510 Thread Vapes: Explained

510 Thread Vapes: Explained

Flower isn’t the only form of cannabis available. There are edibles, drinks, tinctures, and various concentrates winning over consumers by the day. However, vaping is rising in popularity among cannabis consumers, young and old. At a time when cigarette smokers are shifting toward e-cigarettes, the cannabis industry is taking a similar approach with the introduction of vapes. It’s an easy and discrete method of consuming cannabis And, they’re conveniently portable with a higher potency than flower. Not to mention, they don’t reek up the place after you take a hit. 

There are a few types of cannabis vapes that you’ll find on the market, but none of them are as universal as the 510 thread size.

You might be wondering what is a 510 cartridge. First and foremost, a vape cartridge is a glass cartridge, which looks like a vile, filled with anywhere between .5 g to 1g of cannabis oil, primarily THC or CBD, and terpenes. The vape’s battery stimulates the atomizer, which, in turn, vaporizes the oil. Whereas dab rigs and other set-ups require manual labor, a vape cart solely requires the consumer to press a button and inhale.

What Is 510 Thread?

The 510 connector thread size remains the standard form of vape batteries in legal markets. But what is a 510-thread battery? The invention came from the original e-cigarette brand, Joyetech. Though the term 510 thread describes a wide range of batteries in the cannabis industry, the name derives from the existing threads on the first device made. The original vape battery included ten threads .5mm apart from each other, hence the name. Some believe that it was due to a 5mm diameter, but the actual measurement of 510 thread batteries is 7mm. These batteries also have a corresponding 510 thread vape tester for cannabis operators and dispensaries who want to determine the cartridges’ ohms.

The 510 connector thread size might’ve changed over time with other measurements introduced, but the premise of it became customary to the industry. The battery will be compatible with most vape cartridge thread sizes in your local dispensary.

The 510 thread vape batteries allow the consumer to screw on the cartridge with a matching size. In the advancement of vapes, magnetic attachments provide an even more secure connection between the two.

Consumers should note that they should not refill empty 510 vape carts at any point. They are disposable, and attempting to fill a used cart with any oils or concentrate could lead to leaks that could harm the battery itself. 

510 Thread vs. Pod

Vape thread sizes might come in variations. However, dispensaries love to provide a variety. Operators’ using empty dab carts should have several options, including pods. Pods are put together with a magnet rather than manually screwing the battery and cart together. The design of pods has a more rectangular shape, whereas empty 510 vape carts are usually more cylindrical.

If you’re wondering which of these is a better option, it’s something that boils down to personal preference. The two batteries share similarities, like being compatible with USD chargers. Still, the pods add more convenience to the smoking experience and can be more discrete. Plus, their batteries are usually more powerful than the 510 thread, with a longer lifespan.

However, the 510 thread battery has a leg up on the pod in several departments. For one, the battery is far more versatile, working with various concentrates, from distillate to BHO, live resin, hash oil, and more. Because of this, the 510 thread battery is one of the best ways to test new products. 

Bottom Line 

The 510 thread batteries remain a unique innovation in the cannabis industry. Purchasing these vape pens is a great starting point for anyone intrigued by exploring the world of concentrates. The matching carts are not hard to find in the legalized markets, and several options exist.

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