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Tamper Evident Labels

Get the best tamper-evident labels to adhere to your state's packaging regulations. Shop for tamper seals to ensure that your products are compliant.


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Tamper-Evident Labels

Tamper-evident labels will always have a place in the forever-growing marketplace of the marijuana industry. So you can rest assured on one thing, as long as marijuana is being sold legally, businesses will need tamper stickers to survive, and for a good reason.

Legally they are required, not to mention tamper labels are highly beneficial for your business to have, so today, we will get into what tamper-proof labels are and provide you with all of the reasons your business needs them.

Utilizing tamper-proof labels for your child-resistant packaging is by far the best choice for flower packaging in the marijuana industry. The most successful marijuana dispensaries know this, taking advantage of that market.

We will provide you with all the information you may need to make the most intelligent business decision on which tamper-evident label will most benefit your company and give you the best opportunity for success. So without further ado, let's get started.

What Are Tamper-Evident Labels

Tamper-evident labels are seals that indicate whether or not someone has opened your cannabis product while simultaneously warning people there is marijuana inside the container. Tamper-resistant labels are carefully put directly on the opening area of the container so that it is evident if the product has been tampered with.

After storing cannabis in a jar, the tamper-proof labels would connect from the top of the jar to the lid. When the jar is twisted open, the tamper-evident seal will rip and indicate that the product has been forcefully opened.

As a result, tamper-proof stickers are best used for keeping all smoke shop and dispensary products wholesale safe. Tamper-proof labels became required after an unfortunate incident where people were fatally exposed to laced poison pills in 1982.

After this terrible event, the United States government passed the Federal Anti Tampering Act, which makes it a "federal offense to maliciously cause or attempt to cause injury or death to any person, or injury to any business's reputation, by adulterating a food, drug, cosmetic or other products."

So as a business owner that cares about your customers and employees, you can appreciate the severity of your company having high-quality, reliable, and legal tamper-evident stickers for your tamper-evident packaging.

One of the reasons tamper-evident stickers can be so beneficial is the valuable addition of tamper-proof shrink bands. Shrink bands are one of the most ideal, cost-effective ways to offer tamper-evident protection to your marijuana products.

Typically, you would apply the shrink band around the neck, cap, or container cover by using your hand. Then using a heat tunnel or heat gun, you apply heat to the tamper-evident seal to create a tight fit on your container.

Does My Business Need Tamper Evident Stickers?

Yes, your business needs tamper-evident security stickers. As a marijuana dispensary or smoke shop, it is your priority to provide your customers with small tamper-proof stickers that provide an extra layer of protection for your product. Consumer safety is essential, and providing a tamper seal with your products helps build consumer and market trust in your brand.

Furthermore, having a label that says "CONTAINS MARIJUANA KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN," such as our tamper-evident California warning labels, helps protect small children and meets packaging regulations too.

Therefore, to ensure your customers' safety and keep your tamper-evident packaging legal, you are going to want to get your tamper-proof stickers as soon as possible. Here at Marijuana Packaging, our clear tamper-proof stickers will help marijuana companies meet cannabis packaging compliances for their state and maintain the labeling requirements to ensure their packaging meets tamper-evident requirements.

A handy tool some of our tamper seals come with is called a cap liner. At Marijuana Packaging, our cap liners are made of non-toxic foam material. This is extremely important considering the liner is in direct contact with marijuana products, so ensuring the material is safe and nonharmful should be your company's utmost priority.

The cap liner sits between the cap and the bottle to help with the bottle's ability to work effectively, simultaneously offering a proper sealing of the cannabis product.

In addition, having tamper-proof seal stickers in your inventory increases the possibility of your business' customer loyalty and trust. When consumers know your tamper-evident seal is reliable, they will trust that the next time they buy from you, they will have a similar experience.

It also looks better to have a tamper-evident seal. For example, based solely on looks would you go for the bottle of soda with a noticeable tamper-evident seal around the top of the bottle or the bottle of soda without the seal?

