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Forget the fuss of rolling with our pre-rolled cones. Quick, convenient, and reliable, these cones come in a variety of sizes and materials, all at irresistibly low wholesale prices.


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Pre-roll cones


Pre-Rolled Cones

Nothing beats the convenience of pre rolled cones. There are several marijuana consumers that may not be comfortable with their own rolling skills. Furthermore, you can typically fit more bud into rolling cones.

Pre roll cones for weed weren’t as popular just a few years ago. However, with the expansion of marijuana legalization across the nation, pre roll purchases have skyrocketed! We’re sure you have many questions about which pre rolled cones would be best for your cannabis business. There are so many variations and sizes that it really depends on your personal preference.

In the world of rolling materials, pre roll cones reign supreme. Of course, joint papers, blunts, and blunt wraps will always have their appeal. However, pre rolled papers lack the tobacco base of blunts, and give consumers an ease of use that joint papers cannot offer.

If your legal marijuana business does not possess pre rolled cones, you are not going to make it in this industry. Give your customers what they want, from some of the biggest brands on the planet. That includes RAW pre rolled cones, Futurola pre rolled cones, and more. Before you make a bulk purchase for your cannabis business, let's further explore the world of cone rolling papers.


What Are Pre Rolls?

Simply put, pre rolls are just ready-made joint papers. They save cannabis consumers the time of having to roll their own joints. Some pre rolled papers are already packed with marijuana and other times, consumers must add their own weed to a ready-made cone. For example, many manufacturers buy RAW cones wholesale then fill them up with cannabis for sale later.

As a cannabis cultivator or manufacturer, it is up to you to decide whether you want to sell pre rolled joint cones with weed already in them or not.

Although we are used to the “roll it yourself” marijuana procedure, that is only because the legality of cannabis has forced that upon us. As marijuana legality continues to expand, the use of pre rolled papers will also rise. The convenience and ease are just irreplaceable!

Why Use Pre Rolled Papers?

The better question is, why would you roll your own buds? Paper cones for weed save consumers the time of having to roll their marijuana themselves. It doesn’t matter if the pre rolled joint cones have cannabis in them already or not. Either way, it saves the end consumer a ton of time.

Pre rolled papers also make your marijuana products more desirable. As a cannabis cultivator, you want your product to appeal to the widest base of customers. By packaging your marijuana in jars and bags, you appeal to the “roll it yourself crowd.” You may also attract those that use glass pipes and bongs. However, you will miss out on those that prefer pre rolled papers.

You can capture everyone if your cannabis business offers cone rolling papers. Think about it. Even the “roll it yourself” crowd can enjoy a pre rolled cone that they can add their own buds to. Plus, many glass pipe and bong owners typically enjoy their pieces out of convenience. They don’t want to have to roll anything.

As you can see, pre rolled papers bring a niche form of convenience to the table that cannot be ignored.

What Are Cone Papers Made From?

Rolling cones for weed are typically made from hemp, wood, pulp, bamboo, or rice. Organic pre rolled cones are the best type that you can buy. Consumers tend to enjoy the pre rolled cones that are all-natural.

Unbleached vs Bleached Pre Rolled Cones

One common misconception is that unbleached papers are healthier than bleached papers. This is not necessarily true. Bleached rolling papers do not have actual household bleach. Instead, many companies use an oxygenation process that leaves no residue of any kind to complete the whitening process.

What To Watch Out For When Buying Pre Rolled Cones

Be wary of pre rolled cone wraps that do not list their adhesive glue ingredients on the labeling. RAW cones bulk always list their ingredients, for example.

You want to look for natural adhesive ingredients such as glue made from sugar. Gum arabic, which comes from tree sap, is also a safe and popular choice.

It’s also worth noting that flavored pre rolled cones should also be organic. Research has found that flavored pre rolled cones may contain more pesticides, lead, and other contaminants than other choices. If you’re looking for flavor, also look for all-natural choices!


Where Can You Buy Pre Rolled Cones

The world of cannabis products can be confusing or scary at times. However, it’s pretty easy to find pre rolled cones for sale. First, your source will depend on the pre rolled papers you are looking for, such as RAW cones bulk.

If you are looking for pre rolled RAW papers, the options will be plentiful online and at local smoke shops. However, if you’re looking for specific organic pre rolled cones, it may be harder to find places selling them locally.

Of course, you can shop an excess of all types of pre roll cones, including RAW pre rolled cones bulk, here at Marijuana Packaging. Our price beat guarantee ensures that you will get better rates with us than buying RAW pre rolled cones in store.

Do Pre Rolled Papers Expire?

When buying pre roll cones bulk, expiration may be a concern. Simply put, no, pre rolled papers do not expire. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can keep them boxed up for 20 years and expect them to remain perfect. The only thing to really worry about is the adhesive becoming useless.

