Child Resistant | Flat Screw Top Caps | 53mm - Glossy Silver Plastic - 120 Count

Product code: FGSCRC53400

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We’ll ensure your marijuana packaging does not appear flat and boring. Although these straight-sided and flat surfaced caps are flat, they are far from boring. These child-resistant Glossy Silver Caps are ideal for flower and marijuana bud storing needs and are compatible with child-resistant threaded jars. Whether you are storing medical marijuana or recreational marijuana buds, these caps offer a sleek and convenient way to seal in your contents. Lock your buds’ freshness and odor for longer periods of time, knowing these jars feature an airtight sealing system that trap moisture for quality and odor for discreetness. On the go? These trendy caps, paired with their jars, are the ideal travel companion for you or your consumers.

  • 120 units per box
  • Finish: Glossy
  • $0.50 per unit