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Juicy Jays

Enjoy a flavorful smoking experience with our Juicy Jays rolling papers. Available in a variety of fun flavors at wholesale prices, these papers are perfect for adding a bit of zest to your sessions.

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Juicy Jay Rolling Papers

Juicy Jay

Juicy Jays rolling papers are the premier flavored rolling papers - although they weren’t originally marketed as joint rolling papers. Like many other rolling paper brands, Juicy Jay papers started out as a cigarette paper brand. Through the years, it evolved and interwove with the cannabis industry, where it now has a happy home amongst a wide demographic of tokers.

In our collection, you’ll find a wide array of flavored Juicy Jay hemp wraps and hemp blunt cones. Juicy hemp wraps are triple dipped in soy-based flavors for the ultimate flavored joint smoking experiences, and they aren’t just your average flavors. The Juicy J papers line features all the classic flavors like Strawberry and Very Cherry, but it also has unusual flavors like Mango Papaya, Blueberry, and White Grape.

If you’re looking for the best flavored rolling papers in the game, Juicy Jay flavors are where it’s at. By using hemp paper as their base and soy-based flavoring, they make smoking flavored rolling papers a more health-conscious choice for people than some other brands. As the cannabis industry in general moves toward health-conscious smoking practices, away from tobacco products, and finds increased interest in flavored cannabis experiences, flavored Juicy J rolling papers are a no-brainer buy your shop.

Follow along with us to learn more about our Juicy J online store and more on the history of the brand. Hint: Juicy rolling papers have a significant connection to some other very well known rolling paper companies and executives.


What Are Juicy Jay Papers?

Juicy Jays rolling papers were the first widely marketed flavored rolling papers, coming into view in the late 1990s. The brand was originally a flavored menthol cigarette paper brand but has since become a beloved staple for many cannabis consumers. We carry 10 flavors of Juicy hemp wraps for joints and 6 flavors of Juicy hemp blunt wraps. Since we’re a cannabis packaging company, we don’t carry any of Juicy Jays tobacco-based wraps or cones.

Juicy J rolling papers were a trailblazer for the flavored rolling paper game, but even all these years later they continue to come in first place with consumers. If you look up reviews for Juicy Js, you’ll find boundless positive comments and high ratings. The one thing consumers come back to time and again is the incredibly potent yet natural flavoring of Juicy Jay hemp wraps. They’re sort of like juicy fruit rolling papers - bursting with delicious, fruity flavors. But there’s one recent addition to our Juicy papers collection that strays away from the original Watermelon and the beloved Mango Papaya.

The newest member of the Juicy Jay papers flavors collection is delectable Chocolate Chip Cookie, which we of course snagged for our own collection right away. There’s nothing better than fresh baked cookies, except perhaps freshly baking yourself with wrapping papers that taste and smell like freshly baked cookies. Oh, we also recommend having real cookies to eat when your smoke session is over.

Juicy Jay hemp wraps for joints are 76mm long, which falls into the range of the classic and popular rolling paper size of 1 ¼ (typically between 76mm and 84mm). Anything smaller than 76mm would generally be considered mini rolling papers. The JuicyJay hemp blunt wraps are 100mm long, which is pretty in line with the average blunt length.

A Brief History Of Juicy Jays Rolling Papers

Back in the late 1980s in New York City, a man with a familiar name, Josh Kesselman, had a great crew of friends, a Mustang GT, and an obsession with LL Cool J. They would cruise the streets of Queens hoping for a glimpse of the famous rapper, who had recently sung about hanging out on a specific street in the area. After trying for a while and not seeing him, they sort of gave up, but Kesselman’s friends gave him the nickname “Cool Jay” because of his undying obsession and desire to meet him.

A decade later, Kesselman was trying to think of a name for his menthol rolling paper brand and decided to use his old nickname, naming them “Cool Jay’s.” The first flavor he came out with was the still-beloved Watermelon, which he chose to name “Juicy Jay’s.” The name has lived on ever since, and now sometimes gets confused as being another famous rapper’s brand, Juicy J (which it is not).

In case you didn’t already know, Kesselman is the inventor and owner of RAW papers - arguably one of the most popular hemp rolling papers in the world. Kesselman also owns Elements papers, a rice rolling papers brand loved for its ashless and flavorless burning.


What Types Of Juicy J Papers Are Available?

If you’re picky with your rolling paper flavors, Juicy J papers flavors are the ones for you. There are 10 widely varying flavors of Juicy J papers in our collection, including the original Watermelon flavor. On top of that, we carry 6 flavors of Juicy Js hemp-based blunt wraps - an awesome product innovation that has helped those hoping to move away from tobacco and nicotine.

In addition to triple-dipping their rolling papers in soy-based flavors to ensure they taste beyond amazing, Juicy J rolling papers all feature watermarks of the various fruity and sweet flavors. For instance, on the famous Watermelon-flavored Juicy papers you’ll find watermarks of little watermelons! It’s kind of like a scratch and sniff but it’s smoke and sniff (and taste) instead.

We carry the following Juicy J rolling papers flavors:

  • Watermelon
  • Blueberry
  • Coconut
  • White Grape
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Licorice
  • Very Cherry
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Black Magic (somewhat minty/menthol tasting)

We carry the following flavors of Juicy Jays of hemp blunt wraps:

  • Mango Papaya
  • Strawberry
  • Tropical
  • Grape
  • Black N’ Blueberry
  • Natural

Those are some of the most popular and best Juicy Jay papers flavors options, and there’s really something for everyone in there. The flavored hemp blunt wraps are Juicy Jays King size (100mm) and the joint rolling papers are Juicy Jays rolling papers 1 ¼ size. Unfortunately, we don’t carry the Juicy Jays variety pack. But with our fabulous options and affordable wholesale pricing, you can create your own variety order from us based on your customers’ interests.


