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Quality control and product safety often go hand in hand. Our Impulse sealer for mylar bags provides a durable, airtight, tamper-proof seal that fulfills both requirements.

Because no additional material is needed to seal the bag, heat-sealing poly bags are a cost-effective way to package products, requiring no extra material to close the bag opening, just some equipment and suitable heat seal bags.

Using an Impulse sealer to seal poly bags is a high cost and time-saving packaging solution. Using an Impulse heat sealing machine creates a seal that keeps out debris and moisture; provides durable protection during transit and handling.

Heat-sealed bags have many uses. Bags used in the medical, bioengineering, and food industries are often formed and sealed by heat sealers. Fluid bags are made out of various materials such as foils, filter media, thermoplastics, and laminates.

Our 8" Impulse Poly Bag Heat Sealer Machine has a 2mm width seal ideal for sealing bags that are 6 mil thick or less. The heat sealer machine doesn't require any warm-up time, providing a fast and efficient method for sealing bags. Its built-in adjustable timer helps create perfect seals for various Mylar bags. An Impulse sealer machine will give your business the competitive advantage it deserves.

How Does An Impulse Heat Sealer Work?

An Impulse bag sealer has one or two heating elements of Nichrome placed between a resilient synthetic rubber and a release surface of film or fabric. Materials are placed in the Impulse sealer machine and held in place by pressure. An electric current heats the heating element to the required temperature. The jaws hold the material in place after the heat stops allowing the material to fuse before stress can be applied.

What Poly Bags Can Be Heat Sealed?

Most plastic bags that can be closed using a heat applicator like an Impulse heat sealer are good candidates for heat sealing. The Impulse sealer fuses the material to create a complete seal.

Almost any polythene, polyethylene, or polypropylene bag can be heat sealed. Heat seal poly bags can either be separate pieces that are heat-sealed together to establish the edges or as a lay-flat tube, which is cut and sealed for products of different heights.

Low-density polyethylene is ideal for making heat seal poly bags. Melting at 320 degrees Fahrenheit, this lightweight material can be heated, fused, and cooled quickly after removing the heating element.

How to Heat Seal Poly Bags

To heat seal your poly bags with an Impulse bag sealer, you'll need to start with the necessary materials and tools.

Heat guns create an airtight seal on shrink wrap film for produce, parts, and other items. Impulse heat sealers use an element wire to apply heat and pressure to the polybag.

Feed your poly bags into your heat sealing machine, and set the timer appropriately for the density of the material you're using. The heat sealer melts the material until it co-mingles together then puts it into a single, neat plastic seam. As it cools, the poly material will contract, tightening the seal.

Some heat sealing machines come with attached cutters, which trim the material to the seal for an attractive finish.

Where Can I Buy An Impulse Bag Sealer?

Marijuana Packaging has your bag sealing needs covered. We have our top-selling heat sealer machine at a great price. Plus, our Price Beat Guarantee ensures you always get the best cheap impulse sealer or handheld impulse heat sealer available. Our website features a plethora of other packaging and smoking accessories. We have designers to help you customize your packaging for many of our products.

    • Length: 8" Inches
    • Seal Width: 2mm seal
    • Seal Thickness: 6 mil

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