make your own pipe   This is an easy tutorial which shows you how to transform a simple pen into a pipe. While you're at it, take a look at our extensive, low price selection of glass hand pipes.

UPDATE: The Unique Benefits of Metal Weed Pipes

A lot of people in the 420 community are hard on metal weed pipes because they don’t often preserve flavor as well as glass. However, there’s no shame in using a metal one hitter. Metal weed pipes often serve up hotter bowls due to the conductivity of the material. You’ll also find a metal smoking pipe a lot tougher to break than a glass pipe so its great for bringing with you on the go. A lot of metal pipes can also be disassembled for further convenience. You’re also likely to find that metal hand pipes are cheaper than glass, though price isn’t really a factor when you’re making your own metal cigarette one hitter.
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