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Crop Kingz

Crop Kingz brings to the table a range of premium products known for their quality and innovation. Made with organic hemp, Crop Kingz is also available at competitive wholesale prices to elevate your store’s offerings.


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CROP KINGZ | King Size Glass Tipped Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones | 109mm - Organic Hemp - 110 Count - 1CROP KINGZ | King Size Glass Tipped Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones | 109mm - Organic Hemp - 110 Count - 2

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Crop Kingz

Crop Kingz is a cannabis company that specializes in making organic smoking wraps. They offer a variety of premier wraps and cones. Recently, the brand launched its self-sealing wraps in a variety of flavors.

The company makes Crop Kingz self-sealing wraps that cater to the needs of different cannabis consumers. It's a step that has made Crop Kingz a top brand in the marijuana industry. Consequently, smoke shops stand to benefit a lot when they purchase Crop Kingz hemp wraps and Crop Kingz wraps in bulk.

Crop Kingz hemp wraps and Crop Kingz self-sealing wraps have no traces of tobacco. They are specifically made for consumers who want to smoke marijuana in a cleaner way. Thus, cannabis lovers can worry less about using unsafe products.


What Are Crop Kingz Wraps?

Crop Kingz self sealing wraps are organic hemp wraps that have been made to facilitate a healthier way of consuming kush. They also have a unique design. Thus, Crop Kingz hemp wraps and Crop Kingz products make it easier to prepare and use grounded marijuana.They are quickly becoming some of the most popular flavored blunt wraps around!

The hemp wraps from Crop Kingz are 100% organic. This makes them much safer to smoke than some alternative options. Crop Kingz hemp wraps come with patented self-sealing glue strips. Hence, consumers don't have to use additional moisture or saliva when rolling the Crop Kingz wraps.


What Types Of Crop Kingz Wraps Are Available?

Crop Kingz is a company that has specialized in making exceptional hemp wraps. The firm has patented the use of a glue strip which makes smoking very convenient. It's a step that has drawn many cannabis lovers to the brand. Some of the most popular flavors of Crop Kingz wraps include the Brass Monkey, Homegrown, Sizzurp, and Jungle Juice. There are also a variety of additional juicy flavors available, which may vary based on new releases so keep an eye out!


Where Can I Buy Crop Kingz Self Sealing Wraps Wholesale?

Nowadays, it's quite easy to purchase Crop Kingz blunt wraps wholesale. This can be attributed to the growing eCommerce sector which facilitates the efficient purchase of wholesale products and other packaging items.

When you want to purchase Crop Kingz self sealing wraps in bulk, ensure you order the products from a reputable store. Otherwise, you'll risk buying substandard items. Our store has specialized in selling quality products from top brands in the cannabis industry. Therefore, you can be sure of getting premier products when you buy Crop Kingz hemp wraps and other Crop Kingz items from our wholesale store.

Crop Kingz - The Bottom Line

This self sealing brand will only continue to become more popular. Make sure your smoke shop is equipped to handle the demand! Apart from the Crop Kingz brand, you can also find various brands and other cheap online head shop supplies. Some of the blunt wraps we offer specifically to smoke shops include King Palm, Twisted Hemp Wraps, and High Hemp wraps. Be sure to visit our site to find incredible hemp wraps deals.

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