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What is the Ideal Humidity for Cannabis Storage?

What is the Ideal Humidity for Cannabis Storage?

Cannabis has advanced significantly since the times of strict prohibition. Nowadays, marijuana enthusiasts don’t have to get their stash in plastic bags from shady dealers. As more people lean towards the legalization of the substance, plenty of information has come to light regarding how to handle cannabis efficiently. Given that many jurisdictions are decriminalizing medical and recreational marijuana, tokers must consider the best temperature and humidity to store weed.

Essentially, there are four substantial environmental elements to look out for when storing weed; humidity, temperature, light, and airflow. Humidity is perhaps the most significant factor to consider since it can cause the degradation of your products right under your nose. Regulating humidity is vital for keeping mildew and other contaminants at bay and preventing your weed from drying up in storage. Therefore, whether you’re looking to store a lot of marijuana for your business or preserve the quality of your personal stash, finding the ideal humidity for cannabis is crucial. 

What Is Humidity?

Humidity can be defined as the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. The more water vapor is available in the air, the higher the humidity levels. When people are referring to humidity, in most instances, they’ll often use the term Relative Humidity (RH). The RH is denoted by a percentage and is the actual amount of humidity in an area. 

Given that the RH has numerous effects on weed, finding the best humidity to store marijuana is crucial for preserving the potency and effectiveness of the substance. Too much moisture in the air increases the risk of contamination by mold or mildew, while inadequate water vapor causes the trichomes of your weed to dry up. 

The Best Humidity for Cannabis

Since humidity is an influential factor in the quality of your stored marijuana, it’s an aspect that no cannabis fan can afford to overlook. Humidity can impact everything from the ease of each puff to the drug’s potency. Cannabis connoisseurs have revealed that 55% or 62% humidity is the sweet spot for storing marijuana. Although some consumers argue that the best humidity for cannabis is between 59% and 62% RH, some tokers have grown to appreciate weed that is slightly drier.  

How To Maintain The Perfect Humidity for Weed Storage

With the knowledge of what humidity is good for weed, there’s only one primary concern that cannabis users may have; how to maintain these conditions. This is where an excellent cannabis humidity pack comes into play. The best humidity packs for weed can regulate ambient humidity and add or remove moisture to provide a perfect RH. 

For this reason, moisture control packs can maintain ideal humidity for cannabis, ensuring that your stash remains true to its original form for as long as possible. However, that’s not the end of it. While humidity packs are excellent for moisture control, they can only remain effective if your storage container is airtight.

Whether you’re using jars for weed, tote bags, or containers to store your cannabis, ensure you close it up tightly. Even if you use a moisture control pack to provide the perfect humidity for weed storage, failure to secure your container will force it to work extra hard to keep the environment stable. Consequently, this shortens the lifespan of the humidity pack. 

How Many Humidity Packs for Weed

Another common concern for many cannabis users is how many moisture control packs are required to maintain an ideal humidity for cannabis. Fundamentally, only one moisture pack is enough to retain the best humidity for weed. Various humidity pack sizes can cater to different amounts of stored weed. Even so, using more than the recommended number of humidity control packs is acceptable. 

What’s more, factors like season changes and defective storage containers prompt the use of more moisture control packs for weed humidity storage. In such cases, having only one moisture control pack isn’t enough. Multiple humidity packs will make it much easier to maintain the appropriate conditions. Still, it’s better to have secure containers for storing your weed. You can even get wholesale pressure sensitive liners to help ensure that your storage containers are not compromised. 

Bottom Line

No one wants to consume poor-quality cannabis. Hence, learning the ideal cannabis humidity storage conditions can go a long way in protecting your weed. Apart from businesses, individual consumers can also take advantage of humidity packs to prevent the degradation of their products. 

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