Why is a Micro Dab Rig Better Than a Large Concentrate Pipe?

Why is a Micro Dab Rig Better Than a Large Concentrate Pipe? | Marijuana Packaging

As the popularity of concentrates continues to rise, so does the ingenuity behind dabbing devices. Concentrates have become popular for good reason. The cannabinoids that give marijuana its medicinal and recreational effects (such as THC and CBD) are packed into concentrates and sometimes accompanied by terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds that give marijuana its smell, flavor, and more specifically tailored effects. The thing is that both cannabinoids and terpenes get destroyed at certain high temperatures. This means that consuming them through combustion (A.K.A. smoking) destroys the plant’s full effects. When a concentrate is vaporized through dabbing, however, the user gets the full effects of the plant - cannabinoids, terpenes, and all.

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Cutting Out Combustion for Health

Another factor here is health. Vaporizing is less toxic for the body as the flower is never transformed into the harmful toxins it can become through combustion. So, all in all, when it comes to dabbing concentrates, the high is a lot more powerful and longer lasting, the taste of the plant is a lot more distinct, and it is all delivered in a healthier way than smoking.

Why Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Over time, typical tabletop rigs have been updated into more portable rig options, but not only for the portability factor. Small dab rig designs are often more user friendly and convenient than large ones. The micro dab rig is a clear example of this. While using what would appear to be a big sturdy rig would seem to be a good idea, there are a couple of reasons why this may not be so for you. Some of these larger rigs are harder to pull the vapor through. This means they may even require multiple inhalations which could cause the vapor to go stale in the process and waste your product. Another issue is how long it could take the vapor to reach your lungs. Both water and air have the ability to over filter and dilute the full flavor of the terpenes you are trying to consume with your hit. But with a mini dab rig, those concerns typically fade into the background.

The Convenience of a Micro Dab Rig

A micro dab rig offers a solution to this problem, however. These small rigs have a number of benefits that the larger ones don't and the most obvious one is their size. The micro dab rig is quite small (as the name suggests), making it easy to take on trips and store discreetly in your home the rest of the time. They are usually anywhere between 3 and 12 inches, which means they only require tiny amounts of water to operate. It also means that the vapor can directly reach your lungs in an easy and efficient way.

Speaking of convenience and small dab rigs, have you heard of a nectar collector? They can also sometimes be called dab straws or honey straws. We’ll link to a full explanation on them here, but essentially, they’re incredibly easy and efficient ways to take dabs. You heat the end just as you would heat the banger or nail on a regular rig and then you touch the hot end to your dab as you suck in from the other end. The hot tip will vaporize your dab and you’ll be able to easily inhale the vapor!

More Flavor, Less Work

While that in and of itself is a benefit, there is another aspect that is important to mention. Due to the small size and therefore less water and air between you and your hit, the flavor is less filtered and much more full-bodied. These smaller rigs allow you to experience the full flavor of your hit with little strain. Many come with carb caps, so that none of your vapor goes to waste and you can dab at your leisure with ease. It’s easy to get allured by large, flashy wax rigs but a tiny dab rig is an essential tool for the experienced dabber and a benefit to anyone else looking for a reliable rig. Between its convenience and efficiency, a decent micro rig can allow you to experience the full benefits of dabbing while minimizing any hassle. Of course, quality is important so make sure that the micro dab rig you choose is a sterling example.

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