ;are a great alternative to smoking flower that’s gentler on your lungs, and nearly four times as efficient. And at this point, most of the cannabis community recognizes the advantages of smoking wax with a rig pipe over traditional methods.

So if you’re a smoke shop owner, it only makes sense to offer the largest dab rig selection possible. From full-sized dab rigs for sale with built-in percs, fumed, glass, and angled necks, to the more compact and portable nectar collectors. Stoners love having variety, and being able to supply that variety for one of the hottest innovations in cannabis consumption puts you leagues above your competitors.

At the same time, carrying a dab oil rig supply also presents the opportunity for upsells that convert veteran smokers into dabbers. Maybe you have a customer who’s been smoking the same way for ages and wants to freshen things up. Or maybe you have a customer who can’t smoke marijuana flower anymore for health reasons but doesn’t want to give up cannabis entirely. So why not offer them a product that meets their needs, makes them happy and helps them enjoy cannabis even more than before?

If you’re a head shop owner in need of premium quality dab oil rig supply, you can browse through our selection of the best dab rigs, dab rig pieces, big dab rigs to stock up. And you won’t find better prices than right here at Marijuana Packaging, so take advantage while you can.


Where To Buy Dab Rigs Wholesale

If you’re looking for the best prices for buying wholesale dab rigs online, look no further than right here, at Marijuana Packaging. At Marijuana Packaging, we carry a diverse collection of wholesale dab rigs and dab rigs online for you to choose from. All at insanely low prices that your local smoke couldn’t even dream of competing with.

To browse through our dab bongs for sale, simply visit our wholesale dab rigs collection page and scroll through to view our products. You’ll initially see all of our dab rigs for sale and dab accessories grouped together in one large collection. From the best dab rigs, banger nails, dab rig pieces, and carb caps, to dab tools, parchment paper, and dab mater -- everything you need, all in one place.

But if you’re looking for something specific, you can click on one of the categories to narrow down the results of wholesale oil rigs. And for a category like “Dab Rigs”, you filter out the search results even more to find the exact kind of dab rig you’re looking for. Simply click on the filter icon and choose from a variety of sorting options, like dab rig body type, color, neck type, perc type, pipe height, and more.

Dab Rig - The Bottom Line

No matter what you need, you can find it here at Marijuana Packaging for the lowest price. From dab rigs for sale, dab rig pieces, dab tools and accessories, glass pipes, and bongs, to containers, bulk packaging, and pre-rolls, we’ve got you covered.

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