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Custom Branded Printed Caps

Get custom logo designs for your cannabis brand on a variety of child resistant jar caps and closures! Get free quotes within 24 hrs and fast turnaround!


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Custom Branded Caps for Glass Jars

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Custom Branded Caps for Glass Concentrate Jars

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Custom Branded Shatter Container

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Custom Jar Lids

Custom jar lids are a personalized and compliant way to grab the consumer’s attention as soon as your product hits the shelves. It is a fantastic way to set you aside and give you some extra space to cater to your brand’s aesthetic. With our custom child-resistant caps, you can prioritize the safety of the consumer while keeping your product looking fresh from the inside out. Adhering to all packaging laws to remain cannabis compliant, while producing a top-notch aesthetic for your child-resistant caps’ designs that is both safe and FDA approved is of monumental importance. Make it simple at this one-stop-shop and check out all our custom lids for jars and get that creative designer look you’ve been dreaming about.

What Kind Of Custom Jar Cap Designs Can I Get?

Thanks to our experienced in house design team you can get a unique and swift production of your personalized product. Our designers engage closely with you to make all your custom glass jar lids’ dreams come true. Personalize your branded jar cap designs to your vision and crop and have a designer help guide you along the way. We provide an impressively wide range of styles, colors, and customizable material options that are eco-friendly, child-resistant, and FDA Approved depending on your company’s needs. Whether you would prefer a teak or redwood custom-made jar cap or a bamboo-based lid with your personalized touch, Marijuana Packaging has got you covered. We offer flat, dome, and arched closures to create a unique look for your brand’s aesthetic while also providing a glossy or more minimalistic matte finish for your custom jar lids. Do you prefer an eco-friendly alternative for your customizable jar caps? Then keep it classic with our reclaimed ocean plastic or make a statement with our custom printed jar lids. Our experienced branding/custom packaging team provides many successful yet versatile jar cap design options for concentrate containers and pre-roll tubes too.

Why Does My Brand Need Custom Glass Jar Lids?

Staying compliant in this dynamic industry can be a full-time job. Thankfully, there is no need to sacrifice your branding aesthetic or wait for your product to reach the shelves. Custom child-resistant caps can keep your cannabis company compliant while providing a consistently clean look to attract consumers. They provide that extra canvas for your company to set your brand apart while showing you care. We offer essential packaging with low quantity minimums and a fast turnaround time to help your company successfully adapt to the seasonality within the industry and keep up with constant market changes. It is no secret that custom cannabis packaging and custom lids for jars are an amazing way to showcase a product you can be proud of.

How To Get Custom Jar Lids?

Check out our site to start building your personalized custom glass jar lids. We provide wholesale custom packaging and products at affordable prices, whether it is custom printed cartridge boxes, mylar bags, or tin containers, our custom printed jar lids and custom lids for jars are just the beginning. We have a wide range of child-resistant packaging options, weed jars, and custom jar caps for sale.

You can purchase all sorts of wholesale products in bulk or small quantities depending on the needs of your cannabis company. Considering our simple designing and production methods and conscious efforts to keep your product looking fresh from the inside out we are confident our store can produce the best custom glass jar lids possible. It is our high-quality printing and talented in-house design team, that makes Marijuana Packaging a one-stop- shop for all your company’s custom-made dreams; it’s as simple as that. Get your custom jar lids ordered today, so you can stand out and stay compliant!

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