Marijuana Nutrients Reinforced with Molasses

Growing weed can be a tricky process. Timing, care, and attention is essential and the health of the soil plays a major role in the quality of the cannabis grown. More and more, farmers and growers have been recognizing organic unsulphured molasses as a way of increasing the health of any garden, plant, or crop. Growing can be such a delicate process and simple things can lead to a lost plant or crop. Molasses feeds your marijuana nutrients, and keeps pests away and is therefore a very effective supplement for your garden, plant, or crop.

What Exactly is Molasses?
Molasses is a thick dark substance that is a residue obtained through sugar refinement. Sugar cane, beets, sorghum, pomegranate, carob, and dates are all used to make molasses but the most common form of molasses comes from sugar cane or beet juice. The process for sugar refinement involves boiling the sugar cane, or other plant, down into a syrup. During this process, sugar crystals form. They are removed from the syrup, and what is left is molasses. The sweetness in molasses is from the residual sugar.

Differences Between Sulphured and Unsulphured Molasses
Molasses itself is extremely high in minerals and nutrients and the unsulphured variety works as a supplement that feeds the microbes in soil. It is a very effective way to grow amazing, great tasting crops and it feeds your marijuana nutrients. All molasses contains sulphur in its pure form but the sulphured molasses also contains sulphur dioxide which acts as a preservative and is lethal to the microbes in soil that you are trying to feed. This is why it’s important to use unsulphured molasses when feeding your soil.

How Unsulphured Molasses Works with Marijuana Nutrients
Molasses is one of the best sources for marijuana nutrients. It is a supplement that is extremely supportive and vitalizing to the microbial life of the soil in your garden or crop. It feeds the microbes in your soil with a food source rich in minerals and nutrients. The health and happiness of the microorganisms in soil determine the health and quality of your plants. Marijuana plants need a balance of macro and micro nutrients to have full health. Molasses contains both in a perfect balance.

Other Benefits of Molasses
Molasses can help your plant or crop in other ways too. It is excellent for pest control. It is able to protect your marijuana plant against all kinds of potentially damaging predators. It helps to keep a healthy soil which guards against unwanted weeds. It wards off fungi and harmful bugs that know not to go near the sugary substance. It also helps to rid the soil of microscopic diseases. Molasses works to prevent a buildup of harmful pathogens in the soil. This includes reducing the buildup of salt which can zap the soil of nutrients.

The easiest way to incorporate the benefits of molasses into your growing process is to add it to the water you feed your plant. Two tablespoons of molasses can be added to a gallon of water to feed your plants and utilize the invaluable benefits of the delicious brown syrup. A little molasses can go a long way when perfecting your marijuana grow!

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