There are factors that can cause pre rolled papers to degrade faster. Of course, very hot or very cold climates can damage the rolling cones. The adhesive can also dry out in these conditions. And if you purchase pre rolled cones with weed in them already, the marijuana can get old or moldy.

If you have pre rolled cones that are already packed with marijuana, store them in airtight containers in a cool, dark area. For pre rolled papers that do not have buds in them, you can store them in an area out of direct sunlight that is cool and dry. Fun fact, pre rolled hemp cones may stay fresh in storage longer!

Can You Extend The Shelf Life Of Cones For Weed?

You can make sure that your pre rolled cones retain their quality by storing them properly. This may not necessarily increase their shelf life (since the papers themselves don’t really expire), but it will make sure they stay in tip-top form for as long as possible.

Many smoke shop owners and marijuana manufacturers store their pre rolled cones in airtight containers, which is the best option. When buying RAW cones bulk, or any other wholesale rolling cones, placing them in a safe storage spot is key to longevity.


How To Pack Rolling Cones

This is what you will need to pack a pre rolled cone:

  • Marijuana
  • Grinder
  • Rolling Tray
  • Pre Roll Cones
  • Lighter
  • A cylinder device for packing (the back of a pen, chopsticks, the tip of the pre rolled cone case)

Step 1: Create A Clean Space

Find a clean space to lay out your grinder, weed, rolling tray, and pre rolled papers.

Step 2: Grind Your Weed

Make sure to grind your weed very well. There should be no “nugs” left, only shake. Make sure to remove stems and seeds from the weed once it’s ground up. Stems will rip your pre rolled cone papers.

Step 3: Pack Your Weed

Packing is a delicate art. To start, use your fingers to pinch a little bit of weed from your ground up flower and place it in the pre rolled cone. Use the back of a pen, chopsticks, or another smooth cylindrical device to pack the weed down. Continue to place weed in the pre rolled cone and pack it down each time.

Do not pack it so tightly that air cannot get through. Leave about a pinky finger’s width worth of empty space at the top of cones for weed.

Step 4: Twist Shut

The extra space at the top of your rolling cones must be closed. Using your thumb and index fingers, twist the upper portion of your pre rolled cones until it turns into a candle-wick-like shape.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Pre Rolled Cone!

Now that you’re all done, just light the pre rolled cone from the side that you twisted up. Enjoy!

On the other hand, many manufacturers use a pre roll machine to fill their rolling cones with weed.


Pre Rolled Joint Cones For Your Business

Pre rolled papers are essential for any cannabis manufacturer or marijuana dispensary. Gen Z (born between 1997-2012) and Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) are much more likely to buy preroll cones.

Since Gen Z and Millennials also make up the bulk of cannabis consumers, it would be wise to target them. If your cannabis business or smoke shop does not provide cones for weed, you are missing out on one of the highest-selling products in the biggest demographics for marijuana.

Why would you purposely choose to avoid such an obvious and lucrative market? Make sure you are stocked up on rolling cones in bulk.

You also have the option to place your logo with our custom pre-rolled cones for your business. Just contact one of the reps from the custom design team to answer any questions you might have. Need to order in bulk? We can process custom pre-roll packaging as well.

The Best Pre Rolled Cones

At Marijuana Packaging, we offer the best pre rolled cones. Our most popular brands include Futurola and RAW pre rolled cones. In fact, RAW paper pre rolled cones are by far the highest selling product. That is because RAW cones bulk have an amazing reputation for quality amongst cannabis connoisseurs. Cone wraps RAW just can’t be beaten on the market!

RAW Pre Rolled Cones

Marijuana dispensaries typically stock up on RAW cones bulk. That’s because these products sell out quickly, and end up on backorder. Gabbing RAW cones wholesale is always a smart choice. Rather than wait for the order to be available, many cannabis dispensaries and marijuana manufacturers opt to get RAW bulk cones.

Of course, we have a wide variety of pre rolled papers other than RAW products as well.

Futurola Pre Rolled Cones

Futurola Pre Rolled Cones are gaining a lot of traction in the cannabis industry. They are typically cheaper, but offer great quality nonetheless. Because of their competitive pricing and amazing quality, Futurola pre rolled cones have become a favorite with many manufacturers and dispensary owners.

Elements Pre Rolled Cones

Elements pre rolled cones are the cheapest of the three brands listed here. Their quality is mid-range; enough to satisfy your cannabis consumers. Elements pre rolled cones get the job done and are preferred by start-up smoke shops, manufacturers, and marijuana dispensaries that may be operating on a tighter budget.


Pre Rolled Cones - The Bottom Line

Preroll cones offer convenience and ease that regular rolling papers just can’t bring to the table. And the variety is astounding! You can purchase pre rolled blunt cones, flavored pre rolled cones, organic pre rolled cones, and much more.

Cone rolling papers are not an item you can afford to ignore. Preroll cones are just too popular and easy to use. You can even grab a pre roll machine to help you fill up those wholesale orders!

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