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What are Custom Rolling Trays?

Customized rolling trays are the perfect portable platform for rolling joints, blunts, and/or spliffs just about anywhere! You can now get your rolling trays customized to your cannabis brand in whatever designs you desire! Designer rolling trays are one of the most inexpensive customizable smoking accessories on the market and a sure-fire way of getting your cannabis brand out there in such a unique and fun way. Personalized custom rolling trays are a killer canvas to showcase your logo and get creative.

Whether you are rolling a blunt on the couch or enjoying a joint on the go, the custom weed tray is a classically convenient must-have device to do just that, just about anywhere. They are a perfect platform for keeping your cannabis flower from falling while you are rolling one up or keeping your weed and smoking accessories safely away from the hands of children.

As one of the most life-saving and affordable smoking accessories in custom cannabis packaging you simply can not go wrong with having branded rolling trays that represent your cannabis company every time you are rolling a joint, blunt, or spliff. Customized rolling trays come in a wildly impressive range in versatility from colors, designs, fonts, and sizes. We can do ANY customization; if you can imagine it, we can make your vision come true.

Custom trays for weed provide a smooth surface for rolling, with curved edges to help cannabis consumers catch their ground flower and smoke wherever their heart desires. With all the weed tray designs Marijuana Packaging has to offer your brand will inevitably create something truly special to satisfy your smokers.

Aside from the convenience factors, custom sizes and designs, and storage capabilities of the customized weed tray. It also catches any loose buds you drop when rolling up a joint. They can also help keep your weed from getting contaminated by dust, table residue, or any accidental spills that could occur while you are packing up the perfect doobie.

Does Your Brand Need Custom Rolling Trays?

The custom weed tray can represent your cannabis brand by providing a unique and FUNctional way to advertise your marijuana products and company. Imagine this: Your custom printed rolling trays brought on with your brand’s custom rolling papers and Snoop Dogg rolling up a doobie, smoking your joint!

Yes! We can customize rolling papers, mylar bags, child-resistant jars, and even provide your brand with a custom weed grinder! All designed to your company’s vision, style, and custom color choices! The options are truly endless and the best way to get your brand’s name out there in a fabulous fashion.

Customizable rolling trays are a game-changer for rolling on the go. They are a necessity for any traveling cannabis consumer and convenience that once you have you can not live without. Have your cannabis consumers post your custom rolling tray with photo evidence of their love for your brand on social media platforms. Show off your new designer weed trays at parties, so everyone has a space to roll one up. With all the rolling tray designs you have to choose from at low quantity minimums you will be able to show off your brand just about anywhere.

This must-have smoking accessory is affordable and purchasing custom rolling trays in bulk for your brand is an investment that your company can be confident in. The personalized rolling tray offers a show-stopping canvas for your company, it consolidates cannabis consumers’ smoking accessories, all the while generating sales for your business. The bottom line is: Custom-made rolling trays with your brand's logo and personalized weed tray designs are an absolute must-have for all the right reasons!

How To Use Custom Smoke Trays, The Right Way

Using customized rolling tray sets can be as simple and fun as it is designing them. Everyone has their smoking style and style of rolling, but with some tips and techniques, you can take your blunt rolling standards to the next level. The custom rolling tray set has a simple sleek design that is perfect for its purpose.

Its curved edges catch the cannabis making your ground flower easy to grab and hard to spill. Our custom trays for weed are wide-faced making it the perfect surface to roll large amounts of cannabis. You can save some weed for another time, and provide a comfortable spot to roll right on your lap. Check out some tips on how to use your customized weed tray, the right way!

  1. Grab your custom weed tray and place it on your lap, table or dashboard. Anywhere convenient for you. All custom weed tray designs are sturdy, durable, and built to fit the consumer’s smoking style.
  2. Grind up your cannabis so it is fine enough for the blunt you want to roll.
  3. Pour your freshly ground weed on your customizable weed tray and take the rolling papers in your hand, so you are ready to pack your joint or blunt on the go.
  4. Slide the weed to the smooth curved corner of the rolling tray to pick up your marijuana without making a mess.
  5. Place and pack the cannabis into your custom rolling papers, hemp wrap, or preferred smoking device.
  6. The leftover weed will be waiting there with your other smoking accessories for the next time you are ready to roll one up.

Simple as that! Perhaps that is why the custom rolling trays are so popular because they create the ease and organization on the go that every consumer appreciates. Smoking should be made simple and accessible. That is why Marijuana Packaging provides custom rolling trays wholesale as they’re a smoking accessory used by everyone.

Where to Get Your Wholesale Rolling Trays Custom?

It is no secret that Marijuana Packaging is the best place to customize rolling trays, personalize packaging, and order promotional marijuana products in bulk. Our super talented in-house design team helps you make your own rolling tray with a fast turnaround time and has experience working with many successful brands within the industry.

Our high-quality printing and custom labeling and packaging options help you create a cannabis brand that people talk about. While creating your branded rolling trays, use our easy-to-navigate site for all your custom cannabis company’s needs. You can rest assured that you’re purchasing a compliant high-quality product.

There are rules to follow within the industry and weaving through state regulations and requirements. The rules might make you think that you have to sacrifice your company’s aesthetic for compliance. NOT TRUE! Marijuana Packaging can provide you with custom Wholesale rolling trays, personalized tamper-proof tins, and all types of compliant smoking accessories, so you can create a cannabis company that speaks to everyone. Customizable rolling trays are just the beginning of your cannabis brand’s success story!

Minimum Quantity: 1,000 Units

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