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High Hemp Wraps

Experience a natural smoking session with our High Hemp Wraps. Made from organic hemp, these wraps offer a slow, even burn, and are available at unbeatable wholesale prices.


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HIGH HEMP | 'Retail Display' Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps | 100mm - Original - 25 CountHIGH HEMP | 'Retail Display' Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps | 100mm - Original - 25 Count

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High Hemp Wraps

The full flavors of terpenes can be experienced through High Hemp Wraps -- a safer alternative to blunts. Every headshop in the world is stocked with a plethora of options available for smokers, whether it’s papers, bongs, pipes, or blunts. Papers are widely synonymous with recreational use yet in recent years, cigarette papers have nearly gone extinct while the use of unbleached hemp papers has risen with legalization.

For fans of rolling big blunts, the dangers of consuming tobacco remain a threat. Thankfully, there’s a healthier alternative -- High Hemp Wraps. Similar to rolling a blunt, these High Hemp papers have the same feel and hit as tobacco-based products with even better options of High Hemp flavors.

Any head shop can benefit from stocking up on wholesale High Hemp wraps, especially with stricter measures in place for both cannabis and tobacco products. Plus, these High Hemp vegan wraps are made with convenience. They’re incredibly easy to roll and include a filter tip to perfectly fit your blunt.


What Are High Hemp Wraps?

Most of the variety of blunts that are available have been tobacco-based. Cigars and cigarillos that you can easily buy anywhere you purchase cigarettes are broken down, removed of their tobacco filling, then packed with cannabis flower. It’s grown in popularity with cigar brands like Backwoods and Swisher Sweets earning a place in the cannabis community among heavy smokers.

High Hemp Wraps are delivering an innovative solution for anyone who is looking to cut tobacco out of their diets. While rolling High Hemp Wraps are certainly easier to roll than your ordinary blunt, High Hemp products were created with the intention of a safer smoke and convenience. High Hemp vegan wraps offer an entirely organic solution, free of pesticides and GMOs.

As their name suggests, High Hemp products are entirely made out of sustainably grown hemp in Europe, making it the first of its kind. There are natural high hemp organic wrap flavors available but many consumers have expressed elation over the different flavors. Some of the High Hemp flavors actually complement the terpene profile of certain strains, specifically those with fruity undertones.

One of the biggest selling points surrounding High Hemp organic wraps is their affordability. Certain cigar brands have been raising the prices of their products, making them increasingly more expensive to purchase. Especially for cannabis consumers who smoke consistently throughout the day, High Hemp Wraps are an excellent substitute to help you start saving money. Many devoted blunt smokers have transitioned to High Hemp products due to the prices.

Another selling point for cannabis consumers is High Hemp organic wraps CBD. The High Hemp wraps CBD content isn’t through the roof but it’s the first of its kind on the market. It’s efficient for balancing out those strains with a high THC percentage while providing additional benefits.

Consumers are recognizing the benefit of High Hemp products. Every smoke shop should keep these High Hemp Organic Wraps on the shelves for clients seeking a fully natural experience.


Who Is High Hemp?

High Hemp, in many ways, is the saving grace to the FDA’s decision to ban all flavored tobacco products. The FDA announced plans to ban the sales of tobacco-based blunts, and other types of cigars with flavors. As expected, this became sore news to the cannabis community. According to a 2020 study, one-third of cannabis consumers in America prefer blunts.

High Hemp papers can provide a solution for those feeling neglected by the ban of tobacco-based blunts. The company’s launch of High Hemp vegan wraps was a means to fill the void in the market while also providing a safer solution to tobacco. Wholesale High Hemp wraps are only gaining popularity in the legal cannabis market. High Hemp papers are 100% herbal. Only the highest care and quality goes into the High Hemp organic wraps and High Hemp wraps CBD.

High Hemp is growing in demand yet many are still trying to Google “High Hemp Wraps near me.” The company is building its presence in the cannabis accessory market, especially with the variety of High Hemp wraps flavors. As regular blunts begin to fade away, many gas stations and corner stores are now stocking up their shelves with different types of High Hemp organic wraps flavors.

