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Cannabis Vapor Technology Company AVD Announces It’s Rebranding to ACTIVE

Cannabis Vapor Technology Company AVD Announces It’s Rebranding to ACTIVE

On April 24th, a well-established entity in the cannabis vaping device sector, previously identified as AVD, unveiled its new brand name, ACTIVE. With almost a decade of market presence, the manufacturer and distributor has decided to adopt a fresh identity; one that is as distinct as its products and better reflects its approach to the industry.

Speaking on the rebranding, ACTIVE founder and CEO Alex Kwon highlighted the significant growth of the brand over the years. He expressed how the team nurtured the AVD brand into a symbol of quality, consistency, and innovation in the cannabis industry.

Kwon also explained that the company’s transition to ACTIVE signifies a bold step forward in its journey. He emphasized that while the brand’s name has evolved, its core team and commitment to quality remain steadfast.

ACTIVE President Michael Brosgart also commented on the rebrand, saying that it reflects the firm’s proactive approach to meeting the needs of its clients. He further stated that the rebrand to ACTIVE underscores the company’s passion for the plant and its diverse active compounds. Brosgart also expressed gratitude towards the company’s customers for their continued support and partnership.

ACTIVE stands out as a premier vertically integrated entity in the field of cannabis vaporizer technology. With complete control over its processes, ranging from research and development to manufacturing and distribution, the company ensures quality at every stage. Furthermore, it prides itself on its advanced facilities situated in China and Southeast Asia.

ACTIVE ensures that all its devices conform to global quality benchmarks and hold relevant certifications. Renowned for its outstanding customer support and tailored solutions, the company has garnered trust from over 400 global brands. Importantly, the transition to ACTIVE signifies a shift in brand identity, aligning closely with the brand’s ethos and industry trajectory.

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