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Child Resistant | Push Down & Turn Plastic Syrup Bottles w/ Oral Adapters | 4oz - Amber - 120 Count - 1Child Resistant | Push Down & Turn Plastic Syrup Bottles w/ Oral Adapters | 4oz - Amber - 120 Count - 2

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Child Resistant | Push Down & Turn Plastic Syrup Bottles | 6oz - Amber - 100 Count - 1Child Resistant | Push Down & Turn Plastic Syrup Bottles | 6oz - Amber - 100 Count - 2

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POLLEN GEAR | Sharp Shoulder Glass Tincture Dropper Bottles | 15mL - Amber - 252 Count - 1POLLEN GEAR | Sharp Shoulder Glass Tincture Dropper Bottles | 15mL - Amber - 252 Count - 2

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Liquid Medicine Bottle

A liquid medicine bottle is a well-known object to anyone who has ever had the common cold and taken cough medicine. We can probably even recall the limited flavor options that you either hated or loved - grape, orange, or cherry. But now, in the age of cannabis-infused syrup, there are therapeutic and psychoactive syrups of all flavors, and they’re available to legal adults everywhere. Although cannabis syrup differs greatly from cough syrup, it’s generally packaged in the same amber medicine bottles.

Seriously, there are dozens of delectable cannabis syrup flavors out there, such as pineapple, watermelon, and guava. MMJ medicine bottles are made to hold these flavors! Rather than drinking them directly as one would with a cannabis-infused iced tea from a dispensary, cannabis syrup is generally measured out from child proof medicine bottles and mixed into foods/beverages. “Child proof” because, well, it’s an extremely strong cannabis concoction and most state laws require child proof packaging.

Thankfully, our entire medication bottle collection is child resistant thanks to another familiar face in the medical field: white “Push Down & Turn” caps. An amber orange medicine bottle with a white cap is easy to picture, just like the amber orange pill bottles with similar CR caps. Both of these items just scream “medicinal,” which is something the cannabis community has been shouting from the rooftops for decades.

Since weed is medicinal in different ways for people (prescriptions, self care routines, etc.), it often makes sense to package certain products in a medication bottle. MMJ dispensaries have long utilized classic prescription bottles and bags for flower and capsules, so when cannabis syrup came on the market it made the most sense to package it in amber plastic syrup bottles just like cough syrups and other liquid medications.

Today, many brands choose to use the classic amber cough syrup bottle to package their array of exciting cannabis syrups. Harnessing that classic liquid medicine bottle style is a great way to clearly advertise your product to dispensary customers. But just because these child proof medicine bottles are recognizable doesn’t mean they have to be generic! Adding custom labels transforms them from ordinary to distinctly yours.

Keep reading to find out more about the kinds of cannabis syrups people are putting in our amber syrup bottle collection, plus more on the types of amber bottles wholesale we have available.

What Is a Liquid Medicine Bottle?

Liquid medication bottles are traditionally deep amber to lighter orange colored plastic oblong bottles with white child resistant caps. Oblong, which essentially means “elongated oval,” bottles are used across numerous industries, though they are particularly well-known as cough syrup bottles. They can be such a dark amber sometimes that people call them “cough medicine brown bottles.”

The reason that most plastic medicine bottles are some type of amber, orange, red, or brownish-orange color is because orange plastic blocks more UV rays that can be harmful and degrading to the medications within. Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) can easily degrade because of prolonged light exposure, but the medicine orange bottle helps prevent some of those harmful rays from entering the container.

Now that you know the reasoning behind there only being one color of cold medicine bottle in our collection, let’s talk about what goes inside of them! Cannabis syrup is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a cannabis-infused syrupy liquid. However, unlike cough syrup for genuinely treating a cold, cannabis syrup isn’t generally taken alone with a swift swig from a tiny medicine cup.

We say “cough syrup for genuinely treating a cold” because there is a highly debated practice of mixing prescription-grade codeine cough syrup with antihistamines and various sodas (and sometimes alcohol). The concoction, known as “lean” among other names, has been popularized by popular culture for years and has become quite controversial for its dangerous side effects. The opioid-infused drink can lead to serious or deadly overdoses.

It’s important that we acknowledge the HUGE differences between cannabis syrup and codeine cough syrup, even though we’re just the ones selling you the empty medicine bottles. The founder of the Global Drug Survey, Professor Adam Winstock, was quoted in a 2020 Vice article giving a succinct explanation on this: “THC syrup is just another form of edibles,” he said. “Lean is a dangerous concoction of an antihistamine in promethazine, an opioid in codeine, and often alcohol too.”

