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Cannabis Super Cropping

Cannabis Super Cropping

Super cropping is one of the many cannabis training techniques that can help growers achieve impressive yields. Whether you want to cultivate indoor cannabis using sophisticated tools or grow weed with minimal equipment, properly employing this strategy can have great rewards. Even so, super cropping can be incredibly daunting to the uninitiated and may result in disaster if not done correctly. 

Fortunately, with the proper information and patience, even inexperienced growers can use this technique to boost their yields. Our guide explores everything you need to know about super cropping to help you understand how the technique can improve your marijuana cultivation operation.

What is Super Cropping?

Super cropping is a high-stress training (HST) method for cannabis plants. It’s a technique that aims to improve the overall yield and potency of the crop. The theory behind super cropping weed is a bit like a workout for the plant, causing a stress response that, when managed correctly, can lead to increased growth and improved trichome production. Female cannabis plants naturally produce cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes in response to stress. Therefore, super cropping aims to trigger this defense mechanism, which fuels its growth. 

The Basics of Super Cropping

Essentially, super cropping involves gently bending and breaking the inner tissues of the cannabis plant’s stem without damaging the outer layer. The goal is to make the plant think it’s in danger, prompting it to redirect energy to grow sturdier and stronger. 

Before you begin, it’s important to remember that this technique requires skill and experience, as you don’t want to harm your plants irreparably. Make sure to take the time to educate yourself properly before trying to super crop.

How to Super Crop Marijuana

Understanding how to properly super crop is critical to the success of your endeavor. The technique involves bending the branches of your cannabis plant to a nearly 90-degree angle. This process stimulates growth hormones and redistributes energy throughout the plant, resulting in bigger and better yields. 

You start by choosing a branch that is flexible enough to bend without breaking. You then softly squeeze the stem between your fingers until you feel the inner tissue give way. Once it does, gently bend the stem to the desired position. 

A good tip for growers is to super crop during the vegetative stage when the plant is most resilient. This ensures that it has ample time to recover and thrive before harvesting.

Why Super Crop Cannabis?

Super cropping cannabis is worth the effort because it maximizes your plant’s potential. It results in a bushier plant with multiple budding sites, which can significantly improve your overall yield. Furthermore, this technique also stimulates trichome production, thereby enhancing the potency of your cannabis. 

The Impact of Super Cropping on Indoor Cultivation

Controlling the height of your plants is crucial when you grow cannabis indoors. Super cropping offers an effective method to keep plants at a manageable size while boosting yield. It promotes more horizontal growth, allowing plants to make the most of indoor lighting systems.


Super cropping is just one of the many tips for growing cannabis that can enhance your growing skills and output. As you venture deeper into the world of cannabis cultivation, remember that patience and practice are your most significant tools. It takes time to perfect techniques like super cropping. However, with persistence and careful attention, your plants will thank you by producing bountiful, potent buds.

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