King Palm Bulk Bags - Slim - 180 Count

Product code: 13588

$0.86 per unit

$155.00 per case

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King Palm continue to take rolling to its natural conclusion by providing hand-rolled leaves that are free from contaminants like tobacco and other harmful chemicals. The King Palm Bulk Bag hooks you up with a massive stash of 180 all-natural hand-rolled slim palm leaf wraps. Each palm leaf that makes up a King Palm wrap is hand-picked and prepared by being cleansed in purified water. The leaves are not tainted by any artificial preservatives, glue or flavoring so you’re left to enjoy a 100% pure smoking experience with an incredibly slow burn. That way you have plenty of time to savor the undiluted flavor.
  • $0.86 per unit
  • 180 units per box
  • Size: Slim
  • 100% real palm leaf
  • Tobacco / Chemical free
  • Bulk Bags