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Add some twist to your smoking sessions with our Zongs. These unique, Z-shaped bongs offer a cooler, smoother smoke and a conversation-starting design. Check out our wide selection of Zongs, available at unbeatable wholesale prices, and elevate your smoking experience today.

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Your customers haven't really experienced a water pipe until they have tried a nice glass zong. There are all kinds of cannabis products out there but very few are so uniquely different as the big zong. By offering the zong glass’ distinct appearances and highly effective functionality to your customers you allow yourself to stand out from any online headshop and smoke store that doesn't provide them.

Here at Marijuana Packaging, we are going to give you all the information on each zong for sale so that you can make the best-educated decision on which type of zong water pipe or pipes is best suitable for your company's success. Since there are many places to find a cheap zong for sale, you should at least understand why they are popular!


What Is A Zong?

A zong is basically a z shaped bong, and this z neck bong is a unique design feature. The z shape in the zong creates an extra distance that the smoke has to travel to make it to the mouthpiece. This additional time allows the smoke to cool off a little which makes for a much smoother smoking experience for your customers. This feature also prevents the splashing of water for those hard bong rips.

The zong is easy to use so it's quick and very convenient for people that can't or don't want to roll. It is also beneficial for weed smokers that are health-conscious and prefer not to use joints, blunts, or tobacco products. Furthermore, the zong water pipe is a very reliable cannabis product and the good news is that each cheap zong for sale on our website is available in bulk at our cheap wholesale prices!

How To Hit A Zong

  1. Put your cool zong water pipe on a flat surface.
  2. Grind up your weed and pack it inside the bowl of the zong glass.
  3. Place your lips on the mouthpiece of the nice glass zong.
  4. Place your lighter above your weed facing down. Slowly inhale while you light your weed at the very same time.
  5. Once you get the desired amount of smoke, pull the bowl out of the zong pipe and simultaneously take a second deep breath to inhale the remainder of the weed smoke.
  6. Place the bowl back in the zong with percolator, hold the smoke in for a couple of seconds and then exhale.
  7. Done! Repeat until the bowl is empty and then pack your zong water pipe again!


What Types Of Zongs Are Available?

The zong has become one of the most popular wholesale products in the marijuana industry so there are quite a few types of zongs out there. But you don't have to look any further, here at Marijuana Packaging we have the best types of zong with percolator at the lowest price available and we deliver them to you in the fastest time possible. We also have zong accessories. Here are a few of our high-quality zong options.

  • Z-Neck Atomic Perc Glass Beaker Water Pipe

    ● White Zong

    ● Blue Zong

    ● Black Zong

    ● Jade Zong

    ● Pink Zong

    ● Amber Zong

    ● Green Zong

  • Z-Neck Diffused Downstem Fumed Glass Beaker Water Pipe

    ● Clear

  • Hooked Z-Neck Glass Water Pipe w/ Ice Catcher

    ● Black

  • Z-Neck Honeycomb Perc Thick Glass Beaker Water Pipe w/ Thick Base

    ● Rasta

  • Z-Neck Raked Glass Beaker Water Pipe

    ● Assorted

  • Hooked Z-Neck Glass Water Pipe W/ Ice Catcher

    ● Blue


Where To Buy Zong Water Pipes Wholesale

You can find the best quality zong water pipe at the cheapest price right here at Marijuana Packaging. Although the cost of the zong pipe may not be as low as it is with us, you can also find a mini zong at local smoke shops or even an online smoke store. When growing head shops are looking for the cheapest and highest quality zong glass for sale to buy in bulk at the lowest wholesale prices, they usually discover that because of our price-beat guarantee they're not going to find a zong pipe for cheaper anywhere else.

The mini zong is becoming more popular in the cannabis community as more cannabis laws continue to be passed in favor of weed legalization. Current smokers and new smokers are always looking for innovative or healthier ways to smoke so the mini zong is a must-have for all smoke shops hoping to survive in the cannabis industry.

Zong Glass - The Bottom Line

Providing the zong pipe to your customers is how your online head shop or smoke store survives in the ever-so-competitive marijuana industry. Lots of customers love the nice glass zong. Your smoke store needs the big zong pipe for people that can't roll, people that like the convenience, or the people that want to avoid blunts, joints, and tobacco products entirely.

Zong smoking is taking over the cannabis industry so your business needs to have zong glass pipes if it's going to last and stay in business. Invest in zong smoking today and take advantage of our incredibly low prices while you still can!

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