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Cannabis Banking Set For Favorable Senate Stance Amid Federal Shutdown Fears

Cannabis Banking Set For Favorable Senate Stance Amid Federal Shutdown Fears

Federal cannabis banking reform is on the cusp of making significant strides as it awaits a pivotal U.S. Senate panel hearing. The SAFER Banking Act stands poised to secure a landmark ‘yes’ vote in Congress’s upper chamber. Still, looming concerns about an imminent federal shutdown might just dim its shining prospects.

Bipartisanship Gives a Push

Championed by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the new version of the previously named SAFE Banking aims to allow banks and financial entities to work with marijuana businesses without fear of penalty. This will allow cannabis businesses to easily acquire funding for dispensary supplies, licenses, and other crucial factors. 

The SAFER Banking Act, which stands for Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation, has been earmarked for discussion by the Senate Banking Committee. This step is paramount, marking the maiden occasion where such a proposal could navigate past this phase in the chamber’s procedural sequence. Schumer’s decision to initiate such a process suggests confidence in the bill’s trajectory.

Expressing similar optimism, Sen. Sherrod Brown, the Ohio Democrat overseeing the banking committee, envisions a decisive nod of approval from fellow panel members. Brown’s conversation with Matt Laslo on the “Ask a Pol” podcast shed light on his expectations, with minimal amendments and a general consensus.

Federal Shutdown: A Potential Speedbump

However, not all is smooth sailing. An unexpected setback arose last week when a subset of staunch Republican legislators obstructed a conventional defense expenditure bill. This move not only caused a significant blow to Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s influence but also cast shadows over the federal funding that extends only until the end of September. The possible repercussions? Federal workers may face furloughs starting October, and day-to-day operations could face an indefinite freeze as Congress grapples with a spending agreement.

Ticking Clock and Uncertainty

Time is of the essence, and the longevity of a potential shutdown remains a mystery. This uncertainty hampers the timeline for the SAFER Banking Act’s final decision on the Senate floor. Although insider information suggests the Act could easily amass the required votes to quash any filibuster, the impending shutdown could considerably narrow the window for such achievements. This sentiment was echoed by a Capitol Hill source who stated, “If it’s a long shutdown, they’re not going to get the floor time.”

Presidential Politics and a Ray of Hope

Looking ahead, the approaching 2024 presidential election might further muddy the waters. Although the Biden administration has shown support for marijuana reforms, any bipartisan activity is anticipated to wane and eventually come to a standstill as the election month nears.

Nevertheless, some see the shutdown as a mere hiccup. Don Murphy, a seasoned pro-cannabis lobbyist, offered a more hopeful perspective. He mentioned that the senators he has interacted with, including Merkley, Daines, and Brown, don’t view the potential shutdown as an obstacle to the SAFER Banking Act’s success. He believes that even if a shutdown does occur, it would only be a temporary glitch in the broader timeline.

Final Thoughts

While the immediate future of cannabis banking reform looks promising in the Senate, the specter of a federal shutdown could cast a long shadow over its progress. As lawmakers balance the challenges of federal funding with the push for cannabis banking reform, the industry, along with those reliant on dispensary supplies, await the next steps with bated breath. Only time will determine if this potential landmark legislation can successfully navigate the intricate maze of Capitol Hill.

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