Wedding Ideas: What To Expect At Marijuana Infused Weddings

Wedding Ideas: What To Expect At Marijuana Infused Weddings
wedding-ideas This past month, John Elledge, a marijuana grower, and his beloved bride, Whitney Alexander, decided to have a “Weeding” in Oregon, highlighted with a smoke tent, 13 strains of cannabis, and the assistance of a budtender. According to reports, “the oldest person in the tent was an 81-year old woman who hadn’t smoked weed since the 60’s,” and apparently, “she loved it.” This isn’t the first time that marijuana and wedding have been synonymous with one another, and it certainly won’t be the last as marijuana transitions itself from once considered taboo to mainstream novelty. With wedding ideas and inspiration coming straight out of the columns of High Times rather than the latest Martha Stewart blog post, it’s not difficult to see why the presence of cannabis among newlyweds in newly legalized states is replacing traditional wedding celebratory practices.
A Blog Dedicated To the Brides of Cannabis
Bride-with-cannabis Wedding websites dedicated towards 420 friendly brides, such as Cannabride, also exemplify this latest trend that’s gaining unexpected notoriety among couples in the cannabis community. Established in April of last year, Cannabride offers marijuana wedding vendors an outlet for posting photos, baked goods, gifts, wedding food, music, fashion, and invariably anything else related to weddings where marijuana is the featured festivity. Many who have attended weddings where joints, glass pipes, specialized water pipes, marijuana vaporizers, or wax vape pens are openly passed around, attest that the herb boosts the positive social dynamic and community bonding experience that's proliferated at weddings. On the other side of the aisle, skeptics question if marijuana is really necessary for altering a bride and groom’s experience at the altar. After all, wouldn’t vowing to spend the rest of your life with a significant other get you high enough?
 BYOB's New Meaning: Bring Your Own Bud
Legalized states such as Colorado have seen more than their fair share of cannabis infused floral arrangements, and bud-tonnières. In an excerpt taken from the Huffington Post, a Canna-bride by the name of Jenny, described her wedding bar in 2014, supplied with tulip shaped pre-rolled joints and marijuana vaporizers. pre-rolled-cones Despite marijuana being legalized in Colorado at the time of  her wedding, Jenny and her groom were still apprehensive about how marijuana would be perceived by her parents and those in the older generation. Much to her surprise, Jenny's parents and guests embraced the green sacrament, and her and her groom actually ended up with more marijuana at the end of the night, then they had prior to the wedding. "We could've literally bought none, and it would've worked just as well." -Jen
Toasts Are Replaced with Tokes
Replacing traditional toasts with a toke, marijuana has found a soft green spot for couples seeking an alternative to alcohol. glass-pipes Today's crowd of marijuana enthusiasts think of alcohol as an unfashionable, outdated toxin, stirring up more drama than good times. By comparison, they consider marijuana in the likes of an elixir, soothing people's nerves and calming tensions, making for a more enjoyable experience - ideal for wedding days. Research can even back up, as shown by a recent study released by Scientific Reports showing that alcohol is 114 times deadlier than marijuana, further justifying the stance for brides and grooms to switch out the champagne and cabernet sauvignon for the Grapfruit Kush and Watermelon OG.
"Baked" Wedding Cake? Not So Fast…
Although treating your guests to cannabis infused edibles seems like fair play, it's best to keep in mind that getting completely stoned before or even after your ceremony will change your energy levels as well as your ability to engage, as newlyweds who have gone this route can attest. marijuana-wedding-cake In case you've been daydreaming about "baked" wedding cake or THC-infused cup cakes on your wedding day, experts such as Julie Dooley of Julie & Kate's Baked Goods in Denver, say that this should be avoided, especially among amateur users. When describing the experience of eating marijuana infused edibles, the experienced cannabis chef told the New York Times that "it's not like wine or a joint you might pass around for a fun party atmosphere. When you eat an edible, you are committed for hours and mine can last six to 12 hours. It's a long experience."
Are Buds the Solution for Divorce?
Although marijuana infused wedding cakes may not be the best way for testing long term commitment, studies do show that marijuana may assist with keeping couples together after the honeymoon has ended. marijuana-weddings With an estimated 2 divorces occurring every minute in the U.S. , marijuana may prove to be the savior of holy matrimony in a time where 50% of all marriages end in eventual separation. As research for marijuana becomes more mainstream, studies show that marijuana can enhance sex life, reduce stress, decrease domestic violence, as well as at the very least, provide a shared hobby that couples can enjoy with another and be thankful for.

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