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Can Animals Get High on Cannabis?

Can Animals Get High on Cannabis?

As cannabis gains acceptance and gets more accessible worldwide, animal exposure to marijuana is becoming a growing risk. With more people using cannabis, animals are more likely to come into contact with the intoxicating substance. Even so, can animals get high from weed? Our guide examines the effects of marijuana on animals to help determine what happens if your pet eats cannabis

Pets and Cannabis

While the idea of animals getting high might seem amusing, it’s essential to understand that exposure to cannabis can be dangerous, especially for pets. Dogs, for instance, are more sensitive to THC than humans. Thus, even small amounts of the substance can be incredibly toxic. Weed can cause vomiting, lethargy, incoordination, and, in severe cases, seizures in dogs. Hence, you should seek veterinary help immediately if you suspect your dog has consumed cannabis.

Similarly, cats can get stoned when exposed to cannabis smoke or ingest edibles and concentrates. Like many animals, cats do not have the prefrontal cortex required to understand their psychoactive experience. Consequently, animals that get high may experience wide-ranging neurological effects that may be uncomfortable and possibly even dangerous.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that cannabis goods for animals, like CBD products for pets, exist. Research indicates that many pet owners are willing to use CBD-based products for their furry friends. While there is little research on medicinal cannabis for pets, several companies are already developing products to meet customer demand for pet-friendly CBD. 

However, ensure you confirm the authenticity of any cannabis-based animal product before exposing it to your pets. One way to do this is by spotting shady or fake cannabis packaging. Authentic brands that retail marijuana products for animals or humans only use professional cannabis packaging for their goods. 

Horses and Marijuana

Horses can also experience the effects of marijuana. However, giving horses cannabis products that contain psychoactive THC is not recommended. This is because the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals considers psychoactive cannabis a toxin to horses. 

Still, although getting your horse high may not be a good idea, there are various CBD supplement lines for horses. Plus, there’s a growing demand for more research into how marijuana affects horses.

Wild Animals and Weed

Some animals in the wild are known to consume plants with psychoactive properties. One famous example is the case of the “stoned wallabies” in Australia. These marsupials were found consuming opium poppies, resulting in some of them appearing to be intoxicated.

Similarly, animals can sometimes encounter and consume cannabis plants in the wild or cultivated outdoor areas. There have been reports of animals like deer, rabbits, and even bears consuming marijuana. Even so, it is difficult to determine the exact effects on these animals without controlled studies.

The Bottom Line 

Most animals can experience the psychoactive effects of cannabis. However, exposure to this substance can be dangerous for various animals, especially pets. Although some brands produce CBD-based animal products, more research is required before safe marijuana products for pets become mainstream. For this reason, it’s crucial for cannabis consumers to keep their weed products away from animals and seek veterinary assistance if accidental ingestion occurs.

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