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RAE Vs. CCELL – How Do The Two Vaporizer Brands Compare?

RAE Vs. CCELL – How Do The Two Vaporizer Brands Compare?

Vaporizing is far from a new concept in the cannabis industry, but its evolution in recent years has shaped it into one of the most vital sectors. Though flower is still a pillar for retail sales, the convenience of distillates and full spectrum oils have shifted many towards vaping. The oils and distillates available range from different companies that source other materials. However, the most critical aspect of vaporizing is the hardware itself. 

There are plenty of options for vaporizers, but RAE vapes have the edge over competitors right now. Through years of trial and error, as well as studying the evolution of vapes, RAE creates the ultimate vaporizers that set the bar in the industry. RAE uses FDA food-grade materials to ensure safety, and the vaporizer, batteries, and cartridges are crafted to perfection. Thanks to a dedicated team of engineers and researchers identifying how to surpass our knowledge limits, each pull remains as strong as the last. 

RAE vapes are on their way to becoming an industry standard. Just like how CCELL revolutionized vaporizers from the e-cigarette model, RAE’s brought improved updates to the classic ceramic vape. Through rigorous testing, they’ve stamped their names as in the cannabis industry among vaporizers.

Below, we weigh out the similarities and differences between each. 

What Is RAE Vapes?

RAE Vapes is the future of vaporizing. Throughout the years, we’ve developed a tight and unique technology that highlights clean hits and quality manufacturing. Our in-house ceramic manufacturers make our products with a consistent high porous structure, increasing oil conduction and overall absorption. It’s these small features that make RAE vapes one of the best available right now.

Have you ever felt disappointed by your vaporizer’s “burnt” taste? Well, RAE Vapes solved this exact issue. The RAE vapes ensure that the uniform thermal distribution doesn’t affect the flavors or terpenes. Since the vaporizers operate at low temperatures, each hit maximizes terpene profiles without burning the distillate itself. Each hit feels pure and accurate to the products you purchased.

Between 2800+ patents in vape technology and 200+ research and development team members, RAE stands on top of the vaporizing business to ensure quality to our customers. At a time when there are many different options available, it’s hard to find high-caliber vaporizers. RAE products face vigorous testing for heavy metals and total particulate matter. Additionally, we ensure that each vape can use distillates and oils of various viscosities while using aerosol production for premium vape performances.

What are CCELL Vapes?

RAE Vapes and CCELL have a few similarities, but they’re two different products at the end of the day. 

CCELL stands for ceramic cell — a product specifically made for vaping cannabis oils. The product uses a ceramic cartridge with a coil-embedded heating element. It’s an exciting gadget that elevates the cotton-wick-based devices that previously dominated the cannabis industry. However, the groundbreaking work of CCELL allows the battery to distribute heat evenly without burning the oils. The tiny inlet holes help absorb the cannabis before it vaporizes. At the same time, CCELL pens are intended to the absorption is designed to help vaporize the often viscous oils derived from cannabis. 

You can find CCELL’s products at practically every dispensary across America. It’s certainly a go-to for disposable cannabis pens. The brand is known for its consistency on the market, especially in providing pure flavor. CCELL products have a .0001% failure rate and come through with high performance every time. The CCELL can handle large vape volumes and distribute heat evenly, which is why they’ve earned its position as a leading vape brand in the cannabis industry. 

CCELL has a massive line-up of batteries and cartridges for dispensaries and cannabis operators. They can usually push out over 250 puffs after each charge. Though many vape brands follow the e-cigarette model, CCELL comes through with a more robust, more powerful, long-lasting alternative.

What’s Better — RAE Vapes Or CCELL?

It’s all a matter of preference, but plenty of research shows the promising trajectory of RAE Vapes. Don’t get it confused; CCELL batteries and cartridges are still a trendy choice, with several options and styles available. However, RAE vapes have proven to have improvements that edge out their competitors.

CCELL has numerous products under their umbrellas that are among the best. Take the Silo 510 battery, for example. With long-lasting power that can last for over a week when fully charged, these ensure that each pull is up to everyone’s liking. Not only does it push out 25% more vapor than the majority of its competitor, but each pull is clean and helps maximize the terpenes. Plus, it’s breath-activated, which has undoubtedly won over plenty of smokers over the past few years as vaping’s dominated the market. 

Ultimately, RAE vapes are pushing the boundaries with each toke. The legion of experts researching and crafting batteries have looked into how to make the perfect vape. Of course, it begins with the materials used. RAE vapes solely use food-grade and medical-grade materials for batteries and cartridges. The stainless steel 316L center post also works to prevent heavy metal from attaching itself to the cartridge.

Both brands share similarities, but RAE’s reliability and longevity push it closer to the top of the food chain. On top of that, it’s far more energy efficient and effective. Even after thousands of puffs, you won’t find any changes in the internal structure. On top of that, its uniform heat distribution makes them 3x more efficient than the competitors. Not to mention, it’s 3x higher in energy efficiency when heating the pen since it operates with low heat. 

Bottom Line

It’s time for every cannabis business to consider transitioning into the vape sector seriously. As it continues to grow regularly, the cannabis industry is mirroring the evolution of tobacco. People are no longer rolling their joints but buying pre-rolls. At the same time, many smokers are putting down their bongs and papers for a solid vape. With cannabis oils make the transition that much easier, and brands like RAE and CCELL deliver robust, durable, and trusted batteries and cartridges that the cannabis industry can rely on.

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