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Customization is often thought of as a luxury. However, every product would have a generic label making it impossible to tell briefly which one was your favorite. Customization is a way to set your company apart from all the others and establish your branded identity. When you create a custom-made product, it's the rare intersection of art and commerce.

Custom branded rolling papers allow you to incorporate beautiful marijuana art and logo placement to make your product pop. Our creative design team will partner you with a designer who will help make your custom rolling paper vision a reality.

Custom rolling papers create a standout product that grows your business, expands your influence, and puts your mark on the cannabis industry. Additionally, when you choose to make designer rolling papers, you open a world of possibilities. To help you make your own rolling papers, the design team at Marijuana Packaging will be there for every step of the customization process. Together, we create personalized branding for the custom-printed rolling papers you want.

If you only have one chance to make a good first impression, custom branded packaging is the key to grabbing your customer's attention.

We'll help you create custom-printed packaging your customers will tell their friends about. An eye-catching design will bring in customers, and your product will keep them coming back for more.

What Are Custom Rolling Papers?

Custom printed rolling papers are tailored to a particular brand or company. There are many ways to customize your product. Besides the design aspects of the items, branded custom rolling papers allow companies to customize their products with logos, marketing campaigns, and artwork. Customized rolling papers have become essential in the marijuana industry today.

Custom rolling papers are typically small rectangles of various fibrous materials used for rolling joints. Joint rolling papers are used by cannabis businesses and consumers alike.

In addition to custom printed rolling papers, many cannabis operations carry pre-rolled custom cones – rolling papers formed into tapered cone shapes with filters/tips in place.

Before wholesale pre-rolled cones and filling machines, companies had to roll their custom joint papers by hand. Some boutique cannabis companies take great pride in their hand-rolling.

The advantages of using designer rolling papers are nearly limitless. Most importantly, custom joint papers make your products stand out on retail shelves, and they are exceptional marketing tools. When you create your own rolling papers with a distinctive and identifiable look, it's easier to connect with your customers.

In most cases, designing custom-printed joint papers require time, money, and expertise to achieve your intended goal. Our personalized design services can fast-track all your company's branding needs for its designer rolling papers.

Customers may be more likely to choose healthier hemp custom rolling papers over other options. Environmentally conscious printed rolling papers are a great way to grow your business by tapping into this health and eco-conscious clientele.

What Types of Rolling Papers Are Available?

We carry a wide variety of diverse rolling paper brands renowned for their premium qualities– flavored, natural, hemp, or rice paper. There are also many paper sizes, ranging from 70mm long to 110mm.

You won't find any nicotine or tobacco paper in our collection – only premium, incredible, generally health-conscious brands. Additionally, there has been a general movement away from nicotine and tobacco cigarette paper in the cannabis industry.

Does My Brand Need Custom Joint Papers?

Cheaper than buying ad space or airtime, custom joint papers is the best way to show off your business's identity. Custom packaging allows for sharing additional brand and product information -- you can let customers know more about the product or your brand.

We provide custom labels and logos. Logos are your brand image, name, and emblem. Having worked with so many successful brands, we know what it takes to create the most eye-catching custom logos.

As an added benefit, we have low minimum order qualities, which allows for wholesale ordering without exceeding your required inventory. We ensure fast turnaround times, eliminating frustratingly long wait times for your custom packaging.

Using custom rolling paper packaging increases customer retention, which allows you to move more products, make more profit, and even offer products at a lower retail cost.

We recommend ordering multiple bulk rolling paper brands to satisfy your diverse customer base. And cheap rolling papers kept near the register are a great impulse buy. In addition to custom rolling papers, we can customize grinders, pre-rolled cones, and more!

How to Get Custom Joint Papers

Our design team can create custom printed joint papers in a few simple steps. We let you take the lead from broad concepts like color to more specific ideas like embossed vs. flat labels. And we offer custom product packaging quotes within 24 hours. Fast response times enable your business to quickly begin the customization process.

In addition to all your daily cannabis supplies, we can partner with you to create fantastic custom promotional products, too!

Where To Buy Custom Rolling Papers Wholesale

Buying custom rolling papers online is easy thanks to our extensive collection and competitive wholesale rolling papers pricing.

In addition to the custom rolling paper options we offer, we also carry premade tips/filters, hand-rolling machines, and custom rolling trays. You can stock your shop with a variety of rolling products from trusted companies when you shop at Marijuana Packaging.

Rolling Papers - The Bottom Line

Hand-rolling joints is often a satisfying and ritualistic experience. Rolling papers have been around forever, and many of the oldest brands command a tremendous amount of industry respect.

Whether you're looking for or what you're hoping to stock your shop with, you can't go wrong when buying custom rolling papers.

Minimum Quantity: 1,500 Units

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