How To Roll Juicy Hemp Wraps

Juicy Jay hemp papers are nice and easy to roll - they can be rolled just how you roll your other rolling papers. The main difference is that Juicy Jay joint papers smell amazing and look so cool as you roll and smoke them, while other rolling papers are often pretty plain and unflavored (not that that’s bad - we love natural, unflavored papers as much as the next people. Juicy rolling papers are just more stimulating).

To roll a JuicyJay joint, you’ll need:

  • Your favorite Juicy paper flavors pack
  • A filter/tip
  • A rolling tray/clean surface
  • A tamping stick (chopstick or eraser end of a pencil)
  • Ground cannabis

Step 1

Take out one of your Juicy hemp wraps and set it on the try. Then set your filter in the crease so that the end lines up with the end of the paper.

Step 2

Sprinkle ground cannabis into the crease, keeping it away from the edges. For the Juicy Jay 1 ¼ papers, you’ll probably need about half a gram.

Step 3

Carefully lift the joint and hold it between your fingers with the gum line facing toward you. Begin gently pinching and rubbing your fingers back and forth on either side of the joint, forming the cannabis into more of a compact cylinder. Just don’t squish it too much or it will restrict airflow.

Step 4

Tuck the non-gum line side of the paper over the cannabis and filter and toward the opposite inner side of the joint. Making sure to wrap it tightly around the filter so it stays in place, continue rolling the joint inward (away from you using your thumbs) until you reach the gum line.

Step 5

Lick the gum line and press it down onto the joint to seal it.

Step 6

Turn the joint so the open end is up and use your tamping stick to gently tamp it down. Again, not too tight! This is a goldilocks situation.

Step 7

Twist off the open end and you’re done! Spark it up and enjoy.


Does My Business Need Juicy Jays Rolling Papers?

Juicy flavored papers are one of the highest quality flavored rolling paper brands in the industry. Juicy Jay papers have a long history of innovation and excellence, which is in large part due to their incredible inventor/founder of the company, Josh Kesselman himself. This guy is a literal legend and has created/owns some of the world’s top rolling papers, including RAW, an international favorite.

If you’re going to buy any flavored papers, we highly recommend Juicy Jay flavors. Juicy hemp wraps are wildly popular amongst a wide demographic of cannabis consumers, in part due to their long-established history. Juicy J papers have been around since the late 1990s and have only continued to proliferate and evolve with the changing times. With someone like Kesselman at the helm, it only makes sense that they’ve endured for so long and grown so much.

While you probably don’t need every single flavor of Juicy J papers in your shop, it definitely pays to have at least a few. Watermelon is the original flavor so you kind of have to stock it if you’re going to stock Juicy Js. In addition to that classic, we recommend getting at least 3 or 4 different flavors that could meet widely varying interests. People really love the JuicyJay Mango Papaya, the Very Cherry, and now the Chocolate Chip Cookie. If you saw Chocolate Chip Cookie rolling papers for the first time, you’d probably snag them - and your customers will, too.


Where To Buy Juicy Jay Papers Wholesale

Our diverse Juicy J online store is the go-to place to buy Juicy Jays rolling papers and blunt wraps. Our wholesale pricing and widely ranging flavor options make it easy and affordable for you to order flavored Juicy Jay papers wholesale. Whether you’re looking to buy every single one of the Juicy Jay papers flavors or you just need one or two, we’ve got everything you need to sweeten up your shop’s rolling paper offerings.

Juicy Jay hemp wraps are a truly one of a kind commodity in the cannabis industry. The unique, triple-dipped, soy-based flavoring stands out to consumers more than any other brand, which is a huge thing in today’s market. While some people definitely prefer unflavored rolling appears and smoking methods, there’s a growing demographic of smokers and edible lovers interested in fun, enticing, flavorful ways to consume their chosen cannabinoids.

From vape pens to gummies, flavorful ways to ingest THC and CBD are storming the industry. But here’s the thing: Kesselman’s flavored Juicy Jay hemp wraps have been around for decades, already doing the unique and flavorful thing. For those who still enjoy the classic ways of consuming cannabis but also look for flavorful twists, the flavored Juicy Jay papers for sale are your very best option.

Juicy Jay - The Bottom Line

Juicy J rolling papers are the cream of the crop. Everything about the company and the products themselves stems from the brilliance and caring ways of the founder and owner, Josh Kesselman. There’s an element of unique personalization to Juicy hemp wraps; the way there are flavors to satiate everyone’s varying pallets is what makes Juicy rolling papers so popular amongst such widely varying demographics.

Juicy papers are definitely a fun way to smoke cannabis, but they’re also a more health-conscious choice than many other flavored brands. The hemp paper, the soy-based flavoring, and the natural sugar gum make Juicy Jay papers a delight to smoke. If you’ve been going back and forth on whether or not you need them, this is your sign to buy and try Juicy Jay flavors once and for all - trust us, you won’t regret it.

But if you’re in need of some unflavored option, check out our entire rolling papers collection for amazing wholesale pricing on some of the other best brands in the game. We also carry a handy little blunt rolling machine that fits all rolling paper sizes for those customers who need a little help learning how to roll the perfect Juicy J.

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