Travis Scott Steps Into The Cannabis Industry

Travis Scott Steps Foot Into The Cannabis Industry With Cactus Farms


Travis Scott Steps Foot Into The Cannabis Industry With Cactus Farms

Jul 13, 2021
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A growing number of celebrities are getting into cannabis business ventures (and others are avoiding them as best they can). Travis Scott, singer, songwriter, and producer, has not only proven himself to be a marketing genius but also a savvy businessman, being the king of brand partnerships. From the likes of McDonald’s, Nike, Reese’s Puffs, Playstation, along with a slew of others, Scott has teamed up with the best to deliver hot merchandise that his fans feverishly rush to get their hands on. It looks like Scott is keeping his sizzling streak going by joining forces with Connected Cannabis to launch his own cannabis line, Cactus Farms.

The line is already available in select locations across the country: California dispensaries that carry Connected Cannabis products or Harvest dispensaries in Arizona. Connected Cannabis revealed that the first strain from Travis’ Cactus Farms is a hybrid that was handpicked from the rapper himself. Labeled as an “Indica-leaning strain” which features a “dense, purple bud that releases a pungent, funky-sweet gas aroma rounded out by a unique berry twist,” reported by NME.

This is a smart move by Travis Scott. He is a branding genius, it’s only a matter of time before we see Travis Scott pop tops or La Flame rolling papers… the possibilities will be endless for him.

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