On top of keeping every single smoke session as clean as possible, the High Hemp wraps also tackled the issue of harsh tokes. Tobacco-based wraps have a tendency of causing irritation in lungs and throats from their harshness. These wraps are made particularly to ensure that the flavors aren’t overpowered by the papers while still providing a smooth, slow burn. Meanwhile, the design was made to taste the natural flavors of your herb of choice.


What Types Of High Hemp Wraps Are Available?

Searching for High Hemp Wraps near me might show results. However, it won’t offer you the type of options you need if you’re seeking wholesale High Hemp wraps. High Hemp organic wraps have flavors like Hydro Lemonade which is an excellent pairing for a few grams of lemon kush and a cold glass of iced tea on a hot day. Other types of High Hemp CBD wraps are Grape Ape, Honey Pot, Pineapple Paradise, and Hubba Bubba. Of course, Grape Ape flavor High Hemps wraps CBD provides a flavor profile similar to the Grape Ape strain.

High Hemp wraps are available with an assortment of flavors and are entirely GMO-free and perfectly fit the needs of those with strict diets and lifestyles. There is an assortment of High Hemp wraps flavors available. The High Hemp flavors do have an all-natural option that allows the consumer to accurately taste the terpenes of your strain of choice. However, for dispensaries seeking wholesale High Hemp wraps, the options outside of the natural flavor come in abundance.

The wide variety of hemp wraps on the market makes it difficult to narrow down what exactly you need. Products like King Palm have also been gaining steam in the market but there are really few options available right now like High Hemp vegan wraps. For starters, few others have High Hemp CBD wraps available. The High Hemp CBD content is extremely low, at nearly 0.02%.

The High Hemp wraps CBD are not infused. The process of making the non-tobacco flavored blunt wraps allowed the High Hemp CBD wraps to have incredibly low levels of cannabidiol naturally. A very small pick-me-up for all of the Indica-heavy smokers in the world. The High Hemp wraps CBD content levels do not interfere with your flower’s THC percentage.

High Hemp Organic Wraps CBD won’t disappoint.


Where To Buy High Hemp Wholesale?

Marijuana Packaging is the most trusted place online for the purchase of High Hemp wraps wholesale, among other types of cannabis dispensary accessories. Our website is the one-stop-shop for purchasing High Hemp wraps CBD and other types of papers like Twisted Hemp wraps. Wholesale High Hemp wraps are available to purchase in a variety of flavors to fit your head shop needs.

Since flavored cigars are on the verge of vanishing from shelves across the country, now is a better time than any for every recreational dispensary and smoke store to stock up on High Hemp wraps CBD. High Hemp organic wraps flavors come with a natural aroma or, more fruity options. Each pack comes with two High Hemp wraps and includes a filter tip that’s created especially for an all-natural roll. These are 100% organic, GMO-free, and entirely vegan.

The array of High Hemp flavors available will satisfy every type of smoker. The Pineapple Paradise leaves a subtle tropical sweetness with every pull but does not overpower your strain of choice. The Hubba Bubba brings the flavors of bubblegum to accentuate the sweet taste of Bubba Kush.

A box of High Hemp wraps comes with 25 packs, each unit including two wraps. A quick Google search for “High Hemp Wraps Near Me” will show you the marijuana dispensaries within your vicinity that carry the hemp wraps but every head shop might want to take advantage of the growing popularity and the low prices we offer for the variety of wholesale High Hemp wraps.

High Hemp Wraps - The Bottom Line

High Hemp products are completely free of GMOs. With an all-natural process behind their creation, the High Hemp Organic Wraps are one of the best answers for enjoying a blunt without concerns over your long-term health.

High Hemp is the solution to tobacco blunts. High Hemp organic wraps can be your substitute for tobacco-based wraps. High Hemp wraps CBD content is an added bonus.

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