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Generic Labels

Keep your products compliant with our generic marijuana labels. Designed to meet industry standards, these labels, available at competitive wholesale prices, ensure your product packaging is up to mark.


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Generic Medical Marijuana Universal Labels | 3in x 1in - Rectangle - 1000 Count - 1Generic Medical Marijuana Universal Labels | 3in x 1in - Rectangle - 1000 Count - 2
Generic Medical Marijuana Universal Labels
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Generic Label

Get Industry Standard Generic Labels for Your Herb Products

As a herb business, you need the right labels to meet packaging requirements and build customer trust; generic universal labels can do these. Most states have laws that require the labels on herb packages to carry certain information. The goal of these laws is to protect the average citizen from picking up and consuming a herb product unintentionally.

Furthermore, when selling natural remedies, it is very important that your buyers know what they are buying. Thus you need a package that lets readers know what strain and size of flowers they will be getting with your product. This is especially necessary for consumers taking herbs for medicinal purposes.

Information on Generic Labels for Flower Packaging

  • The medical prescription, Rx symbol
  • Options for filling in the strain of herbs in the product
  • A statement that the product complies with state regulations
  • Statement that it is only to be given to qualified patients
  • Standard warnings for use and not to be made available to children
  • Space for filling the weight of herbs in the package

If your state requires more information on herb product labels, then you should add other labels to your product. We have all the labels to meet your packaging compliance needs here. For instance, you can find compulsory hemp product warning labels for different states in our store.

Use Custom Product Labels to Boost Your Marketing

With the right custom product labels, you can boost your product sales and get people talking about your brand. Creating a distinctive and effective brand identity is a fast way to get more customers looking for your product. Buyers will be able to mark your product by its unique packaging and whenever they need new products, they will go for your brand.

Another reason why herb businesses use custom labels is to satisfy the legal requirements for packaging herbs. Some states have a long list of items that must be on these containers and rules on what should not be on them. If you let professionals with industry experience like the experts on our team handle your packaging, you won’t have to worry about missing any important details on your labels.

Customize an Rx Label With Your Business Logo

Do you need something as simple as a generic label but with your brand logo included? You should get custom medical Rx labels. These labels have all the information on generic labels, but we added a space to include your business logo.

Business owners like this label because of its simple design. In one package, you can enjoy the aesthetics of the transparent container design, compliant packaging from the generic label, and brand exposure from the added logo.

Like with all our other custom branded label application offers, you can submit a logo, and we’ll brand the bags and containers for you. However, if you do not have a logo, our team of skilled designers can prepare one to match your business goals.

Final Thoughts on Generic Labels

Generic labels are the key to making packaging compliance as easy as possible. However, it is important to note that in some states, you need more than just these labels to satisfy their packaging requirements. Whatever you need, from hemp warning stickers for your labels to shrink bands for tamper-evident packaging, we have all the necessary materials here.

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