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Solid Green Reversible Cap Vial 20 Dram - 240 Count

Product code: RCSG20

$0.16 per unit

$39.95 per case

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Reversible Cap Vials received its name from the convenient multi-function cap. It offers a Push-down and turn option to open and close the container, also known as child resistant. You can also simply flip the cap over and use it as a screw-top container, in this case your medication will not be child resistant. Reverse Caps are great for dispensary supply, it keeps the medication moisture resistant and has a odor proof design.
  • 240 units per box
  • Fits up to 3.5 Grams of medication
  • Airtight, moisture resistant, and odor proof design

Customer Reviews

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Child proof exit bags (containers)

The containers are very easy to open and close for an adult but very difficult for kids, also the containers keep your product in great shape and fresh.