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Cannabis Tourism: Top 5 Best Destinations in the US

Cannabis Tourism: Top 5 Best Destinations in the US

As more states decriminalize and legalize marijuana, cannabis culture is becoming part and parcel of the American vacation experience. Similarly, the prevalence and the ever-growing popularity of marijuana have sparked a new type of tourism in the country; cannabis tourism. 

Essentially, this involves marijuana fanatics venturing out to discover places with vibrant cannabis cultures wrapped around excellent activities, food, people, and cannabis, of course. So, where can you find such destinations? Whether you’re into pipes, fancy a good bong, or prefer the classic route of rolling a joint, our curated list below has you covered.

Denver, Colorado: The Mile High City

Denver, Colorado, is no stranger to the weed tourism scene. Colorado was among the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. For this reason, Denver is a pioneer in the cannabis tourism industry. With a plethora of dispensaries, cannabis-themed restaurants, and marijuana-friendly accommodations, the Mile High City certainly lives up to its nickname. And don’t worry about vapes on an airplane when travelling with CBD products since Denver Airport allows you to travel with your CBD, making it even more convenient.

Seattle, Washington: The Emerald City

Next, we travel to the west coast, to the Emerald City, Seattle. Known for its coffee, the Space Needle, and grunge music, Seattle also boasts a thriving cannabis scene. With weed-friendly yoga classes and cannabis-infused cooking classes, Seattle offers a blend of cannabis culture with a wellness-centric approach. You’ll feel at home rolling a joint as you soak up the city’s sights and sounds.

San Francisco, California: The Golden Gate to Cannabis

San Francisco is synonymous with freedom and innovation. Unsurprisingly, it’s also one of the best places to travel to and smoke weed for many cannabis lovers. The city hosts the famous 420 festival at Hippie Hill and the Cannabis Cup, one of the most prestigious marijuana competitions worldwide. With a vibrant nightlife and the Golden Gate Bridge providing a majestic backdrop, this city is perfect for vacations with cannabis.

Portland, Oregon: The Green City

There’s something unique about Portland, Oregon. This city has slowly grown to become a haven for cannabis enthusiasts. You can visit “weed-and-wine” tours or attend Puff, Pass, and Paint classes, blending cannabis consumption with art creation. Its rich offering extends to an impressive number of dispensaries per capita, making it easy to get your hands on your favorite strain or a high-quality bong.

Las Vegas, Nevada: The Sin City

Las Vegas isn’t just about casinos, concerts, and clubs. As one of the newer entrants in the cannabis tourism scene, Vegas has quickly made its mark. Check out the world’s largest dispensary or visit the Cannabition Cannabis Museum, where you can see the world’s largest bong. Notably, Nevada law permits marijuana consumption in private residences only, so ensure you choose accommodations accordingly.

Bottom Line

The landscape of cannabis tourism in America is rapidly evolving. With more states likely to join the legalization trend, the list of destinations perfect for a cannabis vacation is set to grow. The places mentioned in our guide are just a tiny sample of what awaits the intrepid explorer looking to combine their love for travel with their appreciation for cannabis. Whichever city you choose, remember that enjoying cannabis responsibly and respectfully ensures a fantastic experience for all.

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