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Silver/Clear Mylar Smell Proof Bags

Discover the perfect balance between discretion and protection with our silver/clear mylar smell proof bags. Available at low wholesale prices, these bags offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to maintain your product’s freshness and aroma.


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Tamper Evident | Matte Silver Vista Mylar Bags | 3.6in x 5in - 3.5g - 1000 Count - 1Tamper Evident | Matte Silver Vista Mylar Bags | 3.6in x 5in - 3.5g - 1000 Count - 2

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Tamper Evident | Matte Silver Vista Mylar Bags | 4in x 6.5in - 7g - 1000 Count - 1Tamper Evident | Matte Silver Vista Mylar Bags | 4in x 6.5in - 7g - 1000 Count - 2

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Foil Bag

Silver Mylar foil bags are a common sight in the cannabis industry - they’re eye catching, for sure, but they’re also a distinctly protective form of cannabis packaging. Mylar bags have become an absolute staple for packaging, transporting, and selling cannabis flower, especially the aluminized (or metalized) ones. Beyond looking beautiful and enticing, Mylar aluminium foil bag varieties are ultra-protective and resilient.

Mylar, which has only been around for the past 70 years or so, is an unbelievably tough form of stretched PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic. It’s highly impermeable to oxygen, moisture, and light (depending on its opacity, of course!), which is amazing for keeping cannabis flower and edibles fresh for long periods of time. Speaking of edibles, the food industry has been utilizing Mylar foil bags for much longer than we all have!

Coffee bags, granola bar wrappers, and bags of nuts are just the tip of the iceberg of the food industry’s Mylar bag usage. You see, Mylar’s lack of airflow means that it acts as a super smell proof material, so it’s clearly the PERFECT packaging for pungent marijuana. Our silver Mylar aluminium bag options are no exception, but they’re so much more than just protective.

Our vista silver Mylar bags collection is petite but mighty - it features seven capacity varieties ranging from 1 gram to 448 grams (one pound)! These bags are stellar for displaying any amount of flower - the vista windows allow customers to inspect bud close up without compromising compliance or safety requirements. Plus, the metallic silver background appears to magnify and illuminates the marijuana within.

What Are Mylar Foil Bags?

Mylar foil bags are ultra-resilient, attractive, often compliant cannabis flower packaging. Not all Mylar bags are metalized - matte and glossy “classic” Mylar bags are super popular, too - but there’s something so alluring, so dazzling about pretty much anything that shimmers and shines. Our silver foil pouch packaging definitively proves that “all that glitters is not gold.”

You’ll see a lot of different names for silver packaging pouches, such as “aluminium foil pouch packaging” and “Mylar metallized bag.” Those terms get thrown around because metallic-looking Mylar bags are actually made by applying a super thin layer of (typically) aluminum, which not only looks appealing but actually also strengthens the bags. The same practice is done when making those shiny Mylar balloons!

Unlike Mylar balloons, however, our vista silver pouch packaging bags are made from fairly thick Mylar - over 4 mm! It’s not stiff, it has give, but it’s certainly stronger than a Mylar balloon from the grocery store. Our customers love foil bag packaging - and other Mylar bag styles - for their incredible strength. Hardiness is key during transport, but it also plays a role in your customers’ experiences with your products.

Silver Mylar bags ensure that your customers’ bud will be safe as they toss it in a purse or backpack to head home. It allows them to feel secure knowing their new purchase doesn’t smell and that it’s staying fresh in the airtight bag. Plus, they can continue to use the Mylar bags as resealable, airtight storage containers until the last bit of flower has been scrounged from the inside. Then, they can reuse the silver packing pouch over and over again!

Our silver Mylar bags are opaque silver on one side and all clear Mylar on the other, which is beautiful but sadly not allowed in states like Colorado. They are tamper evident when sealed with a heat sealer and do NOT have easy open tear notches. While that latter aspect may seem odd at first glance, it’s actually required by some states’ compliance packaging laws, such as Washington. Technically, not having a tear notch makes these gorgeous silver weed bags one-time child resistant.

One-time child resistant means that after the package is cut open, it is no longer child resistant. Versus lifetime child resistant Mylar bags, which would be something like our trademark “Pinch N Slide” child resistant Mylar bags. Of course, everyone wants Mylar weed bags that fit their brand’s aesthetic, but it’s essential to first consider your state's compliance packaging laws. If they allow our vista aluminium stand up pouch bags, we HIGHLY recommend them! They’re an affordable, durable, airtight, smell proof weed packaging DREAM.

Does A Foil Bag Prolong Shelf Life?

Absolutely! Pretty much the main reason why the food industry loves Mylar bags so much is because of their freshness protection. Exposure to air and moisture (among other factors) is what makes both food and marijuana go bad, but Mylar bags prevent both of those things from interacting with products. Taking a page from the food industry’s book, the cannabis industry focused in on aluminum vacuum seal bags to help prolong the shelf life of their marijuana and hemp flower. Needless to say, it’s been working quite well.

