Our CannaDefender child resistant paperboard slider box meets the US 16 CFR 1700.20 child-resistance standards.

This CR certified packaging box is designed with children safety in mind. It features a side lock button. The button fixed on the inner box locks into the hole on the outer box. To release the inner box, one should press the button and then slide the inner box out of the outer box simultaneously. The very act of simultaneous “pressing” and “sliding” prevents children under 4 years old from accessing the item inside.

Despite meeting 16 CFR 1700.20 child-resistance standards, it is easy for adults to release the inner box from the outer box. This makes our sliding box a child-resistant but senior-friendly packaging option.

We are fully aware that the best packaging can improve your business. Every inch of both the inner box and outer box can be custom printed. With special surface finishing processes (UV, foiling, embossing & debossing), your creative artwork design will be the most eye-catching one on the crowded shelf.

As a paper box manufacturer, our big advantage is that we can customize each packaging box based on your product to be packed. Tell us your product dimensions and we will do the rest.

MOQ: 2,000 units

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Child Resistant Paperboard Slider Box-CannaDefender