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How To Roll A Cross Joint

How To Roll A Cross Joint

The act of rolling a joint can already prove to be difficult for those with little experience. The pencil roll became the novice’s go-to, especially since these individuals have yet to understand how to roll a joint. Meanwhile, seasoned smokers have learned to use papers of any size and transform them into otherworldly shapes. Rolling Ls remains one of the most popular ways to form a large joint out of single-wide of 1 ¼ inch papers. However, the cross joint is one of the most impressive methods, as seen in Pineapple Express.

The cross joint is best reserved for special occasions. Though it’s not something you’ll find from dispensaries who’ve mastered how to make pre-rolls with automated machines, these can be one of the best smoking experiences of your life. For one, it’s a relatively tricky joint to roll successfully and subsequently light without falling apart. Secondly, cross joints require a group of smokers to pitch and partake. Ultimately, it’s a party trick that never fails to leave jaws dragging on the floor as smokers across the room try to get a toke. The cross could be the best way to settle the ongoing joints vs. blunts debate. 

However, even those with years of experience rolling joints are still determining the science behind a cross joint. Fortunately, we’re here to break it down for you. Though you need several items to roll this up, the most crucial aspect is time and focus. Without either, you’ll have an unstable joint that burns unevenly.

What Is A Cross Joint?

A cross joint consists of two joint cones that intersect with one another. The joints fit together to make a cross-like shape with three ends that light up simultaneously. Ultimately, you’re smoking two joints at once, meaning you’re getting double the high that you would come with an average spliff.

Though many knew of the cross joint, it only became mainstream consciousness in 2008 when Pineapple Express debuted in theatres. In the scene, Dale Denton (Seth Rogan) heads to the home of his drug dealer, Saul Silver (James Franco), to pick up some weed. Saul lures him into smoking as he attempts to leave, convincing him that the cross joint is “the apex of the vortex of joint engineering.” While his description might seem over-the-top, rolling a cross joint requires great skill and patience.

A Guide To Rolling A Cross Joint 

Before we roll a joint, you must have the tools to help you accomplish this task. Though the cross joint consists of two joints, a few other items are still necessary to hold everything together. 


  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Weed
  • Grinder
  • King-size rolling papers
  • Single-wide/1 ¼ inch joint paper
  • Pin, needle, or another small, sharp object
  • A few buddies

Rolling The Cross Joint 

Once you have gathered your materials, you’re ready to get rolling finally. 

Step One: Joint #1

The first matter of business is to roll a regular size joint. With your king-size paper, make sure that you twist up a fatty and pack as much weed as you can in there. We’re not exaggerating — this joint needs to be fatter than the average joint you twisted to make the cross joint burn properly. However, don’t pack it to the tip; you need room to light your joint afterward.

Step Two: Joint #2

Roll a second joint with the single-wide or 1 ¼ paper, but this time, make it incredibly thin. This will be the joint that creates the intersection, though you don’t need to use a joint filter on this. It needs to be thin because it makes it easier to put together. You can still roll a fatter joint, providing a better burn. But if it’s your first time, we highly recommend keeping it thin.

Step Three: Creating An Incision

You now have two joints ready to be assembled into the almighty cross joint. However, it would be best if you made incisions in both joints first. Create a hole nearly three-quarters from the tip of your joint with a small pin or needle. Make sure that this is delicately done to prevent any unwanted tears. The smaller the hole, the easier to seal with the second joint.

With your second joint, push your needle through to create another hole. This one should be smaller than the hole in the first joint, ultimately allowing the smoke from the second joint to travel through the giant joint. It would help if you took time and precision; otherwise, you’ll have wasted your weed on an unsmokeable joint.

Step Four: Assembly

Once you’ve put holes in the joints, you can create the intersection between the two joints. Take the thin joint and push it through the hole in the enormous joint. The hole from the thin joint must align with the center of the fat joint for this to smoke correctly.

Step Five: Reinforcement 

Get two more rolling papers and your scissors. The glue from the rolling papers will wrap around the intersection to provide reinforcement. This process will stabilize the joint, patch any unwanted holes, and keep your joint airtight to provide optimal smoke.

Step Six: Lighting Up

Grab a lighter and get a friend to grab two more. At this point, put the joint in your mouth, light up all three sides, and inhale for a fantastic smoking experience.

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