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Integra Boost Humidity Packs perfectly control humidity levels for all your drying, curing, storing and preserving needs. These Boost humidity packs are salt-free and FDA-approved, all while providing you with a goldilocks solution to steer away from moldy flower and dry flower buds. Integra Humidity Packs are a surefire method of keeping your harvest fresher while extending longevity.

A handy Integra humidity pack uses a patent pending method to maintain storage contents at 62% humidity; the optimum humidity level for bud. Avoid mold while maintaining the flavor, aroma, and potency of your product. They’re perfect for dispensary jars that are constantly being reopened throughout the business day. Get the most out of your crop with Integra Boost Humidity Packs.

What are Integra Boost Humidity Packs?

Integra Boost Humidity Packs are a safe, non-toxic, FDA Approved product that helps maintain the overall integrity of your cannabis. By creating the best environment to store your cannabis flower, you do not need to worry that your product will be too dry or too wet because these humidity packs for weed are backed by decades of research to maintain the quality of your product.

By extending the longevity of your cannabis, maintaining the cannabinoid properties, and preventing unwanted mold and rot, these Boost moisture packs were designed as a full-proof science-backed safe way to store your cannabis in peace. The Integra Boost packs are FDA compliant, all the way down to the use of their food grand ink labels and are an industry-leading product when it comes to humidity control solutions.

They’re the go-to product to maintain weight efficacy and the perfect environment for your cannabis curing needs. They’re the key ingredient for dispensary jars that are constantly being reopened throughout the business day. It is evident that these Boost packs do not just Boost the moisture of your product, but they Boost sales too!

How do the Integra Boost Packets Work?

These Boost humidity packs have a simple design in a different assortment of sizes depending on the amount of cannabis you are storing, curing, or preserving. Using patent-pending technology, the Integra Boost 62% packs create humidity harmony at 62% relative humidity within the contained environment.

The Boost pack absorbs or releases moisture to maintain this perfect environment while keeping the product inside hydrated. The most intriguing convenience of this unparalleled product is that these Integra Packs never alter the product's aroma, taste, or texture! This phenomenon is a HUGELY progressive alternative to the old-school method of tossing in a tortilla, which changes the all important “nose” of your cannabis flower.

Boost Integra Packs - The Bottom Line

Integra Boost packets are an innovative, simple, and clean solution to all your cannabis storing, curing, and preserving issues. The maintenance and prevention factors are reason enough to purchase Integra Boost packets wholesale. Not to mention the earth-conscious, 99 percent biodegradable aspect that will attribute to the clean green certification for cannabis that all companies within the industry strive to incorporate into their cannabis cultivation process.

The Integra Boost 62% humidity packs keep the environment that encompasses your cannabis at a stable sweet spot of 62 percent humidity, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of your crop continuously. That said, Boost packs are an effective, easy-to-use, no-fuss solution to all your curing and storing cannabis content needs.

With low quantity minimums (100 count) of the Integra Boost 1 gram packs and fast shipping, you can decide if Boost humidity packs meet the high standards necessary to succeed in this competitive industry. Thankfully Marijuana Packaging provides Integra Boost Packets and other necessary marijuana processing equipment to keep you confident throughout your cannabis cultivating journey.

  • 100 units per order
  • Brand: Integra
  • Humidity: 62%
  • Size: 1 gram
  • Humidity packs

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