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Big Bongs

Make a statement with our selection of big bongs. These pieces offer a powerful smoking experience, and with a variety of designs to choose from, you can find the perfect one at a great wholesale price.


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Stündenglass | Kompact Contactless Water Pipe | 11 Inch Tall- 14mm Bowl - Black - 1Stündenglass | Kompact Contactless Water Pipe | 11 Inch Tall- 14mm Bowl - Black - 2

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Eyce | Straight Neck Platinum-Cure Silicone Beaker Water Pipe | 12in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Assorted - 1Eyce | Straight Neck Platinum-Cure Silicone Beaker Water Pipe | 12in Tall - 14mm Bowl - Assorted - 2

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Big Bong

The entry of the big bong has been a game-changer in the marijuana industry. Small and mid-sized bongs have been widely used in the cannabis industry for many years. However, they fall short when compared to big bongs. Many cannabis consumers are now opting for the huge bong since it offers more versatility.

Although smaller bongs are easier for beginners, they are quite limiting when a person wants to advance. Seasoned consumers are always looking for a product that will give them greater hits. Consequently, a good number of cannabis consumers prefer to use the long bong since it was specifically made and designed for advanced kush users.

The increased demand for tall bongs has made smoke shop owners purchase the giant bong in bulk. The move is meant to capitalize on the increased demand for the large bong. Although many wholesale stores sell tall glass bongs in bulk, you should always be cautious when you want to purchase big bongs. Ensure you are dealing with a genuine supplier before buying the tall bongs for sale. It's a move that can help save your money and business.


What Are Big Bongs?

Big bongs are types of smoking bongs that are larger than ordinary bongs. Since the biggest bong can be considered as glassware items, they also double up as pieces of art. Thus, tall cheap bongs are usually the centerpiece of social gatherings and smoking sessions. The large water bong has an increased chamber size which gives it the ability to store more smoke.

The huge glass bong is popular with cannabis consumers who love big hits and effects. Big water bongs are easier to hold compared to their smaller counterparts. Marijuana lovers can use big bongs in the great outdoors without worrying about accidental breakages since they have been made with thick glass. Nevertheless, you should always handle the biggest bong with care. Big bongs allow consumers to enjoy their favorite herb blend in large quantities and are therefore considered the best for adept kush users.

It's quite common to see a tall glass bong that surpasses 10 inches. Tall bongs offer a large surface area allowing the smoke to diffuse and cool down, thus giving the user clean hits. Additionally, the biggest bong also gives you ample space to facilitate customization. There are different ways of customizing the biggest bong. Some of the elements that can be made bespoke include ice traps, percolators, and ash catchers. When they are well incorporated, they can give your big bong an incredible look.

Considering that the use of the biggest bong is picking up steam in the cannabis community, smoke store owners need to start purchasing the tall bong for sale in bulk. This would enable them to increase their revenue stream as a result of selling the large beaker bong. Additionally, selling cheap big bongs will also attract new clients to their online headshop.


Are Big Bongs Better Than Small Ones?

There has been a growing debate in the cannabis community as to which is the more superior bong between mini bongs and the big glass bongs. The extra large bong has been getting support from the more seasoned marijuana consumers. This can be linked to the numerous benefits that come with using the big bong.

The Benefits Of Big Bongs Over Small bongs

Colossal Hits

Due to increased chamber size, a large bong comes with the ability to store more smoke. Thus, it enables tall bongs to give a sizable effect with every hit. This allows users to get more effects if they transition from using small bongs. Many prefer to use the big bong during parties or when they are hosting their friends.

Great Showpiece

The majority of long bongs are usually 10 inches high or more. Tall glass bongs come in different sizes and designs. Apart from offering great hits, the giant bong is also used as a showpiece when you have a smoking session with friends. It can become a badge of honor especially when the large bong has been designed in a very exceptional way. Another benefit of having a huge bong is that it is a great conversation starter. Cannabis consumers are usually willing to enquire and learn more about cheap big bongs.


The huge glass bong is more robust than the small bong. The sturdiness of the huge bong has been largely contributed by the thick glass walls they have been made with. Therefore, the large bong can absorb more impact than the smaller bongs. However, the big bong should always be handled with care since it is quite massive and weighty.


Does My Head Shop Need Huge Bongs?

The use of a large water bong is rapidly growing in the cannabis industry. This can be tied to the numerous advantages that come with using the large bong. Kush lovers aren't the only ones who are benefiting from tall glass bongs. A good number of head shop owners have resorted to including tall bongs for sale in their inventory. It’s a move that has earned them lucrative money from the sale of tall cheap bongs.

Having a large stock of big water bongs in your store can improve the relevancy of your cannabis business. Since you'll be stocking a variety of bongs that comprise both the biggest bong and mini bongs, your business will attract different clientele. To make your business more profitable, ensure you understand the needs of your customers. This will enable you to buy the right big water bongs. Ultimately, this will reduce help in reducing the chances of having unsold big bongs.

Another reason why you need to sell the biggest bong is to offer your customers variety in your online smoke shop. A business that has a variety of products is more likely to flourish than a store that only focuses on a few lines of products. Selling the huge glass bong alongside other bongs will not only make your business stand out but also help you to outperform your competitors.


Where To Buy Tall Bongs Wholesale

The relaxation of cannabis laws in various states has given rise to several opportunities. Marijuana companies can now sell the huge bong and other cannabis items meant for medicinal and recreational use. Consequently, the industry has become one of the most lucrative sectors due to the wide availability of the long bong and other packaging products.

When looking to buy big bongs for sale, it's important to find a reputable wholesale store. Otherwise, purchasing big water bongs for sale from an unreliable source can jeopardize your cannabis venture. This is because some stores sell low-quality tall bongs to innocent clients. Our online wholesale store has an impeccable track record in selling quality long bong and other packaging items. Purchasing your giant bong in bulk from our store can help your online smoke shop in many ways.

All the items including the giant bong that are sold on our online store have been priced very fairly to enable businesses to achieve their desired sales goals. Therefore you can always be sure of profitability when you purchase tall bongs for sale from us. The incredible prices also extend to other cannabis items besides the huge bong.

Big Bong - The Bottom Line

Another benefit of purchasing your tall cheap bongs from our wholesale store is the amazing layout of our site. All the long bong and other wholesale products have been placed in specific categories that make the purchasing process very seamless. It's a feature that has made shopping for tall bongs quick and convenient. Therefore, be sure to visit our online wholesale store when you want to buy the best bong other cheap online head shop items.

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