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Gold Rolling Papers

Shine 24k gold rolling papers are the most luxurious in the entire cannabis industry, as if that wasn’t obvious from the name. There are plenty of game changing pre roll papers out there but not one of them comes anywhere close to the straight up cool factor of Shine rolling papers.

Believe it or not, Shine papers are made with 100% real 24k edible gold - so not only do you look like you enjoy (and can afford) the finer things in life, you’re actually holding and smoking one of the finest things on our planet. In fact, affordability was a big factor for the creators as they played around with their original ideas years back.

Of course, as you can probably imagine, 24k gold rolling papers do come at a higher price point than most natural fiber rolling papers. But somehow, the folks at Shine papers managed to create a real 24k gold rolling paper that doesn’t break the bank - although some people prefer to save them for special occasions anyway because they’re just so rare and beautiful.

Follow along to learn more about Shine 24k gold joint papers and cones, including why they’re safe to smoke.


What Are Shine Rolling Papers?

Shine papers real gold component is a specially-formed type of 24k gold. It’s actually edible in addition to being smokeable, but don’t go chomping down on a Shine pre rolled cone just yet. The other components are a hemp blend base that helps the joints burn evenly and a gum Arabic line for sealing. While neither of those things will kill you, they’re not really intended for ingestion.

Edible gold on its own, however, is definitely safe to ingest. It’s commonly used in the food and liquor industries to jazz up fancy desserts and cocktails. Gold is a precious, noble metal that has been sought after, fought over, and treasured for centuries, so it only makes sense that people would fancify their luxurious food and beverage options by adding a touch of luxurious, fancy edible gold.

But for a long time, gold joint rolling papers weren’t a thing. Shine 24 karat gold rolling papers were the first of their kind and are heavily trademarked - it seems they knew their design would catch everyone’s attention and that copycats would likely flood out of the woodwork. The story of how Shine 24k gold papers were invented is a wild and interesting one that includes Las Vegas, blunts, partying, trial and error, and excessive amounts of gold-speckled ash. You can read the full (and jumbled) story here.

These days, Shine joint papers are the go to for when people need an extra fancy pre roll for a party or event. When you spark a regular paper joint at a party, everyone already comes flocking and gets excited. Just imagine sparking up a 24k pre roll… people go WILD. Even though they’ve been around for years now, there are still plenty of cannabis consumers who have never come across them (and fall completely in love at first sight when they do).


Are Gold Rolling Papers Safe To Smoke?

Absolutely! It may sound weird that you can smoke and eat certain types of gold, and you should always continue to be vigilant about what you’re inhaling or eating. The best way to be sure that you’re getting certified edible gold papers for weed is to buy Shine 24k rolling papers and Shine cones through a certified wholesaler like us. As we mentioned earlier, there are numerous counterfeits out there and those could be harmful to your health.

But Shine doesn’t just claim their gold colored rolling papers are safe to smoke - they actually back that claim up with scientific research. On the Shine gold cone and paper FAQ page, they answer the question “Are these things healthy?” by citing a 2011 study where rats were subjected to inhaling gold particles “for 6 hours/day, 5 days/week, for 90-days in a whole-body inhalation chamber,” which resulted in “the levels of gold [not being] statistically significant in the severity of any adverse effects.” AKA, the rats were just fine.

If the rats were just fine after inhaling gold particles for that long in such a concentrated manner, humans will be more than just fine if they occasionally smoke Shine 24k gold rolling papers. Also, again according to their FAQ page, most of the gold stays with ash, leaving you with a shimmering pile of cinders at the end of your smoke session.


How To Roll 24k Gold Rolling Papers

Shine 24k rolling papers can be rolled just like any other rolling papers. However, because of the 24k gold material, Shine gold joint papers are much grippier than other papers on the market. This can be a little bit tricky, especially for novices. While it’s not really a big deal if you accidentally ruin one of your sheets from a $2 pack of Zig Zag papers, it’s definitely devastating to ruin one of the two 24k gold leaf rolling papers that comes in an $11 pack.

Shine papers 24k gold aren’t just for experts though! Shine rolling papers were created for every stoner who wants to add a bit of flare and bedazzle to their smoking routines and for there to be a special occasion joint wrap. But if you really don’t trust yourself with the Shine 24k gold rolling papers, definitely try out the Shine gold rolling papers that are already formed into cones!

To roll with Shine papers, you’ll also need to grab a filter/tip, a rolling tray (or clean surface), ground weed (approximately ½ to ¾ of a gram), and a tamping stick (chopsticks and the eraser end of pencils work well). Once you’ve gathered your materials, get ready to roll!

Step 1

Take out a sheet of your Shine gold leaf rolling papers and decide whether or not to crease it. Many other rolling papers come folded with a crease down the middle, which can help make rolling easier. But if you consider yourself a joint rolling expert, you may choose to leave it uncreased. It’s really up to you either way. For the sake of helping novices, we’re going to do this step by step as if you chose to crease the paper by folding it in half.

