Text Your Best Buds With Emojiuana Kush Keyboard!

Text Your Best Buds With Emojiuana Kush Keyboard!
weed-apps-emojiuana Apps rarely get the praise they deserve nowadays. With new apps coming out seemingly every minute, it's hard keeping track of the latest and greatest way to monitor your heartbeat while working out, or how to send kiss face emojis to your new girlfriend if you feel so inclined. weed-maps If you're lucky enough to have a business in the cannabis industry however, new apps have been a vital way for businesses to change society's misconceptions about the once thought "devil weed", as well as merge tech-stoners with more convenient ways of accessing high quality cannabis. With marijuana dispensaries taking advantage of app technology such as Weedmaps, Leafly, and others in an attempt to familiarize their clientele with speedy weed service, it was only right that the industry drop its own app for the stoner that can't seem to go a minute without text messaging their friends. emojiuana-astronaut Deemed as the "worlds first FREE Cannabis Emoji Keyboard", Emojiuana, launched this month by weed app developer James Bo Keyes, combines your favorite emojis with marijuana humor all "4 your Love of Bud." Teaming up with the best emoji keyboard app company in the business at a Forbes U30 summit, Keyes embarked on his quest for developing a weed app that marijuana patients and recreational users alike can have fun communicating with in their everyday lives. marijuana-bag From lit astronauts to bags of marijuana, the weed app features a plethora of marijuana related stickers, emojis, and gifs to keep even the most introverted stoner entertained, while at the same time being able to integrate with smartphone keyboards and social media networks for sharing. Although the new weed app is currently free to download, it is rated "Mature" and intended for people over the age of 17, due to suggestive marijuana use.   Marijuana Packaging had a chance to have a light-hearted interview with James Bo Keyes,  the creator of Emojiuana, to get first hand insight on how the weed app was developed and what we can expect in the future from him.

Interview with Weed App Developer

MP: What is your relationship with this product? (Are you the owner, developer, brand rep, etc) James Bo Keyes: Creator and Owner of Emojiuana. MP: Where was the app developed? (Country, State, your Mom's basement jk) James Bo Keyes: The app development company is based out of New York City, NY right on fifth Ave. MP: What did you do before you launched the app? James Bo Keyes: My background is in quality assurance standards and cannabis quality; I led the first company dedicated to accredited standards in cannabis, similar to ISO standards. MP: How did you fund enough capital to launch the app? James Bo Keyes: Developing a strategic partnership and working hard to bring the app to market in a way that benefits the app users and brands in cannabis. MP: How do you think the app will change people's opinion about marijuana? James Bo Keyes: By making the conversation easier to have for some and keeping up with the communication of the times; emojis provide a simple way to connect and share with others, something cannabis has been good at doing forever. MP: How are you promoting the app? James Bo Keyes: Me, myself, and I. Did I mention: DOWNLOAD Emojiuana Kush Keyboard FREE NOW!! MP: What can we expect from you in the future? James Bo Keyes: A good time!! And The needed quality solutions for the cannabis market! In case you haven't downloaded the app yet and would like to check it out for free, you can do so (here).

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Love this App!! FINALLY been waiting a long time for some of these!!

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