Hip-Hop Legends Nas & Timbaland Invest In Cannabis Brand Pure Beauty

Hip-Hop Legends Nas & Timbaland Invest In Cannabis Brand Pure Beauty

For some, hip hop and cannabis go together like peanut butter and jelly: you hear marijuana praised and rejoiced in plenty of rap songs. Whether it’s about what blunt wraps you should use, or what kind of flower you should be smoking, hip hop has always had a close relationship with cannabis. That is exactly why two hip hop legends such as Timbaland and Nas coming together to invest in California-based marijuana company Pure Beauty makes sense. The boutique-style brand reported that it successfully raised around $5 million in convertible note fundraising from a myriad of different investors including Timbaland and Nas. The distinct and bright cannabis packaging for Pure Beauty is hard to miss on dispensary shelves.

Pure Beauty’s CEO Imelda Walavalkar said, “Our mission is to bring distinct and elevated products to market while being mindful of the social and environmental implication intrinsic to cannabis.” She concluded, “Fundraising allows us to further build out our capabilities and product offerings while retaining the integrity of our core values.”

Timbaland, a brand investor and advisor, also gave his sentiments on the matter saying, “Pure Beauty is rich, and I don’t mean it’s for rich people. It is universal – it hits from all sides creatively. The flower is beautiful and it helps my creative process. The brand’s vision and outlook on sustainability set it apart. Pure Beauty’s cultural openness and ability to reach so many different people is key to destigmatizing the plant. Defeating the stigma is important to me not, just as an artist, but because of its role in the ongoing war on drugs.”

The company, founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Imelda Walavalkar, Tracy Anderson, and Irwin Tobias Matutina, describes itself as a boutique lifestyle brand. It represents a movement to create an inclusive, potent community that emphasizes and seeks to advance high-quality products, creative culture, sustainable practices, and social justice initiatives within the green space.

The funds will help support the brand’s further expansion into new markets, in addition to building out the product development team to further support growing customer demand. The company plans to expand into markets outside of California later in the year in partnership with Gage Growth Corp, a well-known premium cannabis brand and operator in Michigan.

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