CCELL | Palm 510 Thread Vape Battery with USB Charger | 500mAh - Grey - 1 Count


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A CCELL Palm battery is the perfect power center to partner with vape cartridges. CCELL is a brand that produces high-quality batteries for your vaping pleasure. If your smoke shop or dispensary sells vape carts, these CCELL batteries are a must-have.

These vape batteries are 510 thread. The most common vape cartridge thread is also 510, so the CCELL 510 thread battery can pair with most cartridges. It enables you to mix and match multiple carts with this fantastic battery. You do not have to worry about your favorite vape cartridge not fitting the CCELL Palm battery.

This battery is excellent for large and thick clouds and to get the most out of vape cartridges. Palm by CCELL is an incredible product you can offer in your smoke shop, dispensary, or personal use.

What Is A CCELL Vape Battery?

Firstly, it is essential to understand what a vape battery is. A vape battery is any battery that you can attach to a concentrate cartridge to smoke. The battery provides heat and power to release all the vape cartridge's benefits!

A CCELL Palm battery is made specifically to power vape cartridges, unlike some batteries that are repurposed e-cigarette batteries. CCELL Palm batteries are designed to be more powerful than the standard cartridge battery. Your customer can feel good knowing the company made the CCELL Palm battery specifically to allow them the ultimate vaping experience!

CCELL Vape Battery Features

A Palm CCELL battery has several incredible features that make it a must-have for your business and you!

This powerhouse CCELL Palm battery is essential for customers who want strong battery life. The Palm vape battery is supported by 500 mAh. This incredibly high battery capacity allows you to enjoy their vape cartridges for potentially hours on end before they have to recharge the battery. If the battery dies, no worries; the Palm cart battery includes a USB charger.

The Palm battery 510 is aptly named because of the comfortability with which the battery fits in your hand. Everyone knows the struggles of handling a bulky and ill-shaped battery, which is why the Palm battery has been designed to fit snugly in the palm of your hand when you are vaping. Never worry about a non-functional vape battery shape again!

The CCELL Palm 510 battery has extra protection with an aluminum alloy coating. This housing allows the Palm battery to be more durable and rugged during frequent handling and use. No one wants their CCELL battery to be easily scratched or roughed up, and the aluminum alloy coating ensures lasting protection.

The gray finish on the CCELL 510 battery is the perfect aesthetic feature. Gray looks sleek and classy. Gray also is a reserved and understated color, which is ideal for customers that prefer a more subdued aesthetic. The gray background is also beneficial for any customization your business wants to add to the CCELL Palm battery; as you know, branding is essential. The background of your brand should allow your logos to be eye-catching.

When you buy CCELL Palm batteries, you get a functional, durable product that lets you rip some massive clouds. The Palm 510 battery is the perfect addition for anyone who loves vapes!

CCELL | Palm 510 Thread Vape Battery with USB Charger | 500mAh - Grey - 1 Count

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Magnetic connection | Comes with 510 thread adapter (2x)



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