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Gold/Clear Mylar Smell Proof Bags

Our gold/clear mylar smell proof bags offer a luxe way to store and protect your products. Ensuring the freshness and aroma of the stored product, these bags, available at great wholesale prices, add a premium touch to your offerings.


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Tamper Evident | Matte Gold Vista Mylar Bag | 3.6in x 5in - 3.5g - 1000 Count - 1Tamper Evident | Matte Gold Vista Mylar Bag | 3.6in x 5in - 3.5g - 1000 Count - 2

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Tamper Evident | Glossy Gold Vista Mylar Bag | 5in x 8.1in - 14g - 1000 Count - 1Tamper Evident | Glossy Gold Vista Mylar Bag | 5in x 8.1in - 14g - 1000 Count - 2

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Gold Mylar Bags

Many cannabis businesses prefer to use gold Mylar bags due to a number of reasons. The gold metallic bag provides optimum storage conditions for cannabis packaging. These gold metallic bags are a type of vista Mylar bag. If you aren’t familiar with the vista Mylar bag, it’s simply a Mylar bag that has one opaque side and one clear side. In other words, it’s a gold pouch that has a window that allows customers to view the packaged product.

Vista bags are used to package a number of products; however, they’re very effective when it comes to flower packaging. Vista bags and the gold clear bag can greatly increase sales in any dispensary. That’s because these stylish bags help your product to stand out. Vista Mylar bags are made with materials that have been approved by the FDA. Thus, using our gold Mylar bags and gold foil packaging ensures that your marijuana business is compliant with cannabis laws.

What Are Gold Mylar Bags

The gold foil bag and gold Mylar bags are special in many ways. The gold metallic bag has a very unique design that gives it an elegant appearance. A gold metal bag is covered with gold-like material on one side and is clear on the other side– making them premium packaging. Hence, many people who consume kush for medicinal and recreational use prefer to use them.

Gold pouch and gold foil packaging are very functional and capable of concealing the scent of cannabis. As a result, marijuana users can enjoy adequate privacy. Although child proof packaging is a necessity in this industry, consumers and business owners need not worry. The metallic bag and gold clear bag have various safety features to facilitate child proof packaging.

The gold material, coupled with a clear viewing side also gives business owners the option of customizing their gold pouch bag and gold foil bag to their personal taste. The clear side on the gold pouch and gold Mylar bags allow your customers to glimpse your products.

Can A Gold Metallic Bag Prolong Shelf Life?

Gold Mylar bags and the gold pouch bag are made with different layers of laminated food-grade plastic. They also have an aluminum layer. Stored content can’t react with the aluminum since the plastic lining acts as a barrier. Consequently, the gold color bag and gold foil packaging are considered safe packaging for marijuana.

The gold metallic bag and foil bag are very effective when it comes to preserving marijuana. Gold Mylar bags and the gold pouch bag adequately protect kush against moisture and light. Additionally, the walls of gold foil packaging and weed bags aptly regulate oxygen. This plays a key role in increasing the shelf life of cannabis.

Although other storage items can keep products fresh for long, they aren’t as effective as gold foil packaging. Typical storage items such as cans are able to preserve food for a period of 2-5 years. On the flip side, a gold metallic bag and gold clear bag can keep products intact for up to 8-10 years. Unlike other storage products, the gold pouch and gold foil bag aren’t prone to a chemical reaction.

Where To Buy Gold Mylar Bags Wholesale

Considering that the number of wholesale stores keeps rising by the day, there are many places you can purchase bulk child resistant Mylar bags. Even though finding a place to buy yellow bags for sale and a gold pouch bag isn’t challenging, getting a trusted dealer is definitely the hardest part. There are several things you ought to consider before ordering gold pouch and golden bags online.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying gold Mylar bags and the gold pouch from our store. This can help you avoid wasting time going through countless stores looking for gold metallic bags and other wholesale products.

Gold Mylar Bags - The Bottom Line

Our store has different items that cater to the needs of every cannabis venture. Whether you are looking for a gold clear bag or a heat sealer, you can always find the products your business requires.

Business owners are always looking for great deals. For this reason, we’ve considerately priced our items to cater to all business sizes. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or starting out in the industry, you can be certain of having long-term success. Buying clear packaging bags and a gold pouch from us will also help you hit your desired profit margins. You can always trust Marijuana Packaging for amazing deals on the gold foil bag and gold metallic bags.

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