Most people choose to mix their cannabis syrups into beverages like lemonade, orange juice, and fancy coffees! There are cannabis-infused drinks available at most dispensaries, but having a concentrated syrup bottle of your own means being able to create dozens of different drinks and snacks. Unlike when you eat a regular edible like a brownie, the effects from drinking a cannabis syrup-infused beverage often set in fairly quickly. This, and the enticing flavor options, have made cannabis syrups increasingly popular. Both psychoactive THC syrups and calming CBD syrups are selling like hot cakes!

But there was one looming concern surrounding cannabis syrup for many that was all too familiar in the realm of edibles. Consumers, particularly novices, were having a hard time measuring the proper dosages. To combat that, all of our oval bottle containers are graduated with milliliter increment markings. These make it much easier for your customers to see how much they’re pouring even if they don’t have a measuring spoon on hand.

What Types & Sizes of Medicine Bottles Are Available?

We’ve got all the oval prescription bottles you will ever need! We make seven (7) different sizes of plastic liquid medicine bottles that can accommodate a wide range of volumes. As we mentioned, they’re all the classic amber oval bottles that everyone recognizes but may not have seen in years. There’s something familiar, generic, and almost vintage about amber (or orange, red, or brown) syrup packaging bottles.

That’s probably because liquid medication is more commonly meant for kids who aren’t able to swallow pills yet. As adults, you probably don’t take much liquid medication. You don’t even need to drink liquid cough syrup anymore - you can get it in capsule form! So when we’re faced with these amber oblong bottles, it feels like something from long ago because, well, it is! But now we’re all becoming familiar with them again as delicious, potent cannabis syrups flood the recreational and medical marijuana markets.

Let’s take a quick look at each of our oblong plastic bottles:

1 oz

Our 1 oz brown syrup bottles hold approximately 30 mL of liquid and have 0.25 oz and 5 mL graduated markings. These empty medicine bottles are adorably small at 80.5 mm tall and come in two varieties: with or without an oral adapter. An oral adapter is a small rubber stopper with a small hole in the middle that helps customers pour their syrup slowly and in a controlled way. It’s the same kind of oral adapter that you find in olive oil bottles that helps prevent over pouring and waste.

2 oz

Our 2 oz plastic syrup bottles can hold approximately 60 mL of liquid and have 0.5 oz and 5 mL graduated markings. They are 107 mm tall and come in the same two varieties as the 1 oz bottles: with or without oral adapters.

4 oz

Our 4 oz amber syrup bottle can hold approximately 120 mL of liquid and has 0.5 oz and 5 mL graduated markings. It’s 127.5 mm tall and comes with an oral adapter included.

6 oz

Our 6 oz medication bottle can hold approximately 177 mL of liquid and has 0.5 oz and 20 mL graduated markings. It’s 139.1 mm tall and comes with an oral adapter included.

8 oz

Our 8 oz amber medicine bottles can hold approximately 236 mL of liquid and have 0.5 oz and 20 mL graduated markings. These child proof medicine bottles are 150.5 mm tall and come in the same two varieties as the 1 and 2 oz bottles: with or without oral adapters.

12 oz

Our 12 oz cough syrup bottle can hold approximately 355 mL of liquid and has 1 oz and 50 mL graduated markings. This cough medicine orange bottle is 167.1 mm tall and comes with an oral adapter included.

16 oz

Our 16 oz cough syrup bottle can hold approximately 473 mL of liquid and has 1 oz and 50 mL graduated markings. It’s 179.4 mm tall and comes with an oral adapter included.

What Types of Cannabis Products Go Into Liquid Medicine Bottles?

If you come across amber plastic medicine bottles at a dispensary, chances are it’s cannabis syrup of some type inside. This is especially true for the amber oval pharmacy bottles that you see at medical-only marijuana dispensaries. Since amber plastic oblong bottles are traditionally used for cough syrup in the medical field, they’re also used for other types of syrup medication, including cannabis. There are two main types of popular cannabis syrup: THC syrup and CBD syrup.

THC syrup is psychoactive, AKA it can get people high - like, really high. Cannabis syrup is made by adding hash oil (or another form of liquid cannabis concentrate) to a combination of “vegetable glycerin, a sweetener such as sugar or agave, and added flavors,” according to WikiLeaf. Cannabis concentrates are extremely potent (they can be up to 99% pure cannabinoids), making cannabis-infused syrup a very, very strong concoction.

