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Mammoth And Spacestation Make Merger Official

Mammoth And Spacestation Make Merger Official

Mammoth Distribution, distributor and producer of some of the state’s top-selling brands, including Almora™ and Heavy Hitters™, has officially joined forces with Spacestation, one of the leading brands in manufacturing cannabis beverages, according to a press release published on Ganjaprenuer.

At first, Spacestation and Mammoth collaborated to reimagine cannabis tinctures with the HVY Grand. Featuring a first-of-its-kind formulation – the Liquid Trichomes process, a proprietary single-strain nanoemulsion infused with pure Acapulco Gold terpenes. The revolutionary mixture preserves and accentuates the taste and effects of the Acapulco Gold strain and presents it in a bespoke box and bottle. 

“They were the only team with the vision and capabilities to grow with us as we roll out new products across the USA and Canada,” Skyler Sutton, Mammoth’s CEO and Co-Founder, said. “The deal quickly came together when we realized both companies have an aligned priority and culture of radiating love through people and products.”

Early on, Spacestation CEO Brad Mora recognized that Mammoth perfectly aligned with the company’s culture, goals, and synergies. Teaming up was a no-brainer.

“We knew that If we were ever to attach to a brand house, it had to be one that could win in competitive states, especially California,” Mora said. “It’s a testimony to the amazing culture and relationships they have in this industry. Liquid Trichomes and HVY are just the beginning.”

Partnering with the fastest-growing cannabis beverage brands to scale their drinks in California, Spacestation has emerged as a leading innovator and the premier platform for launching and scaling cannabis beverage brands. 

Mammoth Distribution is one of California’s largest and most established cannabis companies. Its Heavy Hitters brand is known for its potency, purity, and innovation and is celebrating its 25th anniversary. 

Almora is known for its sun-grown quality and consistency and has established itself as a top-five flower brand in the state. People with blunt wraps commonly consume the brand’s strains. 

With this monumental merger, innovative beverage and tincture products are sure to follow for the California market and beyond.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 45, which legalized hemp-based food products earlier in the year

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