Vista silver ziplock foil bag pouches are one of the most popular Mylar bags for cannabis flower. Not only do they keep the product incredibly fresh, aromatic, and potent, but they’re also aesthetic and attractive. It’s no secret that humans are enchanted by and drawn to shiny, glossy things - many researchers believe it stems from our primal desire to find and drink water - and our aluminium foil pouch packaging is nothing if not shiny and glossy.

While everyone is distracted and enamored by the glimmering surfaces of these aluminum foil vacuum bags, you can feel confident that they’re actually one of the most effective forms of protection for marijuana. Impermeability to oxygen and moisture means your bud won’t dry up nor will it grow moldy - as long as the silver resealable pouch is correctly sealed, of course!

The one thing to be cautious of with vista silver pouch packaging is that the clear side, the window, does allow light inside. Prolonged exposure to light can be damaging to cannabis flower, so we always recommend storing these beautiful metallized bag pouches away from windows once they’re full. Other than that, our aluminium stand up pouch packaging is more rough and tumble than they look - Mylar is impact-resistant!

Is the Aluminium Foil Bag Resealable?

Yes, our aluminium foil packaging bags are resealable! Our vista silver foil bag packaging is enabled with ziplock-type plastic resealable closures, which is part of what makes these bags (and our other Mylar bags) so attractive as cannabis packaging. If someone is just buying a gram, chances are they don’t need their baggie to be resealable, but even our 1 gram silver packaging pouch is resealable!

You just never know what someone is going to do with their purchase once they’ve left the dispensary. Maybe they want to bust it open right away to take a look and a whiff but they’re saving it for a get together later that night, or even in a few days. Then with larger purchases, like 8ths and quarters, chances are that weed isn’t going to be consumed in one sitting/one day - though we suppose you never know!

By making all of our Mylar bags resealable, it gives partakers the freedom to do with their bud what they will. They can take it out to take close up, flash on pictures of your incredible trichomes, then pop it back in the bag to keep fresh for when they actually want to smoke. They can smoke a gram one day, seal it up, then not smoke for a week. When they come back to their aluminium foil stand up pouch, they’ll find that their bud is just as fresh as when they left it.

Where to Buy Mylar Foil Bags Wholesale?

There’s no better place to get affordable, durable, protective silver vacuum pouches wholesale than right here at Marijuana Packaging. We pride ourselves on making and carrying the highest quality cannabis packaging products, and our aluminium foil pouch packaging is no expedition. In fact, it stands out as one of our most exceptional products!

As we all scramble to stay up to date on compliance regulations, changing cannabis laws, and the desires of the modern cannabis community, it can be daunting to search for the right packaging for your brand. Thankfully, some things never change, like how buying weed in a baggie is a decades-old way of doing things. While we may be in a legal cannabis market now, people still love grabbing a good old bag of nug.

While our vacuum sealed Mylar foil bags may be technologically advanced compared to a flimsy sandwich baggie, the premise remains rooted in the ways of generations past. The only differences are that foil bag packaging is tougher, more airtight, smell proof, reusable, and much more customizable. Oh yeah, and they meet several state’s compliance regulations, too.

As we mentioned earlier, we make seven sizes/styles of our silver stand up pouch:

  • 1 Gram - 3 × 4.5” - perfect for samplers or a tippity top shelf strain.
  • 2 Gram Pre Roll/Dab Syringe Sleeve - 7 × 2.7” - perfect for joints, blunts, and dab syringes
  • 3.5 Gram - 3.6 × 5” - perfect for 8ths, the most popular weed purchase by far.
  • 7 Gram - 4 × 6.5” - perfect for quarters of flower.
  • 14 Gram - 5 × 8.1” - perfect for displaying your half ounces.
  • 28 Gram - 6 × 9.3 - perfect packaging for a full ounce.
  • 448 Gram - 14.6 × 16.4” - perfect for full pounds of weed, whether for commercial wholesale, transportation, or storage.

From one nug to one pound of nugs, our vista silver aluminium stand up pouch packaging can handle it all. You can even package your pre rolls and dab syringes in packaging that matches your bags with the 2 gram metallized bag sleeve! No other foil pouches suppliers can compare to our extensive, diverse Mylar bag collection - especially not with our price beat guarantee!

Foil Bag - The Bottom Line

Silver pouch packaging is one of the many innovative and alluring ways to store and distribute your flower or edibles these days. However, there’s something so special, so classic yet modern, so humble yet sleek, about a glossy silver Mylar weed bag. It elevates the vibe of your entire brand, adding a touch of shimmer and layer of protection that cannot and will not be ignored or denied.

While we’ve got you all excited about our silver Mylar bags, we should probably also let you know that we make a line of gold metallic bag pouches, as well! These beautiful pouches are just like the silver ones but offer a different color variety. Some prefer the look of silver, but for ultra-bold branding, the gold certainly makes a splash.

If metallic isn’t your taste, check out our full line of Mylar smell proof weed bags, including our other clear packaging bags in black, white, kraft paper, and more!

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