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Scrogging Marijuana: What is It & How Do You Do It?

Scrogging Marijuana: What is It & How Do You Do It?

Marijuana cultivation is a fine art that requires vast knowledge, patience, and incredible skill to maximize yield and quality. One practice that has been gaining popularity among growers is ‘scrogging’. This cannabis-growing technique can help train plants to produce higher outputs, making it a crucial skill for all weed growers. 

But, what is scrogging? How do you scrog cannabis effectively? Our guide explores everything you need to know about scrogging cannabis to help you learn how to do it correctly. 

What is Scrogging?

Scrogging, derived from the term ‘SCReen Of Green’, is a cultivation method aimed at optimizing the growth of marijuana plants. It involves using a horizontal screen to train your plants to grow in a particular way. This technique aims to stretch cannabis branches across an evenly distributed plane, encouraging them to grow outwards rather than upwards. As a result, the scrog method helps improve light exposure, which is excellent for enhancing crop yield and quality.

The Benefits of Scrogging

Why scrog, you might ask? Well, the benefits are numerous. Firstly, scrogging helps reduce the wastage of buds that would otherwise be unable to reach their full potential due to lack of light exposure. Similarly, it allows growers to maintain control over the plants’ height, making it particularly beneficial for those growing marijuana indoors where space may be limited. 

Moreover, the scrog method fosters a healthy canopy, which is crucial for deterring mold and pests. Each plant receives an equal share of light, leading to uniform growth and a higher yield when harvesting cannabis.

Setting Up Your Indoor Scrog

Learning how to scrog your crops properly is crucial. It often depends on whether you intend to have an indoor scrog setup or you want to do it outdoors. To scrog cannabis indoors, you’ll need a few materials: a sturdy screen, plant ties, and of course, your cannabis plants. Here are the steps to set up an indoor SCROG:

1. Setting up the screen

The screen acts as a frame for your plants to help them grow horizontally. Place it about 20 to 25 inches above your pots. The squares in your screen should be about 2 inches wide.

2. Training your plants

As your plants grow, gently weave the branches into the squares of the screen. You should start doing this when the plants are about 10 to 12 inches tall. The idea is to spread the plant out and encourage it to grow wide instead of tall.

3. Continued care

Regularly check your plants and continue weaving new growth into the screen. Continue doing this until about two weeks into the flowering stage. While setting up your indoor scrog, remember to follow basic marijuana growing tips to ensure your plants are healthy and thriving.

Scrogging Outdoors

Scrogging outdoors is also possible, although it involves a few extra steps due to variables like weather and pests. Similar to the indoor setup, you’ll need a screen for training your plants. However, it would be beneficial to set up a protective barrier or cover to shield your plants from harsh weather or pests. The scrog method outdoors can be highly rewarding and facilitate the production of a bountiful harvest containing healthy buds.

Final Thoughts

Scrogging is a highly effective technique that every cannabis grower, novice or experienced, can use to maximize their harvest. It allows for better control, healthier plants, and an overall higher yield. Whether you’re growing marijuana indoors or outdoors, the scrog method can immensely enhance your cannabis cultivation experience. Remember, patience and attention to detail are vital for effective scrogging.

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