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High Hemp Organic Blunt Wraps Review for the Medically Inclined

High Hemp Organic Blunt Wraps Review for the Medically Inclined | Marijuana Packaging

UPDATE: High Hemp Wraps Are Perfectly Acceptable for Vegans

We’ve been getting so many questions about vegan blunt wraps lately and felt it was important to point out that High Hemp wraps are strictly vegan. For those of you wondering how hemp wraps aren’t automatically vegan, you may be surprised to learn that the production of hemp blunt wraps involves exposure to animal byproducts and, in some cases, uses animal byproducts directly. This can range from egg shells all the way to the same collagen (hooves and bones) used in gums and glues. High Hemp organic wraps use alternative flavoring methods in order to keep animal byproducts far from their production equipment. The results are purely vegan hemp wraps that maintain the quality you’d expect from an organic smoking experience. Now back to your regularly scheduled High Hemp wraps review. - Editor.

Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into how much CBD is in High Hemp wraps, how they (like some other hemp blunt wraps) can reduce irritation, and more on why consumers love them. But if you’re sitting there saying “What are High Hemp organic wraps?” the long story short is that they’re a great hemp-based alternative to traditional rolling papers and blunt wraps.

This High Hemp wraps review is a little slanted in a medical direction based on the nature of my own personal experience smoking weed. I have had insomnia ever since I was 5-years-old. I can't count the amount of hours I've spent lying in bed at night counting backwards, smelling lavender, and listening to meditation music in the hopes of falling asleep. When I first started smoking weed, I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt and how easy it was to drift off to sleep. I thought I’d found a miracle cure and now I actually believe I did. The only issue is the cough. I don't smoke much. To be honest, most of the time I only smoke right before bed. I roll a lovely indica-heavy joint 10 minutes before I go to sleep and then I drift off deeply and peacefully. If I wake up through the night, I just take another hit off a pre-rolled joint I keep by my bed and head on back to sleep. Weed has saved my life, my health, my relationships, and my sanity.

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A Singer’s Plight

This works great except for one simple fact. I am a singer and my nightly smoke and subsequent coughing fits are taxing on my voice. I'm keenly aware of my voice and I notice that the day after I've had a coughing fit, my high notes are harder to reach and there's a scrape in my throat that makes my voice a little harsher. What's worse is that when I have a cold and find it extra hard to sleep, my nightly smoke seems to just extend my illness. While nothing is worse than giving up the peace and sanity of a good night's sleep, the smoking fits were really getting to me and I found myself wondering if I could continue this way. The idea of smoking and gaining restful sleep without coughing sounded so appealing, but out of reach. I'm sure it's appealing to lots of people, especially those with asthma and other respiratory problems.

The Luxury of a Smoother Hit

So when I heard that High Hemp wraps were a smoother way to smoke, I had to give them a try. I am happy to report in this High Hemp wraps review that I have been so pleasantly surprised by my experience with these. They burn slower so the hits are so much smoother than those from traditional wraps. I haven't coughed once since using these wraps and my voice feels and sounds so much better for it. The High Hemp wraps say that they contain CBD, which of course would be an amazing bonus. But as it turns out, the High Hemp wraps CBD content is pretty tiny, so the medicinal benefits are mainly coming from the weed you roll inside. Nonetheless, the smoother, nicer hit is a medical benefit in and of itself to me and others who are sensitive to the issue.

The Slower Burn Bonus

Another weird yet nice bonus is that the slower burn gives me a more pleasant smoking experience. They burn so nicely without the cough that I am able to really wind down and relax while I smoke. I have only used the flavorless variety, which I have noticed allows me to really taste my weed flavors better without the paper taste. They do come in different flavors though, like honey, mango and lemon and I think it'd be fun to try those too. Overall I'd like to finish this High Hemp wraps CBD review by stating that they have definitely improved my smoking experience and my voice!

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Nice post! Thanks for sharing this.


Thanks Mama and More, please come visit us x


Great review, Yes smoking with “high hemp wraps” is truly beneficial as it not only let you smoke at a slower rate plus it will not hit your throat like with the ordinary rolling paper.


Well now NH, considering that when we try to live our lives vicariously, or through another"s experience, there is always something missing. That would be sort of like previously chewed gum, sort of flavorless. That could be comparable to having someone else describe the scent of a rose to you if your olfactory senses are shot, or describing a beautiful sunset to a blind person, it loses something in the translation. To my way of thinking Papa God desires for each of His children to experience the purity of life for themselves, unchewed, if you know what I mean. That balances out, don"t you think? Chaz

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