Step 2

Open your folded paper and place it on your rolling tray. Place your filter in the crease so that the end of the filter lines up with the edge of the paper.

Step 3

Sprinkle ground weed into the crease of the paper, adding a little less near the filter end than at the other end if you’d like for the final product to be cone shaped.

Step 4

Carefully lift the unrolled joint and hold it with the sticky gum line facing you. Pinching on the outside of the paper around the weed, gently rub your fingers back and forth to form the weed into more of a compact, cylindrical shape. Don’t pinch/compact it too much, though, otherwise airflow will be restricted when you go to smoke.

Step 5

The hardest part: actually rolling. Carefully tuck the non-gum line end of the paper over the weed and filter and into the opposite side. Then, continue in that same direction, doing your best to make the paper tight around the filter and the weed.

Step 6

When you get to the gum line, lightly lick it and stick it down onto the joint.

Step 7

Use your tamping stick of choice to gently pat down the weed inside the open-ended joint - again, not too tight, just enough to help make the joint stiff and shapely.

Step 8

Twist off the top and spark up! You did it!

If you need some practice and are worried about ruining your Shine gold joint papers, we highly recommend rolling with regular hemp, flax, or other natural fiber papers first. Do this over and over again until you get the idea, then move on to your more expensive Shine 24k gold rolling papers.


Does My Business Need Shine Papers?

Shine gold rolling papers are a luxurious novelty that excites people when they come across them at smoke shops. Obviously, they’re not one of the classic, decades old, well-established rolling papers brands that are absolutely essential at smoke shops, such as RAW papers and Juicy Jay Papers. But Shine 24k gold rolling papers are definitely well known thanks in part to their numerous popular culture collaborations.

Miley Cyrus included custom Shine 24k rolling papers in the merchandise shop for her Bangerz tour. Tyga actually invested in Shine rolling papers back in 2014 and was soon after named the company’s creative director. These days, there are other companies that make gold rolling papers cheap, but they don’t come close to comparing to Shine 24k rolling papers. With famously cannabis loving celebrities backing Shine gold papers, it’s safe to say that they’re the most popular and highest quality gold joint rolling papers in the game.

Shine rolling papers safe edible gold design is truly a radical innovation in the cannabis smoking world. Sure, it looks dope, but there are plenty of super dope ways to smoke weed that are truly unsafe and sometimes harmful. Smoking gold rolling papers cheap varieties is definitely not advisable - but recommending Shine 24k gold rolling papers safe option is not only advisable but lucrative.

Plus, if people are actively searching “gold rolling papers near me,” don’t you want it to be your shop that comes up? Not every smoke shop sells gold papers for weed, let alone the superb, original Shine papers. Gold joint papers are a rare commodity in the smoke shop wild, even though they’re widely available online. But it’s here at Marijuana Packaging that you’ll get the best prices, fastest shipping, and most information on Shine 24k gold rolling papers wholesale.


Where To Buy Gold Rolling Papers Wholesale?

The very best Shine 24k gold rolling papers price points are right here at Marijuana Packaging! We carry the original 1 ¼ Shine 24k gold joint papers and the King size Shine gold papers pre rolled cones. There’s truly no better place to shop for all of your wholesale cannabis packaging and smoke shop products, including Shine 24k gold rolling papers wholesale.

Shine papers are the only 24 karat gold rolling papers that we carry because of the extremely high quality materials. If you’ve been searching for gold rolling papers and haven’t decided which you should buy, we’re here to tell you that Shine rolling papers are the #1 brand in the cannabis industry. Sure, they’ve collaborated with celebrities which gives them clout, but they genuinely have the quality, experience, and safety standards to back their products up.

As experts in the cannabis packaging industry, we hold ourselves to similarly high standards of safety and innovation. Because of the high quality but low 24k Shine papers price point, we not only feel comfortable stocking them in our shop but we feel confident that we’re carrying the hands down best 24k rolling papers in the industry.

Plus, thanks to our speedy nationwide shipping, you never have to search “Shine papers near me” again. When you order through us, you know you’re getting the real deal, and you don’t have to drive from smoke shop to smoke shop searching for these bad boys.

Gold Rolling Papers - The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Shine 24k gold papers are the premier luxury rolling papers in the cannabis industry. But even though they’re made from real gold and are incredibly fancy when it comes down to it, they’re designed to be affordable for all. Shine papers aren’t meant to be the everyday rolling papers - they’re designed for special occasions!

Keep Shine papers stocked in your shop for the flustered friend who needs a last minute birthday gift idea for their stoner bff. For the newly engaged cannabis-loving couple that needs something upscale to spark at their champagne toast. For the rowdy crew of New Year’s Eve partiers who want to ring in the new year with a touch of glamour, glitz, and ganja. You don’t need to stock a whole shelf - but keeping them around is sure to make a lot of people very, very happy. And also, make sure to check out our huge selection of rolling papers!

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