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Ghostface Killah Pitches CBD Oil in Retort To Martin Shkreli

Ghostface Killah Pitches CBD Oil in Retort To Martin Shkreli
ghostface-killah-cbd-oil Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah dropped the much anticipated response video to Martin Shkreli last week, taking well deserved shots at Turing Pharmaceutical CEO's now notorious price swindling practices and WWF styled machismo, all while pitching his own brand of CBD oil* and vape pens. In case you haven't been following, Shkreli made headlines in December of last year after raising a life-saving drug called Daraprim, used for treating HIV-patients*, by 5,000% literally overnight. After raising the drug from $13.50 to $750, Shkreli faced waves of criticism from mainstream media sources, not to mention being federally indicted for security fraud charges in his past dealings as a hedge fund manager. once-upon-a-time-in-shaolin Deciding to test his investment prowess in the music industry, the 32 year old purchased Wu Tang Clan's unreleased album titled "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" for two million dollars in an online bidding exchange, and that's when the drama began. Catching wind of who had the purchased the album, Ghostface announced his distaste for the now infamous Pharma CEO via numerous news outlets*, sparking a prompt reply from Shkreli involving a (video) where he indirectly threatened Ghostface Killah with so called "goons". martin-shkreli Responding to Shkreli in epic fashion, Ghostface dropped his own 12 minute video, involving three women's CBD oil testimonials, while publicly shaming the "Pharma Bro" with emotional, heartfelt pleas for the CEO to lower the price of his drugs. Using poetic insight gained from being a pivotal hip hop artist in the 90's, Ghost uses poignant and hilarious punch lines such as  "it's Ghost vs. Peter Pan in 2016",  "money don't make you man", and showcases a meme of Shkreli as Pewee Herman. ghostface-killah Culminating with the rapper using three women in the sketch that he acknowledges in joking fashion as his "goons", mocking the past video of Shkreli, Ghostface wittingly presents his own brand of cannabis oil, rightfully titled WU-GOO, as well as his own multi-purpose, limited edition vape pen under the name Yellow Dynamite. For those not in the know, CBD oil, first acknowledged in Israel by Dr. Mechoulam as a legitimate alternative medicine, has gained prominence in the medical marijuana industry as a method for treating a wide range of diseases and ailments including tumorous cancer cells, anxiety, depression, and reducing the frequency of seizures in small children suffering from advanced forms of Epilepsy. cbd-oil Using his beef with Shkreli as a marketing platform to promote his own brand of CBD oil and vape pens shows Ghostface Killah in a light other than the perceived gangster bravado assumed in his name. Rather then stooping to levels of violence and aggression, Ghostface Killah displays intellect, humor, and even suggests a resolution that him and Shkreli join forces for a potential business collaboration. In case you haven't seen the response video yet, you can check it out here. (Viewer Discretion Advised)

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