CBD syrup is made in the same way as THC syrup but is non-psychoactive. CBD is a soothing, therapeutic, often somewhat sedative cannabinoid that’s caught on with many different demographics. By putting in syrup form, you give customers a flavorful way to enjoy their soothing CBD in many different forms. Cannabis syrup is commonly mixed into drinks, sometimes even a cocktail, but it can be used in other ways!

Cannabis syrups can be baked into cookies, brownies, and other baked goods just like oils and tinctures can be! It can also be drizzled over ice cream, fruit, blended into a smoothie, or used as a garnish (think strawberry THC syrup dolloped onto goat cheese-topped crackers - YUM!). Thanks to the high concentrations of cannabinoids and flavors in these syrups, only a small amount is needed to feel the effects and enjoy the different taste experiences.

Because of cannabis syrup’s high potency (and because of state compliance laws), you’ll almost always (and should always) find it in childproof medicine bottles. That’s why we make all of our amber bottles bulk with childproof medicine bottle caps. The childproof medicine syrup bottle has been a staple for decades, and now that famous oblong bottle design is becoming a staple in the cannabis industry.

Where To Buy Medicine Bottles Wholesale?

The absolute best place to buy amber medicine bottles in bulk is right here at Marijuana Packaging! Designing your premium line of cannabis syrup packaging is easy with our seven (7) sizes of bulk syrup bottles in the classic amber color with child proof medication bottle caps. Plus, thanks to our amazing custom design team, your amber bottles wholesale will be the most distinctive in the dispensaries.

The classic amber colored liquid medicine bottle is simply one of the best marketing tactics for cannabis syrup, especially in a medical marijuana dispensary. It is so popular that “red bottle medicine” is a top searched phrase. Because of the very obvious medical connotations surrounding the amber syrup bottle, the medicine bottles for sale in our collection are the perfect style for any MMJ cannabis syrups. When novices see these amber medicine bottles, it gives them at least a clue of what the product might be. When connoisseurs see them in a dispensary, they’ll know what it is at first glance.

For years, we’ve been your one stop shop for all things cannabis packaging - the new, the exciting, the unusual, and the unheard of. We’re essentially obsessed with making sure we have ALL of the very best materials and containers for our customers who rely on our packaging to meet ever changing legal requirements and to stay up to date with modern aesthetic trends.

When it comes to amber oval medicine bottles, there really wasn't too much we needed to change from the long-loved design seen at pharmacies around the world. You see, in addition to being a classic design, the oblong amber medication bottle is also a smart design, which is probably why it caught on so well in the first place. Everything from the color to the shape to the childproof medicine bottle cap is brilliant.

The amber color of our cough syrup bottles wholesale blocks a significant amount of UV light, protecting the potency of your cannabinoid-infused syrups. The shape of the amber syrup bottle allows for easy gripping and provides a side panel where graduated marks can be embossed. The childproof medicine bottles prevent kids from ingesting highly potent cannabis syrup AND check off a huge compliance packaging box.

Liquid Medicine Bottle - The Bottom Line

The amber liquid medicine bottle is a symbol of syrupy healing and powerfully strong flavors. But although the sight of a cough syrup bottle may have made you cringe as a kid, there’s no need for the fear of artificial grape tastes in the realm of therapeutic, exciting cannabis syrups. Be they soothing CBD concoctions or uplifting THC tinctures, cannabis syrups are sweeping the industry with deliciously bold natural flavors and highly potent cannabinoid levels.

As our amber bottles bulk are meant to mimic, in a distanced way, mixing cough syrup into a soda, it makes perfect sense to package cannabis syrups in a cough medicine orange bottle. However, it’s important to yet again acknowledge the huge difference between lean and cannabis syrup mixed with lemonade. Codeine cough syrup is a prescription medication that is often dangerously misused. Cannabis syrup is a legal, medical and recreational product intended for adults to enjoy the many therapeutic effects of cannabis.

When you’re designing your custom labels for your medication bottle collection, be sure to include any warning information required by your state. It’s also incredibly crucial to include accurate dosing information on your cough syrup bottle labels to ensure your customers don’t accidentally use too much of your potent concoctions. While cannabis is meant for both healing and having fun, safety is of the utmost importance in our industry, especially with these types of products.

If you’re looking for other types of empty medicine bottles, don’t forget to check out our prescription bottle and pop top containers collections. Both feature similarly-colored amber options but also have a wide range of other colors and opaque options. We even have a line of economy line vials, which you can find in our pill bottle collection. Whatever your orange medicine bottle needs, we’ve got you covered.

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