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What Are Cigarillos? Can You Use Them for Weed?

What Are Cigarillos? Can You Use Them for Weed?

The world of tobacco is full of unique products that cater to the needs of different types of smokers. One small but significant tobacco product gaining popularity in the industry is the cigarillo. So, what is a cigarillo? Our guide explores the intricate world of these mini cigars and discusses how they can relate to cannabis culture.

What Rillos Are

A cigarillo, commonly called rillo, is a slender and short cigar. Unlike regular cigars that could take hours to smoke, cigarillos offer a shorter experience, typically lasting between 20 to 30 minutes. 

Cigarillos are usually made from machine-chopped tobacco leaf filler, wrapped in a whole-leaf tobacco binder, and then finished off with a natural tobacco leaf outer wrap. This is unlike the finely chopped tobacco found in cigarettes, making them a closer cousin to traditional cigars than cigarettes. The wrappers can vary in color from light to dark, depending on the type of tobacco used.

Cigarillos for Weed

Now that you know what cigarillos are, it’s time to understand how they are related to marijuana. Although cigarillos are not designed for cannabis consumption, they have found a place in cannabis culture. Many consumers use cigarillos to smoke weed, particularly for making blunts. Blunts are essentially joints that utilize tobacco leaf wrappers instead of traditional joint papers. This gives them a distinct flavor profile and can add an extra kick due to the nicotine in the tobacco leaf wrapper.

One of the reasons for this adaptation comes from the accessibility and affordability of cigarillos. They are readily available at most convenience stores, smoke shops, and online platforms. In addition, their compact size makes them perfect for personal use or sharing among a small group of friends.

Rolling Your Own Joint

Although rolling a blunt using a cigarillo involves some additional steps compared to rolling your own joint, it’s still relatively straightforward. After splitting the cigarillo open and removing the tobacco, the weed is added and then rolled up in the cigarillo wrap.

One of the key differences is that the rolling process often involves “sealing” the blunt using the moisture from your lips. However, some people choose to avoid this by using a small amount of honey or syrup to seal their blunts.

The Popularity of Flavored Papers and Custom Branded Rolling Papers

Recently, the market for flavored papers and custom branded rolling papers has seen significant growth. This trend has also influenced the cigarillo market. Today, you can find a variety of flavored cigarillos, from fruity options like grape and cherry to more exotic tastes like chocolate or honey.

The Importance of a Filter for Your Joints

Whether you’re smoking a joint or a blunt, it’s essential to use a filter for your joints. Filters, or crutches, provide stability, prevent your joint or blunt from clogging, and ensure you don’t burn your fingers or lips towards the end of your smoke.

Wrapping Up

To summarize, cigarillos, or rillos, are miniature cigars that have found their way into the cannabis community due to their affordability and accessibility. While not originally intended for this use, they have become popular vessels for smoking weed. Remember, whether you’re using traditional joint papers, flavored papers, or opting for a tobacco leaf wrap, the important thing is to enjoy responsibly and be aware of the extra kick nicotine adds to your experience.

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