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These Zig-Zag Rolling Paper are one of the most popular and iconic rolling paper around the world. The Zig Zag White is one of the original the iconic rolling paper comes in its classic white booklet with 32 70mm wide thin even burning paper. The 70mm wide is the perfect size for your rolling cigarette.

Despite the growing popularity of vaping, dabbing, and tinctures, rolling and lighting a joint is still the most popular method of cannabis consumption. Even if it doesn't turn out with machine-like perfection, rolling your joint is an art form that personalizes the smoking experience. And, Zig-Zag rolling papers have been leading the way since before the days of "Reefer Madness."

Zig-Zag white rolling papers have a rich history behind their brand. After a battle during the Crimean War, a French soldier sat down for a smoke, and a stray bullet shattered his pipe. Not wanting to pass up a smoke, he ripped a piece of paper from his gunpowder bag and used it to hand-roll a cigarette. That soldier's ingenuity might have created the very first flavored rolling papers – gunpowder-flavored!

Years later, the Braunstein brothers in 1879 formed their tobacco rolling paper brand and utilized the now-famous image of the soldier as the branding for their white Zig-Zags. Zig-Zag papers are made from a mix of flax, hemp, hardwood, and softwood to create their world-renowned rolling paper.

The two French brothers invented and won an award for the now-commonplace interleaved paper packet. It's the same packaging method used for tissues and tin foil sheets -- pull one out, and the next pops up, ready to be plucked.

Artists from Cheech and Chong to Dr. Dre have coopted the iconic Zig-Zag image. Dre's art for his triple-platinum "The Chronic" helped Zig-Zag secure a place in popular culture that prevails to this day.

Zig-Zag rolling papers are among the most popular rolling papers worldwide. And, the Zig-Zag white rolling papers for weed are perhaps the original iconic rolling paper with its classic white booklet with 32 70mm wide thin even burning paper.

Zig-Zag papers also benefit from being easy to find – they're at most dispensaries, head shops, gas stations, or convenience stores. Because they were used as cigarette paper for so long, becoming a staple in the cannabis world was easy. Standard Zig-Zags are made of wood pulp and flax. Zig-Zag hemp papers are made from unbleached, organic 100% pure hemp fibers and provide a slow burn smoking experience.

These days, Zig-Zag's hemp rolling papers are widely regarded as the best in the world. Their 1¼" size paper is interleaved in small rectangular packs for easy access. We carry a wide range of sizes of Zig-Zag papers.

What Are Zig-Zag Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are typically small rectangles – Zig-Zag's "classic" white rolling papers 1 ¼ size is 83mm x ~ 32mm. They are essential for the do-it-yourself consumers of cannabis.

Even in this age of pre-rolled cones and filling machinery, you'll still find boutique cannabis companies that hand-roll their joints. For the individual cannabis consumer, hand-rolling is still a widespread practice, especially amongst connoisseurs.

It pays to stock a selection of smoking rolling paper options in your dispensary or smoke shop -- you may not be hand-rolling joints on the premises, but you want your customers to have options.

Zig-Zag rolling papers have radically improved the cannabis smoking experience not only with their appearance but also with their ease of use. The classic white Zig-Zags take away a lot of the frustration of joint-rolling.

Stocking your dispensary or smoke shop with classic Zig-Zag rolling papers is the best decision you'll make.

Where To Buy Zig-Zag Rolling Papers

Marijuana Packaging has the best selection and prices for original Zig-Zag papers. Everyone has their favorite brand, size, and even flavor of rolling papers. And we carry the best choice – from OG brands to the latest fashion. Zig-Zag rolling papers are great to keep near the register to catch people's eye as a last-minute purchase.

We have something for your business in our wholesale shop, no matter what kind of marijuana rolling papers you're looking for. Our comprehensive collection and competitive wholesale rolling papers pricing make buying joint papers online easy. Also, our Price Beat Guarantee doesn't hurt when you're on the hunt for cheap rolling papers.

  • Size: 70mm
  • 24 units per box
  • Brand: Zig Zag
  • Type: White Original

This product is intended for tobacco use only.

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