Most people would say the tamper seal stickers because they feel safe and protected. By delivering a tamper-evident seal to your customers, you let them know that you are committed to their health and are actively concerned about their safety.

Why Use Tamper-Proof Labels?

There are so many logical reasons to use tamper-proof labels that it will take very little convincing for you to understand why you need them, so let's begin.

It would be best if you used tamper-evident labels for your cannabis packaging because you will not be able to stay in the competitive 420 packaging industry for much longer without them. Why? Well, mainly because your company needs to not only keep your customers safe, but you need to meet strict state regulations for packaging and selling marijuana legally.

States heavily fine and can shut down a business that is not compliant with their marijuana packaging laws. Your tamper-evident labels for jars must be legal to protect your business from being shut down.

Tamper-proof jar labels are also a necessity because you want to make sure no one has tampered with your product before your customer receives it or utilizes it so that the integrity of your product is not compromised.

Other reasons your legal dispensary should use tamper seal stickers are as follows. They promote product safety which is detrimental to your business. For one, product recalls can cost a lot of money, and you will end up losing a considerable amount of revenue. Not to mention simultaneously taking a hit in the court of public opinion, which can dictate your company's narrative.

Utilizing tamper labels will ensure that the appropriate legal safety measures are in effect before you offer your cannabis products to the intended public. Holographic tamper-evident labels come with an extra boost of visibility, providing consumers additional assurance.

Nobody wants to replace damaged goods; it's time-consuming and bad for business in just about every way. Companies offering wholesale cannabis products must purchase from a reliable packaging company that can provide them with the best tamper seal weed labels, most likely to give their cannabis dispensary or smoke shop the best opportunity for success.

Customers will always gravitate toward brands that offer the best protection for their products, such as tamper-proof labels for jars.

Where to Buy Tamper-Evident Seals Wholesale

Your business will be able to find tamper-evident seals wholesale at your local smoke shop and online by searching "Tamper Evident Seals Wholesale near me" on Google or any other search engine. Although this is true, you're only going to want to buy tamper-evident stickers right here on our Marijuana Packaging website.

This is because here on our website, Marijuana Packaging, we have the highest quality options for a tamper-evident seal at some of the lowest prices available. Our site also has easy-to-understand shipping and return policies to help address any questions you might have.

That's not all; thanks to our price-beat guarantee, we can also ensure that you are getting your tamper-proof labels for the lowest price on the market possible.

This means that you will not find a better deal than you will with us when purchasing bulk tamper stickers. Furthermore, here are some of the best tamper seal stickers available on the market in the marijuana industry offered on our website Marijuana Packaging. Take your time and familiarize yourself with some of the highest quality, reliable tamper-evident seals.

Our blank tamper-evident labels can assist your brand in meeting packaging regulations in some of the following cannabis markets.

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts
  • Oklahoma
  • Canada

As more states start legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, purchasing a tamper-evident seal bulk wholesale order is crucial to help your brand stay ahead of the competition in emerging cannabis markets.

We also provide custom tamper-proof stickers to input your logo and help market your brand using your products to advertise your business. Some companies do not offer tamper-evident stickers custom-like we do, so shopping with us gives you a massive advantage over your competition.

Tamper-Evident Labels: The Bottom Line

The bottom line is straightforward: your business needs to have a tamper-evident seal in your inventory, period. Tamper-proof seal stickers are not going anywhere anytime soon. Tamper evident stickers are way too reliable, efficient, and affordable for the marijuana business to pass on.

Knowing how popular, beneficial, reliable, and profitable they are, why would you want your company to miss out on this highly lucrative market purposely. As marijuana laws change and weed continues to become legal all over the country, the demand for tamper seal stickers simultaneously rises with the need for cannabis.

So what are you waiting for, do not waste any more time and let another second pass without capitalizing on this incredible offer? As one of the essential wholesale products in the marijuana industry, we hope it is crystal clear that your legal marijuana business legitimately needs tamper-evident seals if you want to keep your customers happy and your company open.

We want your business to succeed so, please do yourself a favor and take advantage of these great low prices while these deals still last because they won't be around forever!

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