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100% Biodegradable Clear Pop Top Pre-Roll Tubes

116mm - Biodegradable Plastic - 1000 Count

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Biodegradable Joint Tubes - Made in the USA | Marijuana PackagingTHE WAIT IS OVER! Our new line of child resistant biodegradable joint tubes are now available for all those processors, manufacturers, and earth-conscious businesses looking for sustainable packaging solutions. These clear bioplastic pre roll tubes are made from the highest quality eco-friendly materials, so you can buy packaging worthy of your cannabis and help to keep our planet safe from plastic waste!

Our clear biodegradable joint tubes are manufactured right here in America, created with a new technology that uses a blend of organic compounds, petroleum-based resins, and carbon polymer chains, making them 100 % biodegradable. The durable shape of our tubes is made with injection molding, thus creating an ecologically responsible product that can be reused and will reliably store your pre rolled joints. These clear bioplastic pop top pre roll tubes are not only an eco-friendly product, but they preserve the full functionality of our plastic joint tubes that our clientele are accustomed to.

Now, as far as our credentials go, these non-toxic additives are FDA certified, as well as independently tested to ensure the efficacy of biodegradation. So, rest assured, our clear biodegradable joint tubes have their bases covered and meet all the thorough ASTM protocols. The biodegradable joint tubes are run through ASTM D5511 test methods, which show they are fully capable of degrading within 241 days, which is unparalleled compared to the hundreds of years it takes standard plastic products to degrade.

Biodegradable Joint Tubes - Child Resistant | Marijuana Packaging

Making sure our bioplastic joint tubes pass testing for biodegradability is not our only top priority, we also must ensure they meet compliances for child-resistant packaging regulations. Of course, we were able to successfully test our clear biodegradable joint tubes, according to ASTM standards, and receive certification that our bio tubes are 100% child resistant. So, you can rest easy knowing that you are buying sustainable products that are ensured to keep your cannabis safe and secure.

Sized at 116mm, these fully biodegradable tubes can fit everything from mini to king sized pre rolled joints and cones. Available in a clear see-through tube, for those who like to keep an eye on their contents. Although, we also offer custom printing, labeling, and colors from our in-house design department, for anyone interested in a free quote. At Marijuana Packaging, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and providing customers with environmental packaging options, so don’t wait another day to get your hands on these biodegradable joint tubes and join the movement towards sustainability in the Cannabis industry!

  • 100% Fully Biodegradable
  • ASTM-D5511 Tested
  • Airtight and Odor-resistant
  • Feature: Child Resistant Squeeze Top
  • NuPlastiQ biobased polymer resin
  • USDA Certified
  • 1,000 units per case
  • Tube Length: 116mm
  • Cap Diameter: 19.2mm
  • Upper Tube Diameter: 19.2mm
  • Lower Tube Diameter: 18.2mm
  • Color: Clear

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