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CCELL | Palm 510 Thread Vape Battery with USB Charger | 500mAh - Blue - 1 Count


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The CCELL Palm Power Supply offers a powerhouse 510 vape battery supported by an impressive 500mAh capacity. Each of these vape batteries is protected by a rugged aluminum alloy housing that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. You can always count on plentiful plumes thanks to the included USB vape battery charger.

The use of CCell Palm is steadily gaining traction in the cannabis industry. As the sector continues to advance, manufacturers are making new products to meet the growing demand in the market.

Cannabis is a product that you can consume in multiple ways. Although joints have long been used to smoke marijuana, many cannabis consumers opt for the Palm vape battery. This can be attributed to the benefits of using innovative smoking devices.

What Is The CCell Palm Vape Battery

The CCell Palm is an oil-based vaporizer designed to vaporize oils effectively. It is a sturdy device with 510 threads, making it compatible with various cartridges. The Palm cell battery has a striking curved design, specifically made to enhance the grip on the palm. These features make the vape battery very convenient and portable.

The 500mAh Palm CCell battery available on our online wholesale store allows consumers to use their vaping devices for extended periods. They are available in sleek blue color that matches the preference of many vape users.

How To Charge The CCell Palm Cell Battery

When charging the CCell Palm battery, insert the USB charger at the bottom of the vape battery. The next step is connecting the USB to a power adapter and plugging it into the socket. The CCell Palm battery has an LED light that indicates when it is charging.

The LED will flash before turning off once the Palm battery is fully charged. If you plug the vape battery into an active wall adapter or USB port and the LED isn't on, that shows the device has a full charge.

Why You Should Buy CCell Palm In Bulk

Palm CCell are products that have innumerable benefits. Considering that the CCell battery is draw-activated, they are great at conserving power. Additionally, the Palm dab pen has a large battery capacity, giving users uninterrupted vaping sessions.

Since many cannabis users now prefer to use the ccell and Palm cartridge battery, purchasing them in bulk would be a worthy investment for your cannabis company. Stocking up the vape battery in your business will attract both existing and new clients to your smoke shop. Ultimately, this would translate into a healthy cash flow.

Where To Purchase Palm CCell Battery in Bulk

The best place to buy the Palm cart battery wholesale is right here at Marijuana Packaging. Not only do we have an immense variety of products, but they are also affordable. Hence you can be sure of getting great returns when you buy your smoke shop supplies from our wholesale store.

Plus, you can be sure of getting top-quality items when you purchase the CCell Palm charging devices from us. If you are still unsure about the particular products you should buy between the CCell Silo vs Palm, visit our online store to find out more about the two products.

CCELL | Palm 510 Thread Vape Battery with USB Charger | 500mAh - Blue - 1 Count

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Draw Activated





Thread Connection / Adapter

Magnetic connection | Comes with 510 thread adapter (2x)



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