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Amber Mushroom Glass Ashcatcher | 14mm - 90 Degree - Male


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Joint Size

14mm Male


1-Hole Downstem





child resistance



Check out the latest must-have for your shop: the Amber Mushroom Glass Ashcatcher. A perfect fit for any smoke shop or dispensary, this ashcatcher isn't just a functional piece; it's a conversation starter. With its unique glass mushroom display, visible within its body, it's as much a work of art as it is a smoking accessory.

Why is this ashcatcher a game-changer? First off, its size. At a convenient 4.75 inches, it's the perfect size for any setup. But size isn't everything. The real magic lies in its ability to capture ash efficiently, keeping your smoking sessions clean and enjoyable. Plus, the amber color adds a touch of class and style.

  • Size: 4.75 inches - Compact and convenient
  • Ash Capture: Keeps sessions clean
  • Color: Elegant amber
  • Design: Glass mushroom display - a stunning visual feature
  • Connection: 14mm - 90 Degree - Male
  • Wholesale Prices: Great for stock-up

For shops looking to offer something beyond the ordinary, this ashcatcher is a perfect choice. It's not just another piece in your inventory; it's a crowd-puller. And, let's not forget, at wholesale prices, it's a steal. Imagine your customers' delight when they see this exquisite piece among your collection of water pipes and bongs. It's a surefire way to enhance their smoking experience and your sales.

So, whether your customers are cannabis enthusiasts or casual smokers, they'll appreciate the blend of style and functionality that the Amber Mushroom Glass Ashcatcher brings to their sessions. It's time to give your inventory that extra edge. Stock up on these ashcatchers and watch them fly off the shelves!


INTERNATIONAL: Due to the strict enforcement of shipping regulations, it is not currently permissible to ship this item to addresses outside of the United States.

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