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Marijuana K-Cups: Now Available To Buy

Marijuana K-Cups: Now Available To Buy
weed-coffee The best part of waking up just got a lot better.  A Los Angeles coffee company has recently developed a marijuana infused coffee. The Ethiopian coffee beans are “herb conditioned” to smell exactly like marijuana, however the coffee does not actually contain any actual THC which allows it to be legal. In spite of its lack of ability to get people high, the product is currently in high demand.  The owner of the company, Kian Abedini mentioned that his servers have crashed in the past due to rapid orders of the “green” flavored coffee. The coffee is made by “hot-boxing the roast room” Abedini said that the coffee is produced by “essentially hot-boxing the roast room” to infuse the beans with marijuana. In the roasting process the THC is actually completely burned off, so it doesn’t contain any active ingredient. The smell and taste of the cannabis remains in the coffee and the flavor is strong from reports. He explains in an interview with LA Weekly, “Take a sip, breathe out and you can taste the skunkiness on your breath." Weed and coffee have a long history together The product may seem a bit strange, but weed and coffee have had a long history together, affectionately known by some as a “hippie speedball”. The combined effects of the stimulants create a unique high that many desire. Soon after weed was legalized in Colorado and Washington, companies scrambled to put together ideas that combined the region’s love for both marijuana and coffee. Drinks like THC cold brew and weed butter coffee were created, but these drinks didn’t feature the flavor of marijuana. Abedini got the idea for his product when he realized that there was nothing on the market that actually combined the taste of marijuana with the taste of coffee. Don’t worry you can still buy coffee that will really get you high If you are interested now in trying real THC infused coffee, there are products that you can buy in Washington State and elsewhere. Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in Seattle sells marijuana infused K-cups under the brand name Catapult for $10 each. The pods are designed to work in single serving coffee machines and have 10 mg of THC, which is considered to be a regular serving of the drug. marijuana-k-cups Fairwinds Manufacturing, a Vancouver company that sells Catapult has reported that the cannabis infused coffee is popular lately and has accounted for 60% of company sales. There are some other companies selling THC infused coffee including Califonia’s House of Jane and Seattle’s Trichome which sells weed infused “bulletproof” coffee at their location.

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